wedding anniversary quotes for husband
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Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Husband

Be it a year, a decade, or half a century together; it provokes you to celebrate because you made it together. You will remember the laughter you made together and the tears that rolled down your eyes together. A wedding ties you in a bond you hold on to, whether you are sad or happy. If your memorable event is achieving a milestone, here are some wedding anniversary quotes for husbands that will help you wish them a happy wedding anniversary.

1st wedding anniversary quotes for husband

You have spent a magical year with him. Here are some beautiful first-wedding anniversary quotes to tell your husband that this year has been a precious asset of memories for you.

  • One year has passed, but how you shower love on me makes me feel like we are still on honeymoon. Happy first wedding anniversary, my dear husband!
  • Every single day, you amazed me with your selfless love. You taught me 365 different ways of expressing love this year. Please stay the same! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • One year ago

You made my life bright

Let’s celebrate tonight

Happy wedding anniversary! 

  • The harmonious one-year of togetherness is completed, and we are on the board for the second one. I can’t thank you for making my life better and happier. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • It’s only a year. Remember you have promised to spend centuries with me. You are now stuck, my love! Happy wedding anniversary!
  • It was a year ago when we had the wedding.

Since that day, our love for each other has been expanding

Happy wedding anniversary!

  • The calendar reminded me that we had been living together for a year. I am grateful that I am hitched to you, not for a year but a lifetime. happy wedding anniversary!
  • Happy wedding anniversary to my favorite person! You are the reason behind my purest smiles and cherished moments! I can never thank you for coming into my life and making it extra special every day with your presence!
  • The moment you entered my life, I forgot about others. I don’t care if someone understands me or not. Because there is one person who is always there to understand me, and that one significant person in my life is you. Happy wedding anniversary!

10th wedding anniversary quotes for husband

Completing a decade together is a miracle. Here is how you can wish your husband a happy 10th wedding anniversary.

  • A decade passed by, holding hands and expressing love for each other. Thanks for sharing a wonderful ten years with me. You are my partner in love, crime, and life! Happy 10th wedding anniversary!
  • What you added to my life was a bliss

I can’t believe life can be as cute as this

Happy first wedding anniversary! 

  • I always feel blessed when I think of the past ten years. Happy first wedding anniversary!
  • The love our marriage holds will never get old

Together we made the memories worthier than gold

I love you, my handsome hubby. Happy wedding anniversary! 

  • I want to stick to the moment you and I finally turned into “we”. That moment is the most precious in my life. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • The sense of completion I felt when I married you is still in me. Thanks for completing me, my better half. Happy wedding anniversary to my soulmate!
  • Isn’t it cute how you keep on showering love on me? The same I do with you every day. It’s all because of the loveliest marriage bond we share. Happy wedding anniversary!
  • You are my love, life, and everything. Happy 10th wedding anniversary to my man!
  • Today I want to thank the person struggling with my mood swings for ten years. Happy wedding anniversary to my charming prince!
  • I found my best friend and the best person in you in the past ten years. Happy 10th wedding anniversary!
  • The ten years have been an exciting roller coaster ride for me. You completed me as a couple and as a family. Happy 10th wedding anniversary!
  • My life changed entirely the day you came into it. It became better, brighter, and happier. Thanks, honey, for coming into my life. Happy tenth wedding anniversary!

50th wedding anniversary quotes for husband

Are you celebrating the golden jubilee of your wedding this year? It’s a significant achievement so the celebration should be grand. Here are some great 50th wedding anniversary quotes for your husband that will help you express your feelings to him.

  • I can’t explain how it feels to grow old with you. People are afraid to get old, but I am super excited about it because you are with me! Happy fiftieth wedding anniversary!
  • Yeah! We survived another year together! I am so happy that we are still together to celebrate this remarkable achievement. Happy half-century together!
  • My eyes fill with tears of happiness when I realize we are celebrating our golden anniversary this year. Thanks for your love, commitment, and devotion to our beautiful relationship. Happy golden anniversary, my hubby!
  • I am fortunate enough as God has blessed me with a wonderful husband who never gets tired of showing love and respect to me. Happy 50th wedding anniversary to my sweetheart!
  • I will never forget the love you gave me in 50 years. It’s my most precious gift, and I will never resist praising you for your unconditional love. Happy golden anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary to my prince! You are my husband, friend, lover, and everything. I can’t describe how exciting the past 50 years have been for me. We will make it to 100 one day!


After going through this post, I hope you found the best wedding anniversary wish for your husband. Wedding anniversaries are great occasions to show your love to your spouse. Make sure to visit our store and find a beautiful token of love for your husband. He will love to know how much his companionship means to you. These wishes and gifts will surely strengthen your bond for the coming years!  

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