Personalized Color Changing Mood Ring in Silver

Mood Ring- What Do The Colors in a Mood Ring Mean?

Do you know what is a mood ring? How does a mood ring change its color and what does each color mean? If you are finding answers to these questions, then here you go. This guide will explain to you everything about the mood ring. So let’s begin!

What is a Mood Ring?

Mood rings have always remained the first choice of many people because of their unique color-changing characteristics. A mood ring changes colors with the temperature change. Mood rings have thermochromic liquid in which the orientation of crystals alters with the changing body temperature.

People assume that this color change corresponds to the state of mind of a person. However, it’s not 100% true because the color of the ring may change due to the atmospheric temperature instead of the body temperature. Therefore, your ring may not necessarily symbolize your mood.

What Does Each Color in The Mood Ring Say About Your Mood?

When wearing a mood ring, you may get curious about what each color is symbolizing about your mood. Here your curiosity can come to an end because we have discussed all the colors of mood rings in detail below.


The black color indicates that the person is stressed, tense, and overworked. It also symbolizes nervousness and harassment.


The violet color is a symbol of love, passion, and romance.


The yellow color means that the person is in a creative mood having wandering thoughts.


Pink symbolizes uncertainty. It indicates the arising curiosity of a person.


The red color means that a person’s heartbeat is elevated, and the person is having high energy. Be it anger or romance, the mood is intense.  


The white color shows that the person is confused and frustrated. It also symbolizes the boring state of mind of a person.


The grey color means that the person is anxious and strained. It indicates the beginning of uncomfortable feelings and a stressed mind.    


The green color means calmness and an average state of mind. It indicates that a person is free of any nervousness and stress.


The blue color appears when the person is in normal, calm, and satisfied mood. It also signifies charged and relaxed mood of the wearer.


The amber color depicts the unhappiness and nervousness of a person.

Some Points to Keep in Mind While Wearing a Mood Ring

The color of your ring doesn’t need to relate to the above information. Different pigments respond differently to different temperatures. For instance, one pigment may display blue color at the normal temperature, the other will likely display red color at the same normal temperature. This is mainly due to some composition differences in both the pigments.

Some modern pigments are designed to follow a certain color cycle in a mood ring. They display just two or three colors during their complete cycle. So, when wearing a mood ring, never presume that the information regarding the colors of the mood ring is a hard and fast rule that every ring will follow. A ring can never depict its wearer’s mood accurately.

Also, remember that the mood rings can be damaged when they come in contact with water. Sometimes, a mood ring takes a permanent black or brown color when exposed to water. Therefore, keep it away from water if you want its color-changing feature to work properly.

A Mood Ring You Will Love to Wear

You have read too much about the mood ring, now you must be thinking of buying one. Here we have an amazing, personalized color-changing mood ring in silver for you. Acting as a great reminder of your mood, this ring will act like magic. Wear it to have fun with your swinging mood. Made of sterling silver, this ring should be part of your jewelry collection.

Personalized Color Changing Mood Ring in Silver


Mood rings are interesting to wear. Buy it from the getnamenecklace to observe a color-changing process in your ring. However, it’s not a must for the ring color to follow your mood exactly. You may observe exceptions in the colors. However, the ring is great for anyone to wear and have a unique experience.  

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