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Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year ( Year 1 to 17)

The wedding anniversaries mark the milestones in the journey of marriage, celebrating your union’s growth and its ability to withstand the test of time.

Each passing year is like a document attesting to the relationship of two souls, full of the jubilant memories of joys and sorrows and the victories achieved.

Amongst all the festivities lies a tradition just as deep as the love being celebrated—the gifting of anniversary presents for each year, which carries its own meaning and history.

Let us explore the art of gift-giving, going through the unique symbolism and sentiment behind each anniversary year and reminding you of your everlasting love and devotion.

1-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Paper
  • Modern Gift: Clocks

The first anniversary is a monumental celebration of a couple being married during the first year of their union.

In the traditional setup, the gift of paper symbolizes the highly fragile, yet mighty foundations a relationship is built on.

Nowadays, it is customary to give a clock or a watch to mark this momentous event by expressing the sentiment that time is fleeting and the value of every moment with each other.

These symbolic materials illustrate the tender balance that it takes to raise a marriage from scratch – the paper’s frailty next to a clock’s steadfast recording of all the sacrifices and joyful moments along the way.

Personalized Campervan Travel Journal Notebook

This personalized campervan travel journal enables the newlyweds pair to tell the story of their adventures in writing and by taking photographs.

Whimsical elements on the book’s cover touch on their fun-loving nature, while lined pages write down funny stories and keep alive the memories by storing nostalgic mementos. 

60 Minute Hourglass

This 60-minute hourglass timer is a breathtakingly mastered gesture, suggesting that every passing instant together as two best friends should be cherished.

As the sands gradually drift, it enables their minds to eventually be in the same breath, and give themselves the minute they need to feel each other’s presence.

2-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Cotton
  • Modern Gift: China

The second anniversary marks two years of a couple’s marital journey together. 

Traditionally celebrated with cotton, this humble yet remarkably strong material represents the intertwined threads that bind a marriage through its earliest stages. 

The modern gift of china beautifully complements cotton, as fine porcelain’s delicate elegance is a symbol of the blossoming grace and refinement a young marriage embodies. 

In cotton and china, traditional and modern intertwine represent the comforting yet refined characteristics embedded in a flourishing marriage’s second year.

Cotton Weighted Blanket

Handcrafted by Etsy artisan GallinaCozyHome, this soft, natural cotton weighted blanket is intricately woven and filled with weighted inserts to provide soothing comfort and warmth. 

As it delicately drapes across two becoming one, it envelops the couple in strands of security, calmness, and developing intimacy that strengthens their union.

Porcelain Trinket Box

This vintage limoges france treasure from PamsOldStuff, exemplifies the corresponding china motif, with its smooth, glossy surface that has an unmistakable luxurious charm. 

It serves as a delicate vessel to safeguard cherished mementos and symbols of the couple’s deepening devotion to one another.

3-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Leather
  • Modern Gift: Crystal or Glass

The third anniversary marks a significant milestone in a couple’s marital journey. 

Traditionally represented by leather, this strong yet supple material symbolizes the flourishing flexibility and durability that has taken root in their union. 

The modern gift of glass beautifully complements leather’s resilience with its ability to elegantly reflect the clarity and transparency cultivated in a thriving marriage. 

In leather and glass, they symbolize how a three-year marriage has been molded by steadfast resilience while reflecting the intimacy of profound, unobscured love.

Personalized Leather Journal 

A personalized leather journal, like this refillable traveler’s notebook, allows the couple to chronicle their adventures and deepest thoughts. 

The rich, soft leather cover develops a warm patina over time, mirroring how their committed love story gains character.

Custom Song Plaque

This custom song plaque crafted by SongPrints turns the lyrics of a meaningful tune into a stunning glass-encased piece of art. 

Perhaps the first dance at their wedding or an anthem representing their relationship, the words are intricately laser-etched and illuminated from behind. 

4-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Fruit or Flowers
  • Modern Gift: Appliances

The fourth-year anniversary symbolizes an important period as couples become more entrusted in their shared passionate journey.

The classical motif of fruits and the modern representation of gifts for this stage signifies the sprouting of new life and the practicality that comes with it.

