How To Pack Your Jewelry When Flying So They Don’t Get Lost
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How To Pack Your Jewelry When Flying So They Don’t Get Lost

Traveling with jewelry is a risky experience, there have been many cases of people having their jewelry stolen or lost during the flight. However, that cannot stop people from traveling with their jewelry since we all still need to look good despite the challenges.

Jewelry can also get tangled up and get spoiled especially when trying to untangle them, they may get even more tangled up and end up ruined. However, this is a problem that can be fixed by simply knowing how to pack your jewelry neatly and securely, and also placing them in a safe place you can easily monitor during your flight.

This article will show you how best you can pack your jewelry when flying.

Pre-Travel Preparation

List your jewelry items

If you are fond of forgetting things, having a lust will help you keep track of what you’ve brought on the trip. 

Keep the list close to you, and check out all the jewelry you brought along on the trip after the fight to keep track of your jewelry. A list will also work well for other things you’ve brought along on the trip, especially if you have ADHD.

Keep the jewelry in a place you’ll find easy to remember, such as a pocket you often use. If it has a zipper or any other sufficiently secure closing, the better because it won’t easily fall off. 

Ensure valuable pieces are appraised and insured

If you have any valuable pieces on you, ensure they are insured so you can be compensated when you lose them. Valuable pieces are susceptible to thieves, and the cost of losing them is too high to ignore having them insured.

Losing jewelry with precious stones or metals can be heart-wrenching, but with an insurance cover on your jewelry at least you can get your money back when you lose it. The authorities will also greatly help when you report your valuable missing.

Decide what to bring

Among all your jewelry, select which ones will be most necessary on the trip. Don’t bring everything along because when you have too much to take care of, you forget other jewelry. So pick according to the formality of the business, making you fly to that place and put them on a list.

If a certain specific piece is too valuable and you’re fond of losing jewelry, it’s better to leave it alone or entrust it to someone close you may be flying with so that they can store it for you.

General Packing Tips For Your Jewelry 

  1. Don’t take too much jewelry on your trip. 

Bringing along too much will make keeping track of them difficult, and they end up being misplaced, tangled, or individual pieces will be lost making the rest of the jewelry piece useless.

  1. Have a jewelry box with compartments. 

The compartments should be secure so that your jewelry doesn’t get entangled, and the interior material should be smooth to prevent the pieces from being caught up on the material and pinching or tearing it. 

The compartments should also be separate for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings to make it organized and easy to remember where you put a certain piece.

  1. Place the jewelry box in a place that will be easy for you to remember. 

Most times it’s better for you to keep it around you on the plane, especially if you carry many bags on the flight. If you can’t keep it with you, keep it in a special compartment in your suitcase where it can’t be squashed but also not easy to reach.

  1. Check your luggage from time to time 

If your jewelry will be close to you inside the plane, you can check if they’re still in your possession after some time. 

This is also a way of keeping track of your jewelry. If you find them missing, it’ll also be easier to pinpoint the time and place you lost them and start retracing your steps from that time. 

However, don’t keep checking on your jewelry too much because you might end up getting paranoia and anxiety that can lead you to misplace other things or make your flight uncomfortable.

  1. Give someone you trust

If you’re traveling with someone you can trust, you can have them keep your jewelry for you. They should be someone you know to be meticulous and responsible. 

  1. It is advisable to have a jewelry box with your name on it. 

In case you lose it and someone asks for your details to hand it back to you, they’ll easily confirm that you’re the owner. If you can add other helpful details to it, the better. Just make sure it’s also lockable so that when it’s found, no one can open it and steal some jewelry pieces.

  1. Do not take any chances with your most valuable jewelry 

Keep them in a safe jewelry box that you can carry around anywhere you go. The box should have secure compartments that will tightly secure your jewelry so that they don’t get tangled or fall off because if you’ll be keeping the box in your pocket, the jewelry can move around a lot. 

It should be small enough so that people don’t notice that you have it on you, or make you a target for pickpockets. Avoid carrying the box in your hands too because you may forget where you put it when you start handling many things on the palm of your hands, or in the event of a ruckus it may drop and get lost.

Packing Jewelry for Carry-On Luggage

  • Benefits of Carry-On

Keeping your jewelry in your carry-on bag will make monitoring it easier since checked luggage is inaccessible once already loaded onto the plane. It will also be safer on you than in your suitcase because luggage is handled by many airport personnel during loading and unloading making it easier for a thief to steal it from these points than when it’s on you. This is true for jewelry and any other valuable thing you may be bringing along on the trip.

  • Packing Materials

You can use jewelry rolls, organizer cases, and pouches to store your jewelry on a trip. Secure pieces that can easily entangle such as stacked necklaces, and tiny pieces that can easily get lost will be better stored in a jewelry box. Pouches are not the best for jewelry that tangles but can work well for bangles and large hoop earrings.

  • Security Screening

Jewelry with metal will trigger a warning at the screen table, but you can simply explain to the TSA officer and show them your piece. If the bag being screened has a lot of valuable jewelry, you can be asked to be screened privately so you do not expose yourself and make yourself a target.

Packing Jewelry in Checked Luggage

  • Risks and Considerations

Carrying your jewelry in checked luggage means that you will access them once you get your luggage back at the next airport. They may get stolen or lost here, so it’s not the best option in packing your jewelry.

  • Safe Packing Strategies

If you must pack your jewelry in checked luggage, put it in a place not easy to reach but you can also remember. A lockable place is also better.

  • Luggage Tracking

You can use smart luggage tags or trackers to keep track of the location of your jewelry to know if anyone else tries to access it.

Tips for Specific Types of Jewelry

  • Necklaces and Chains

Necklaces and chains tend to tangle a lot so you will need a jewelry box with compartments. Most jewelry boxes these days are designed to have necklace and chain compartments that are secure enough to hold your jewelry even when the box is in motion. 

Most fat chains can be stored together because they don’t easily tangle and if they do, you can easily disentangle them.

  • Rings and Earrings

Earrings should be stored according to their ability to tangle too, their shape, and size. The earrings that can tangle should be stored like the necklaces and chains, in secure single compartments. 

Shaped earrings like hoops can be stored with the bangles and tiny earrings can be put in a lockable compartment in their respective pairs so that they don’t get lost. You can also press them into foam and fasten them to immobilize them and easily find them.

  • Watches and Bracelets

Watches and bracelets can get tangled too depending on their nature. Most jewelry boxes have watch compartments in them so you can put your watches there. 

Bracelets can be stored in individual and secure compartments so that they don’t fall off and tangle up the rest of the jewelry. Jewelry with embellishments should be stored in a tight compartment that will immobilize them so that the fixed gems don’t come off easily.


We hope that the jewelry packing and monitoring tips we have shared with you in this article will help keep your jewelry safe throughout your trip. From our discussion, you have seen that the best way to store your jewelry is by using a compartmentalized jewelry box. 

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