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Make good sense of the “Diamond 4C standard”

Why do women want to have a diamond ring when they get married? Is this called a problem? But material and love, wealth and feelings are indeed difficult to express in words. The real reason why women need diamond rings is not because of money, not because of romance monogram ring, not because of luxury, but because of the diamond ring represents romance. It’s more about the romance you want to share your life with and growing old with. Diamond ring is like the brightest star in the night sky. My love for you is like a diamond ring that will never change.

Each diamond ring need to go through a lot of manual processes and grind in shape slowly. The cultivation of every woman is the same. After slowly tempering and slowly precipitating, we can create a more perfect self. In the process of growing up, whether difficult or smooth, no matter what kind of process, you must experience it step by step. Each growth and transformation is like the pattern on the diamond ring is to go through a variety of carvings and slowly forming cheap promise rings. The process of making the diamond ring is also a bit like love. The moment you meet love, just like a diamond encounters a ring, the two people are not so close to each other. After grinding and through various running-in, you two will have a more perfect presentation. The difference between “love” and “adore” is very simple. If you love flowers, you will water it, and if you like it, you will take it off. In the same way, if you love someone, you will take good care of her. If you like her, you will want to possess her by any means. But when you really fall in love with someone, you will suffer from emotional cleanliness pet necklace, and you can’t stand lover’s emotional impurity, both physically and mentally. Isn’t that what the diamond ring conveys? Love is not 1+1=2, but 0.5+0.5=1. The two people each cut off half of their own personality and shortcomings, and they are complete when they get together. It is difficult to end up with two people as one without mutual tolerance. The diamond ring is created in this way, so is love, especially for marriage.

A diamond is a simple crystal composed of C (carbon) elements, which is the simplest in composition of all the gemstones personalized mothers rings. In the natural gem kingdom, the simpler composition the gemstone, the higher the hardness of the gemstone. The diamond is the regular arrangement of the C element, which is the highest in the gem hardness.

All the diamonds are formed in the depths of the earth’s crust through high temperature and high pressure conditions. They are brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions. Just like love, whether it is vigorous or plain friendship rings, it is subject to the test of “high temperature and high pressure” and finally reaching a happy ending.

Diamonds are nearly as old as the Earth, with the world’s youngest diamond at 900 million years old and the oldest at 4 billion years old. Diamond culture has a long history in the world. Today, people regard it more as a symbol of love and loyalty. To hope that people will have a long-lasting good wishes. I love you, shining  like a diamond. The standard of it is the 4 cs of diamonds.

Clarity is, by definition, the cleanliness of a diamond. FL\IF: vacuum-like perfection is not non-existent. It is existed but very expensive and not necessary to own it. Compared with the VVS that can be afforded easily, it is not necessary to that harsh and perfectionism. Is gold leftover woman due to the pursuit of perfection personalized pet photo necklace? Most women are unwilling to admit, but it is better to take a step back for love.

Cut is divided into Perfect cut: EX, Very good: VG, and Good cut: G. Diamond cuts directly affect the brilliance of diamonds. It needs to be illuminated by external light source irradiation to judge whether the brilliance is good or bad. Don’t be too addicted to the love in your own world. Parents’ reminders and suggestions from friends are sometimes necessary conditions to judge the “cutting work”. Too capricious love is always too high risk, it’s your life you’re trying to take a high risk.

After reading this article, I think you will see why women want a diamond ring in life.

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