Fruit and kitchen appliances are symbolic of a mature love that is not only nourished but also relieved from the necessity of newness; it contains both practicality and sustenance.

Tasty Fruit Jams

Tasty fruit jams, like these sugar-free raspberry preserves from Choczero, best represent the sweetness of a relationship that has been cherished and sugar-coated over so many years.

Each bite offers a natural flavor of romance to your day that reminds you of the beautiful time you have shared.

Stylish Air Fryer

A Stylish air fryer, such as this space-saving COSORI model, could bring out the appliance theme with seamless functionality. 

Its modern design complements any kitchen, while the accessible technology encourages the creation of wholesome meals together.

5-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Wood
  • Modern Gift: Silverware

The fifth anniversary is a significant milestone, marking half a decade of marital commitment. 

Traditionally represented by wood, this sturdy yet warmly organic material symbolizes the grounded stability and natural growth a marriage has undertaken. 

The modern gift of silverware complements wood with its dual properties of durability and brilliant sheen, reflecting the enduring shine of a love that has been purposefully polished over five years.

In wood and silverware, traditional and modern seamlessly unite, representing the purposefully cultivated solidity and enduring sparkle quintessential of a five-year marriage.

Etched Sound Wave Art 

An etched sound wave art piece captures the cadence of a couple’s voices or a personally meaningful song delicately carved into wood. 

This beautiful woodcraft by SoundWavePrints freezes an intimate audio memory in a naturally minimalist yet profound design.

Engraved Chopsticks Gift Set

This set of engraved chopsticks elevates the modern silverware symbol into an elegant keepsake. 

The chopsticks’ sterling silver accents add a layer of radiance. Using these at dinner is a reminder to nourish both the physical and soulful aspects of their abiding romance.

6-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Iron
  • Modern Gift: Wood Objects

The sixth anniversary is a celebratory milestone, marking half a dozen years of wedded bliss. 

Traditionally represented by candy or iron, these symbolic gifts capture the unwavering sweetness and resilient strength that have become hallmarks of the marriage. 

The modern gift of wood complements these themes by representing the natural growth and grounded nurturing that arises from six years of tending the relationship’s roots.

Traditional and modern symbols harmonize in candy, iron, and wood – representing the steadfast strength, and boundless possibilities for growth that six years of cultivating a soul-deep connection have blossomed.

Cast Iron Pizza Maker

This cast iron pizza maker from Home Complete allows the couple to craft delicious culinary memories together. 

This durable, evenly-heated griddle provides the perfect canvas for crafting artisanal pizzas adorned with their favorite toppings.

Personalized Travel Map

Celebrate the couple’s spirit of adventure and wanderlust with this personalized travel map

With each new destination visited, they can reveal the beautifully illustrated terrains beneath, tracking their rambles across the globe as a visual tapestry of experiences braiding their lives closer. 

7-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Copper or Wool
  • Modern Gift: Desk Sets

The seventh wedding anniversary is a tremendous milestone that is celebrating seven years of forging a deeply rooted intimate relationship.

Historically depicted as wool and copper, these warm but sturdy materials represent the warmth and staying power that now form the structure of their relationship.

In today’s world, a desk set being the exemplary representation of the past and present symbolizes the aspirations of the future in a work environment, wherein the shared ideals come to fruition.

The wool, the copper, and the articulated area lead to a synthesis of the classical and the modern, where the warmth and steadfastness that, after seven years of marriage, still characterize our relationship are more palpable.

Merino Wool Top

A merino wool top is a great gift that wholeheartedly captures the most loving element in the structure of warm, long-lasting wool.

The silk threads embrace the pair in an aura that showers them the way they were treated in seven years of a loving relationship.

Custom Valet Station

This chic custom valet station is settled as a modern monolith, symbolizing the joining of paired dreams and aspirations into one.

It becomes a secret hiding place for treasured items and daily gadgets which both obliquely and subliminally encode their mutual dreams as they have become one over the years.

8-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Bronze or Pottery
  • Modern Gift: Linen or Lace

The eighth anniversary marks an outstanding milestone – eight years of cultivating a profound and resilient marital bond. 

