What Do The Colors Mean on a Mood Necklace? -A Complete Guide About The Mood Necklace

What Do The Colors Mean on a Mood Necklace? -A Complete Guide About The Mood Necklace

Are you in the mood to wear a mood necklace? If yes, then you must be aware of its meaning. Do you know what the colors mean on a mood necklace? Here you go with a complete guide about the mood necklace colors. Read till the end to know everything about the colors of the mood necklace. Read and explore what a meaningful accessory a mood necklace is!

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What is the working phenomenon of mood necklaces?

As the name suggests, a mood necklace is a necklace that reflects your mood. It uses different colors to display your spirit. Let the necklace speak out loud in a crowd. You don’t need to talk and tell others about your mood with a mood necklace. Your necklace will express yourself bluntly. Doesn’t it seem magical and enchanting?

But a mood necklace is not a magical piece of jewelry. Instead, complete scientific logic is associated with the colors of the mood necklace. The mood necklaces are made up of liquid crystals. These are not ordinary crystals. These crystals change color when they encounter a temperature change. And this is how a mood necklace works.

Mood Necklace and Emotions

Your blood circulation and, thus, body temperature varies with your emotions. For instance, when you feel stressed, your extremities have less blood flow. As a result, the temperature of your body falls. This decreased temperature will be detected by the crystal in the mood necklace. As a consequence, the necklace will change color accordingly.

Similarly, when you feel excited, the blood flow in your extremities increases. This causes an increase in your body temperature. And the mood necklace then adopts the color corresponding to the new temperature.

Are the mood necklaces 100% accurate?

It is not a must for mood necklaces to showcase your actual mood. Sometimes, the temperature of your surroundings causes an increase in your body temperature. As a result, the necklace displays the corresponding color.

Also, various thermochromic pigments are used in mood necklaces. Different pigments respond differently to the temperature changes. Some pigments are blue at normal body temperature. However, some pigments may exhibit a color other than blue at the average temperature.

What is the meaning of the multiple colors in a mood necklace?

What Do The Colors Mean on a Mood Necklace? -A Complete Guide About The Mood Necklace

You will find some pigments that change colors according to a specified cycle. Many pigments change their state from colorless to intermediate and then to a final-colored state.

  1. light blue color

If your mood necklace exhibits light blue, it means that you are calm and relaxed. It symbolized peace, serenity, and a remarkable state of mind. In short, the light blue color of the mood necklace appears when your body temperature is normal. Neither you are excited nor you are sad. This is the most common color that appears on a mood necklace.

  1. dark blue color

The dark blue color signifies your excitement and happiness. It is a symbol of calmness accompanied by a sense of achievement. The dark blue color is the depiction of the exciting feeling you encounter. The feeling may be of loving someone. Or the peace of achieving a goal.

  1. red color 

The red color on the mood necklace symbolizes intense feelings. This may be an intense excitement or an intense disappointment. An intense passion for something or intense sadness. Whether it is a positive, intense emotion, or a negative one, your body temperature will rise. So, your mood necklace will turn red.

  1. yellow color 

If your mind finds it difficult to concentrate, your mood color will turn yellow or orange. The yellow color is a symbol of confused feelings. It signifies that a person is curious, anxious, or feeling alert.

  1. grey color 

If your mood necklace is turning grey, it is moving towards the black color. When you begin worrying or fearing, grey color appears on the mood necklace. This is the initial stage of negative emotions, i.e., strain, anxiety, etc.

  1. black color

Well, black is the color that your mood necklace should not display at all. It is the color that displays extreme sadness, depression, and anxiety. When you are under stress, your blood circulation becomes poor. Your body temperature falls extremely low. And black color appears on your mood necklace.

  1. brown color 

The brown color is a symbol of nervousness. When you feel nervous or unsettled, your mood necklace will turn brown.

  1. green color

The green color symbolizes mixed feelings. An average and calm mind with excitement will turn your mood necklace green. Different shades of green will appear depending upon the mixture of your thoughts. For instance, a light green color appears when you feel jealousy. Your necklace will turn blue-green if your mind is clear and alert.

  1. Purple color

The purple color portrays love. When you sense love, your mood necklace is likely to turn purple. It is the love that you feel when you sit with your family. Or the love that you sense when you hang out with your friends. Or the love that you encounter during a romantic dinner with your partner. The warmth of this love will turn your mood necklace purple.

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How long is the life of a mood necklace?

How long a mood necklace lasts depends on the way you keep it. You need to keep the crystal-containing element with great care. Make sure that it is away from water and toxic chemicals. Also, a humid environment can cause damage to the mood necklace. So keep it in a place that is free of humidity. If you want to shop for high-quality necklaces, Getnamenecklace has a wide variety of products for you. Visit our store and find the perfect necklace for yourself. 

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