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How to save money when buying diamonds?

Diamond is regarded as a symbol of eternal promise, so more and more lovers will buy diamond to witness their love. If you want to buy a cost-effective diamond, you can’t miss this. Here in our article, we will show you how to save money when choosing a diamond, let’s take a look together.

Avoid carat premium

Compare the price of the diamond carefully, you will find out the diamond of same color, clarity, cut, the price of 50 points is double than that of 40 points. 2 carats diamond can be several times more expensive than 1 carat diamond. This is a price phenomenon of diamond cheap name necklace, called the carat premium. For diamonds, every 5, 10, and other integer, the price jumps sharply. This has something to do with the natural properties of diamonds. Diamonds are non-renewable resources, the bigger the carat, the rarer.

By knowing this, we are much clearer how to choose when we buy it. If you want to buy a cost-effective diamond, you can consider the factor of avoiding the carat premium. For example, buying a 45-point diamond of the same quality is much cheaper than a 50-point diamond picture necklace. 90-point is much cheaper than a 1-carat. A 1.4-carat is much cheaper than a 1.5-carat. But the former does not differ much from the overall appearance of the latter. (It is important to note that diamonds above 1 carat are more likely to be resold)

Select special-shaped diamond

In addition to the classic popular lover’s style – round diamond, there are many other shapes like romantic heart shape photo necklace, elegant princess square, large drop shape… We had specifically summarized the characteristics of different shapes of diamonds before. In fact, the price of special-shaped diamonds is usually only 70% to 80% of the price of round diamonds. Among them, the cushion-cut diamond is not only good in brilliance, but the price is also very gratifying! Only about 50% of the price of an equivalent round diamond! Therefore, if you are limited in budget, try to consider the styles other than round diamonds.

Reduce requirements of clarity

When considering the 4C standard, the clarity requirement for diamonds necklace with picture can be appropriately reduced. China’s diamond grading standard GB/T16554-2003 divides the clarity level into five major levels: LC, VVS1-VVS2, VS1-VS2, SI1-SI2, and P1-P3, for a total of 10 small levels.

LC grade: Flawless level under the microscope. No internal or external features of the diamond can be seen under 10x magnifying glass.

VVS grade: Very Very slightly included. With a tiny internal and external feature under a 10x magnifying glass.

VS level: Very slightly included. Under the 10 times magnifying glass, the diamond has small internal and external features.

SI grade: Slightly included. Under the 10 times magnifying glass, the diamond has obvious internal and external features.

According to the extensive experience in communicating with customers, if a round diamond is cut very well (very dazzling), most people cannot distinguish the difference between VS and VVS and LC with the naked eye. Therefore, from the perspective of cost performance cheap name necklaces, there is no need for a particularly high degree of clarity, and VS2 is a good enough clarity level for most people. Because above VS2, it looks pretty much the same to the naked eye.

What’s important is that the diamonds are also lipophilic, making it difficult to avoid a subtle smear on your finger when wearing them. At this time, the clarity of the diamond is not particularly important, because the naked eye really can’t see the difference.

Style affects overall effect

Some diamonds seem bigger than they really are after being mastered by designers and mosaic masters. For example, a 80 points diamond ring with diamonds belcher setting will have a one carat effect. Another example is the craft of embroidery. When viewing afar, the diamonds and embroidery plate are integrated, and there will be diamond-like dazzling infinity name necklace effects. There is also a “diamond setting” style, the seamless inlay process makes a few diamonds look like a whole, but the price is much cheaper.

Therefore, when buying diamond jewelry in the pursuit of cost-effective, the choice of style is also very important! Have you learned the above tips? Give your boyfriend a look, you save a lot of money for him thoughtfully!

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