Traditionally represented by bronze and linen/lace, these emblems symbolize the refined elegance and delicate intricacy that have been purposefully woven into the relationship’s rich tapestry. 

The modern gift of linen gorgeously complements these motifs, embodying the comfort and easygoing grace two lives have become seamlessly intertwined over eight steadfast years.

In bronze, lace, and wisps of fine linen, traditional and modern symbols converge – honoring the refined elegance, painstaking craft, and effortless comfort defining an enduring marriage.

Casserole Baking Dish

This classic casserole baking dish captures the culinary warmth at the heart of any home. 

The ceramic stunner from MALACASA blends form and function with its hand-painted bronze detailing adorning the durable stoneware. 

Lightweight Linen Bathrobe

This lightweight linen bathrobe embodies the relaxed luxury the couple has cultivated in their sacred respite. 

This Turkish cotton robe from Turquaz Linen effortlessly drapes in breezy, soft folds that beckon them to unwind from the day’s stresses and bask in one another’s tranquil embrace.

9-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Willow or Pottery
  • Modern Gift: Leather

The ninth anniversary marks an exceptional milestone – nine years of nurturing a profoundly intertwined marital bond. 

Traditionally represented by willow/pottery and the modern gift of leather, these materials symbolize the flexibility, artistry, and rugged resilience that have become effortlessly woven into the relationship’s core. 

These timeless gifts celebrate the gutsy yet elegant commitment to embracing each bend in the road toward forever.

Stoneware Mixing Bowl

A classic stoneware mixing bowl, like this rustic yet vibrantly glazed piece from Rachael Ray, epitomizes the handcrafted elegance of willow and pottery. 

Beyond its sturdy, food-safe construction lies an artisan’s touch – the subtle ridges and curvature shaped by a skilled hand to create a functional work of art.

Leather Biker Boots

Ruggedly stylish leather biker boots, such as this durable motorcycle pair from VELTRA Goods, exemplify how these nine years together have been navigated with steadfast resilience and a sense of adventure. 

Each scuff and crease maps out journeys boldly embarked upon by two souls determined to craft an extraordinarily kick-ass love story.

10-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Aluminum or Tin
  • Modern Gift: Diamond Jewelry

The 10th anniversary marks an incredible milestone – a decade of cultivating a profound, steadfast marital union. 

Traditionally represented by tin or aluminum, these resilient materials symbolize the flexibility and durability that have become cornerstones of the relationship. 

The modern gift of diamond complements this beautifully, reflecting how the marriage’s unwavering strength has been honed into something brilliant and everlasting over ten years of devotion.

These traditional and modern symbols unite – emblematic of the refined durability, and exquisite brilliance that emerges through steadfastly tending a marriage for ten transformative years.

Aluminum Camping Chair

An aluminum camping chair like this portable Yeti model embodies the spirit of adventurous flexibility. 

Lightweight yet robustly constructed, it provides sublime comfort whether enjoying a sunset over the canyon’s rim or relaxing trailside after summiting a mountain peak together. 

Personalized Diamond Decanter

This sparkling personalized diamond decanter can very well represent the exquisite radiance of an enduring 10-year love story. 

This bespoke, lead-free glass vessel from SouthernElles allows the couple to inscribe vows or significant dates – the unforgettable hallmarks crystallizing their commitment.

11-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Steel
  • Modern Gift: Fashion Jewelry

The 11th anniversary signifies over a decade of steadfastly tending to the profound partnership of marriage. 

Traditionally represented by steel, this strong yet malleable material symbolizes the resilience and adaptability that have become hallmarks of the relationship. 

The modern gift of stainless steel ingeniously complements this motif, reflecting the luster and timelessness that develop when two lives are purposefully interwoven over 11 years.

These traditional and modern symbols converge – emblems of the resilient adaptability, and luster of purposeful commitment inherent to an 11-year marriage.

Steel Haircare Holder

This sleek steel haircare holder from mDesign embodies the practical durability of the traditional steel symbol. 

Constructed of sturdy steel wire with a brushed finish, its simple elegance allows it to seamlessly integrate into any bathroom aesthetic. 

