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What does the mark on jewelry stand for?

1. What jewelry will be printed?

Not every type of jewelry is printed. To give the simplest example: jade must not be printed. Because the material of jade is special, it is not convenient to type another word on it after carving and polishing, and it is not necessary. So long as it is unset jewelry and jade, do not need to print the logo. Generally speaking, only gold and silver jewelry will be engraved bracelet for your girlfriend, which is equivalent to the role of a certificate, as well as inlaid gems. For example, if a jade has a metal seal on it, there will be lettering on the back cover. So what are the characters on these pieces?

2. What is engraved on the jewelry?

We will not talk about those unbranded homemade jewelry, but as long as it is a relatively famous jeweler, they will engrave their own brand logo or short name on their jewelry.


There are two abbreviations for gold, one is the chemical element Au, and the other is G (meaning GOLD). They will also be followed by numbers, such as G750, Au999. Gold jewelry is divided into pure gold and K gold custom friendship necklace, Au750 means that it contains 75% of pure gold (the other 25% is other alloys).

S: Silver

Everyone must be familiar with silver, this S is the meaning of silver. As long as those who have bought silver jewelry are familiar with “S925”, most silver jewelry on the market will be engraved with these words, which means that it contains 92.5% of sterling silver.

Pt: Platinum

Pt is usually followed by numbers, such as Pt900, Pt950, Pt990, these are the meaning of metal content. For example, Pt950 means 95% pure platinum.

Pd: Palladium

Have you heard the name? Palladium is a member of the platinum family. Its appearance is similar to platinum, and it has a silver-white metallic luster, but its density is smaller than platinum best friend rings and its ductility is strong.

GP / KP: Gold-plated

Gold plating is actually not valuable, so there is a gap with the above, and it is not a precious metal jewelry. Gold plating is the use of electrolytic principle to plate a thin layer of gold on the surface of jewelry made of silver or copper, marked GP or KP. In China, there are also standards for the thickness of gold plating: the thickness of the gold plating layer must not less than 0.5um (unit: micron, equal to 0.001 mm).

KF: Gold- filled

Gold-plated and gold-filled are similar, that is, a layer of gold foil is covered on the surface of the jewelry, which makes the appearance of the jewelry similar to that of real gold personalized necklaces, glittering but not easy to fade. But gold-filled jewelry is not long-lasting, and the gold foil will appear uneven, warped edge peeling or even fall off over time.

Gold, platinum, palladium, and silver are common precious metal jewelry on the market, while gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry are artificial jewelry with low cost, and some vendors will use them to make fakes. Pay attention to the printing on jewelry when buying.

Now many gold and silver jewelry are not just gold and silver jewelry, there will be inlaid with some gemstones, the carat of these gemstones will also be engraved on the jewelry. How much do you know about other personalized name necklace jewelry imprints?

K (Karat) is a term used in the jewelry industry to measure the purity of gold. Pure gold is 24K (that is, 100% gold content). Even if the content is pure, it is impossible to reach 100% purity, so theoretically there is no 24k gold, and the maximum content is 99.99%.

The number in front of K refers to K gold jewelry with different proportions of gold, such as 9K, 12K, 14K, 18K and 24K. If a piece of jewelry is labeled 18k, then the gold content is 18 * 0.04166 ≈ 75%

Of all gold jewelry, only platinum can be called platinum. No matter how white and silver custom name necklace jewelry looks, it is not platinum. The 18K white gold that we usually talk about is actually white 18K gold, which is a color of K gold. Because 25% of other impurities are mixed, different colors will be formed. In addition to white, yellow, rose gold, etc. Therefore, the colored gold is also K gold. But color difference doesn’t affect their value, as long as they are K gold.

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