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Emerald: a symbol of nobility

Do you know the beryl family? Emerald is one of the top five gemstones in the world. It is also known as the king of beryl. Like ruby ​​and sapphire, it is also the top colored gemstone. The history of making jewelry with emeralds picture necklace dates back to ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. At that time, there was also a famous emerald mine named after Cleopatra’s name, which shows the charm of emerald.

The temperamental emerald is the same as the aquamarine, morganite, and the beryl, and belongs to the beryl family. Why does emerald show such a mysterious green color? The key to unlocking this mystery lies in the chromium (Cr) and vanadium (V). Emerald belongs to the green beryl with chrome and vanadium, and only the rich gem-quality green beryl photo necklace can be called “emerald”, while the lighter green is often called green beryl. The deep green of emerald is more elegant and fascinating than other green gemstones. It is no wonder that it will be so loved by the princes and nobles of various countries in various eras.

When people buy colored gemstones, most people like to pursue the internal pure crystal, but pure and innocent emeralds are very rare in the market. Although most emeralds contain certain cracks and contents, this does not compromise its unique charm cheap name necklaces. Because of its colorful contents, people also took a beautiful nickname for it – the “garden” in the gem, which has become one of the main features of distinguishing emeralds.

One of the largest emerald stones in the world, the Duke of Devonshire Emerald, which weighs 1383.95 carats, was discovered in Colombia in the 19th century and is now in the Museum of Natural History in London. Emerald is a silicate ore that belongs to the hexagonal system and is mostly rectangular. It has a Mohs hardness of 7.5, which sounds very hard. But because of its high brittleness, the gem itself usually has cracks, so it needs to be carefully protected when it is worn. Emeralds are not only green projection necklace, because of their pleochroism, you can also encounter emeralds that are blue-green or yellow-green sometimes, and this is a special flavor.

Tips: The emerald’s English name is derived from the Persian zumurud, and transliterated to be “emerald.” In the old days of China, the name of emerald was also rich and colorful. In Tao Zongyi’s “Chuo Geng Lu”, emerald was translated as “Zhu Mu Ci”, which was also known as “Zi Mu lu” and “Zhu Shui Lu”. These translated names are inseparable from a “green” word. When it comes to green, you will think of emeralds. It can be seen that the image of emerald as the king of green gemstones has already been deeply rooted in the mind of people.

Origin and history

The main producing areas of emeralds are located in Colombia, Brazil, Russia, Australia, South Africa, India and other places. In the 16th century, Spanish explorers invaded Colombia and plundered many precious emeralds infinity name necklace. But the Spaniards at the time did not understand the charm of emeralds. Emeralds were mainly used to exchange precious metals such as gold and silver. These greens brought by the Spaniards from the New World have set off a new fashion trend in the European royal family. They are deeply attracted by the majestic elegance of emeralds and decorated them in their jewelry and crowns.

Traditional high-grade colored gemstones such as ruby, sapphires necklace with picture, emeralds, and green cat’s eye are getting rarer and rarer. Every time a high-quality rough stone is excavated, there will be one less piece of precious gem on the earth, which is difficult to regenerate. For this reason, those gemstones that are full of color and crystal clear are more run after by people. From an investment point of view, jewelry collections are easier to preserve and carry than traditional antiques such as porcelain, paintings and artworks, and are more recognized internationally. As domestic consumers’ awareness of colored gemstones increases, the price of high-end colored gemstones may continue to grow. Whether in terms of personal collection or investment, buying precious jewelry needs to start early.

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