Indoor Smart Garden

The innovative indoor smart garden honors the shine of the modern stainless steel theme with its radiant, low-maintenance design. 

This self-contained hydroponic system allows the couple to cultivate a lush medley of herbs, vegetables, or vibrant florals year-round with minimal effort.

12-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Silk or Linen
  • Modern Gift: Pearl

The 12th anniversary marks an exceptional milestone – a dozen years of steadfastly cultivating a profound marital bond. 

Traditionally represented by silk and linen, these sumptuous materials symbolize the luxurious comfort and seamless elegance that becomes intrinsic to a relationship after over a decade of steadfast commitment. 

The modern gift of pearls complements this beautifully, emanating the timeless radiance and organic refinement that emerges when two lives are purposefully polished together.

In silk, linen, and pearls, they become embodiments of the pampering comfort, seamless grace, and inherent radiance that emerges through tenderly tending a marriage.

Silky Sheet Set

Crafted by Ariv with the utmost care, these silky soft 100% Bamboo Sheet Set caress the skin with feather-light, temperature-regulating luxury. 

Slipping between these sumptuous linens evokes the tranquil serenity the couple has cultivated within the sanctuary of their sacred marriage bed over 12 cherished years.

Pearlescent Pocket Knife

This pearlescent mother-of-pearl pocket knife brings out the modern pearl symbol with its gorgeously iridescent aesthetic. 

The handsome Multi-Tool from Elk Ridge features intricate abalone shell inlays framed by durable stainless steel – the perfect union of earthy natural beauty and unwavering strength. 

13-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Lace
  • Modern Gift: Textiles or (Faux) Furs

The 13th anniversary signifies over a decade of purposefully cultivating a profound marital partnership. 

Traditionally represented by lace and fur, these intricate and luxurious materials symbolize the delicate artistry and cozy comfort that have become hallmarks of the relationship. 

The modern gift of textiles ingeniously complements these motifs, reflecting the handcrafted skill and vivid self-expression that emerge when two lives become seamlessly interwoven.

Traditional and modern motifs unite in lace, fur, and expressive textiles – symbolic of the intricacy, luxury, and unique self-expression that emerge through 13 years of assiduous devotion to an enduring marriage.

Lace Pedestal Jewelry Holder

This elegant lace pedestal jewelry holder pays homage to the traditional lace theme with its ornate white fabric draped over a spinning display. 

Handcrafted, the intricate lace patterns evoke the meticulous care and flourish the couple has devoted to keeping their love feeling fresh.

Embroidered Apron Kit

This embroidered apron kit can represent the modern textile symbol with a unique opportunity for handcrafted self-expression. 

Arriving with ultrafine floss colors and patterns, this crisp canvas apron allows them to personally stitch names, monograms, or creative designs reflecting their distinctive marital story. 

14-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Ivory
  • Modern Gift: Gold Jewelry

The 14th anniversary marks an extraordinary milestone – over a decade of steadfastly cultivating a profound and unshakable marital bond. 

Traditionally represented by ivory, this precious natural material symbolizes the robust yet refined qualities that have become inherent to the relationship’s character. 

The modern gift of gold jewelry complements this beautifully, reflecting the radiant and everlasting luster the couple’s commitment has taken on over 14 transformative years.

In ivory and gleaming gold, these traditional and modern motifs unify – symbolizing the polished resilience that emerges through steadfastly nurturing the unbreakable intimacy of a profound 14-year marriage.

Elephant T-Shirt

This elephant motif T-Shirt captures the spirit of the traditional ivory theme in a stylish, nature-inspired way. 

This vibrant graphic tee features earthy hues and intricate line-work bringing the majestic creature to life.

Retro Dahlia Mug

A beautiful retro dahlia mug honors the radiance of the modern gold jewelry symbol through its antiqued floral design. 

Handcrafted by PULCHRITUDIE from bone china, the intricate blush dahlia blooms are trimmed in brilliant 18K liquid gold luster for an exquisite vintage vibe.

15-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Crystal
  • Modern Gift: Watches

The 15th anniversary marks an extraordinary milestone – a decade and a half of steadfastly cultivating a profound, unwavering marital bond. 

