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The secret of diamond ring

First, the secret hidden in the color

Subtle differences in color can greatly affect the value of a diamond. Two diamonds with same clarity, weight, and cut, the difference in color alone can make difference in value. Even a slight difference in color can make a diamond’s value very different. The first layer of problem in a diamond that you don’t know about could be right here! In the GIA grading system, diamonds are graded from D to Z, the color is gradually turn to yellow. The common understanding is that diamonds of the same color are basically the same, but this misunderstanding will lead you to buy the defective “milk”, “coffee” and “green” diamonds engraved photo necklace.

“Milk” – cream diamond

There is a special case of diamond that can be identified with a high level of color and clarity, but the value is very low. The inclusion of this diamond are white fog, which gives a person a feeling of whiteness by naked eye observation, while the diamond cheap name necklace is not clear and muddy. The imperfections are so small that you can’t see them with a 10x magnifier, but the number is enormous. It looks like a layer of white smoke covered on diamonds when viewed by the naked eye. The transparency is reduced, and the white fog seriously affects the brilliance of the diamond. But the clarity rating is not evaluated.

“Coffee” – coffee diamond

It generally refers to the brown color diamond. It has a brown texture, which affects the color of the diamond photo necklace, but does not reach the level of colored diamond. These factors are factors that seriously affect the overall texture and price of the diamond. The color of the coffee tones should be noticed. The stronger the color of the coffee color, GIA will mark “brownish” in the color column, if it’s very shallow, it’s won’t be labeled. It usually depends on the physical product, and if the price is very cheap, then to be careful. But if the color level is lower, such as color grade below J color and with coffee, the diamond will appear white.

“Green” – Green Diamond

The green diamond custom necklace cheap here is not a green diamond in colored diamond, but a green and white diamond in a colorless diamond. This green color shows a pale brownish green color in the shade of diamonds, which is actually a photoluminescence phenomenon commonly found in brown series diamonds. The reason of green color is the fluorescence emitted by coffee diamond under the excitation of visible light, which is called photoluminescence. This kind of browning occurs in a large proportion of the diamonds infinity name necklace with coffee color. This kind of photoluminescence phenomenon is related to defects, specifically N3 cardiac correlation. There are often different proportions of N3 defects in the diamonds with coffee color, and the N3 defect is the initiator of the green photoluminescence phenomenon.

Second, the secret hidden in clarity

Few things in nature are absolutely perfect, even diamonds. The internal features of a diamond are called inclusions, and the irregularities of the surface are called surface features. Together they are called clarity features. As with the other three factors in 4C, the effect of clarity on the value of diamonds projection necklace is closely related to the degree of rarity. Flawless is the highest level of the GIA Clarity Grading System. A flawless diamond means that under the 10x magnifying glass, an experienced grader cannot observe any inclusions or surface features in the diamond.

Third, the trick of cut

The cut of diamonds directly affects the quality of the diamonds. The diamond cuts we generally see are standard round brilliant cut. Although the cut is often the feature that being overlooked among the four elements of a diamond, but the impact of diamond cutting on the diamond can not be underestimated. It is a very important indicator.

Fourth, the mystery of weight

Carat weight can also be a symbolic feature. The visual difference between a 0.98-carat diamond and a 1.01-carat diamond is negligible, but many people will buy larger diamonds at a higher price. Some carat weights are considered to be “key weights”, such as 0.5 carats, 0.75 carats and 1.0 carats. Their weights are not very different, but if both are D-colored round brilliant diamonds with the same clarity and cut, then weight will play a decisive role. They look similar, but if the consumer’s expectations are set to one carat size, then there can be a huge difference. In fact, the larger diamond, which is slightly heavier than the “magic” 1 carat is only 6 points heavier, but the price may be 20% higher.

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