Incredible Ways to Stop a Ring From Turning Your Finger Green

Incredible Ways to Stop a Ring From Turning Your Finger Green

If you love wearing rings, you must have encountered the problem of green fingers. Wearing a ring may turn your finger green. Don’t worry! It’s not the infection. It’s something else instead. If you want to find out why a ring turns your finger green, continue reading. This blog will help you find incredible ways to prevent the rings from turning your finger green.

What’s the reason a ring turns your finger green?

If a ring turns your finger green, don’t assume it’s fake. Instead, it is made from a metal alloy. The alloying is necessary to make the material workable and durable for jewelry. And it is one of the metals in the alloy that leaves a green tint on your finger.

Copper is the most common element alloyed with sterling silver for making jewelry. And copper is the main thing that turns your finger green.

When copper gets exposed to chemicals, moisturizers, and oils, it starts oxidizing. The moisturizer acts as a catalyst to drive the reaction between your skin and the copper. This oxidation results in the formation of a green corrosive layer on the ring. A chemical reaction takes place between the copper of the ring and your skin. This reaction results in a green stain.

The process itself is called tarnishing.  And long-term exposure to the corrosive layer turns your finger green.

How to stop your ring from turning your finger green?

You have gone through the reason why your finger turns green. Now the question is can you delay this reaction to prevent corrosion? Well, yes. There are some methods to stop your rings from turning your finger green. Here we have discussed these methods to help you out.

Coat the inner band to avoid direct contact

As long as there is no direct contact between your skin and ring, there will be no chemical reaction. You can coat the inner band of the ring with nail polish. It will act as a shield or a barrier that restricts your ring from touching your skin.

As long as the coat is properly maintained, no green layer should appear on the ring. When the coat gets dull, make sure to refresh it.

● Say bye to low-quality jewelry

Low-quality rings may or may not be a cause of turning your fingers green. But it’s better to know the material composition of the ring you are wearing. If it is made of silver 925, it means it is 92.5% silver which is a reliable composition. The lower the silver content, the higher the composition of other metals, higher are the chances of corrosion.

● Avoid Moisture and keep it dry

Wearing a wet ring or a dry ring on a wet finger increases the chances of leaving a green tint on your finger. The moisture is the basic cause of turning your finger green. So keep your hands and ring as dry as possible.

Take off your ring when washing your hands. Water is the biggest cause of corrosion in metals. So avoid wearing rings while taking shower. Dry your hands completely before wearing them back on your finger.

● Avoiding using hand cream and lotion

Don’t use hand cream and lotion while wearing rings. All these products involve various chemicals which will easily react with copper. And of course, the reaction leads to green staining.

Still, if you want to apply lotion, apply it before wearing the ring. Wipe off any excess material and then wear the ring.

How to remove the green stain on your finger?

How to remove the green stain on your finger?

Has your ring already turned your finger green? Here is what you need to do for removing this green stain. It’s not hard at all to get rid of this noticeable green tint. Have a look at the methods to remove the green spot on your finger.

● Use alcohol

Alcohol has always been very helpful in cleaning procedures. It’s magical to remove oxidation stains of copper. Pour alcohol drops on a cotton pad. Rub the green area with this cotton. A little scrubbing can clean the green stain. Wash your hands thoroughly once it gets removed.

However, if you have a wound on your finger, rubbing alcohol can be harmful. It can cause severe burning and irritation.

● Use nail polish remover (non-acetone)

Nail polish remover can help you get rid of the green stain. Use this remover instead of alcohol and rub it on the finger. Once you are done with it, rinse your hands with water.

● Use soap

If the stain is fresh, it may get easily removed by a mere touch. If so is the case with you, use soap and water to remove the stain. Wash your hands with soap. Rub it for at least 20 seconds. Rinse your hands with water. If the stain is still visible, move on to the other methods.

How to remove tarnish from the ring?

How to remove tarnish from the ring

If the green layer has appeared on your ring, it will soon leave a green spot on your finger. Remove this tarnish timely to avoid your fingers turning green due to it. Here is how you can do it.

● Use baking soda

Make a paste by adding baking soda to warm water. Soak the rings in this paste. Take them out after some time and use a toothbrush to rub the tarnish. It will remove the tarnish from your ring.

● Use lemon juice and vinegar

Make a solution containing a half cup of lemon juice and 1 tsp vinegar. Take a cloth, dip it in this solution, and wipe the ring with this cloth. Use warm water to rinse the ring. Take a cloth and dry it gently. This is quite an effective method to remove corrosion.


Hope you got rid of the green tint on your finger after reading this blog post. If you want to buy some high-quality rings, visit our store. Our personalized products meet high standards of quality. So place your order and say bye to green spots on your finger!

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