Traditionally represented by crystal, this spectacular material symbolizes the brilliant radiance and clarity that have become hallmarks of the relationship. 

The modern gift of watches ingeniously complements this theme, reflecting the steady, purposeful dedication of two lives seamlessly marking shared time over 15 transformative years.

These traditional and modern emblems align – symbolic of the multifaceted brilliance, steadfast commitment, and timeless romance inherent to a marriage purposefully polished for 15 transformative years.

Crystal Wine Glasses

Exquisite crystal wine glasses, like this mouth-blown Waterford stemware, epitomize the traditional crystal emblem with their spectacular refractive properties. 

As the couple sips a perfectly aged vintage, brilliant prismatic rainbows dance across the heirloom-quality cuts, visually echoing the multidimensional luster their enduring partnership has taken on.

Vintage Pocket Watch

An elegant vintage pocket watch can bring out the modern watch theme while capturing a timeless aesthetic. 

This handsome antique-inspired timepiece allows the couple to personalize the case with vows, names, or anniversary dates – forever immortalizing the profound hallmarks of their steadfast journey together.

16-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Wax
  • Modern Gift: Silver Holloware

The 16th anniversary marks an extraordinary milestone – over a decade and a half of steadfastly cultivating a profound, unwavering marital bond. 

Traditionally represented by silver holloware, these luminous vessels symbolize the brilliant clarity and purposeful utility that have become inherent to the relationship’s character. 

The modern gift of wax and scented candles complement this beautifully, reflecting the warmth and ambiance two lives have gently kindled together over 16 transformative years.

In luminous hollowware and warmly flickering candles, these timeless and modern themes unite – emblematic of the brilliant clarity of purpose alongside the cozy ambiance integral to a marriage steadfastly polished over 16 glowing years.

Silver Glass Jar Candle

This sleek silver glass jar candle captures the spirit of the traditional holloware theme in an elegant, contemporary design. 

Hand-crafted with an electroplated finish, its luminous silver vessel casts a warm, shimmering glow as the natural wax blends of amber and vanilla notes flicker within.

Monogrammed Wine Cooler

A sophisticated monogrammed wine cooler showcases the modern candle symbol with its marble sculpting and custom engraving touches. 

Using it to chill their favorite vintages creates an elegant serving ritual fitting for illuminating their longest-burning passions through intimate candle-lit evenings.

17-Year Anniversary Gift

  • Traditional Gift: Furniture
  • Modern Gift: Furniture

Sharing seventeen years together that are made of laughter, tears, and an unbreakable bond speaks well of how deep and stable love can be.

Over time, the 17th anniversary has been celebrated with furniture as a symbol of stability and the cornerstone of the house.

On the one hand, the current gift ideas of the furniture also symbolize flexibility and durability which are very important for ironing through the bends of life together.

Rattan Side Table

The Rattan Side Table is a great idea for a classic and timeless gift. Meticulously handcrafted, it gives a cozy and smart feel to any room in the house.

It evokes the longevity of a couple’s connection, as well as their ability to adjust to new circumstances and styles in time.

Stylish Duffel Bag

A fashionable duffel bag is a versatile and fashion-forward present. Great for those occasional short travel destinations it personifies the very sense of exploration of shared experiences.

It is not merely a bag but an ally for the couple who are embarking on a joint journey that mirrors their partnership marked by resilience and adaptation.


In our marital voyage, each anniversary becomes a touching symbol of the common experience, the obstacles overcome, and the love that keeps on growing.

Moreover, the sentiments expressed through the gifting of a range of symbols express the real meaning embodied in the couple’s relationship.

They are not status symbols but the reflection of shared experiences, dreams, and memories in their marriage.

With the year-by-year wedding anniversary gift tradition, we watch a celebration of consistency and change of the past and the future.

Vincent Otieno

Vincent Otieno is a passionate jewelry enthusiast and writer at Getnamenecklace, an e-commerce store dedicated to offering exquisite jewelry and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the art of gift-giving, Vincent curates a collection that celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship and the joy of making family moments unforgettable.

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