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How to change the diamond ring style?

Anyone who has bought jewelry knows that gold and silver can be recycled, and there are many recycled stores, but diamond rings are different. Although we often say that buying diamonds can maintain value and increase value, if you really want to sell your diamond ring, it is still very difficult to find a suitable buyer. Because compared with gold and silver personalized necklaces cheap, diamonds are considered high-margin luxury goods. The purchase price is not the real price, but the added marketing profit and brand premium. Even if it is recycled, it is only the main diamond on the diamond ring that is recycled. And diamonds below 20 points are not worth a lot, and the diamond reach 1 carat is collection level. Therefore, diamond recovery is a relatively disadvantageous method. At this time, you can choose to send the diamond ring for changing style, which not only meets the external image requirements of the diamond ring, but also retains its original meaning.

1.Determine the right style

The diamond ring modification is generally based on retaining the main stone, adjusting the ring size, modifying the setting method and changing the overall shape. But you can’t change it whatever you want, because the size and shape of the diamond affect the diamond ring. There are restrictions on styles solid gold name necklace. It is necessary to consider how well the setting method fits the diamond. When some diamonds are simply changed to inappropriate styles, not only can they not show the charm of the gemstones, but they are easy to fall off.

2. Find the right merchant

At present, the counters for buying diamond rings basically have the service of changing the ring and changing the style. It is best to change the model of the diamond ring where you bought them. This will not only save some labor costs, but also be assured.

If it is not possible to change the diamond at the original purchaser of the diamond ring, it is best to find an authoritative and well-known shop. After all, it is possible for the operator to “perpetrate a fraud” or deliberately exaggerated the loss of gold during the change custom name necklace cheap.

3.Calculate required expenses

The cost of changing a diamond ring usually consists of several parts: labor cost, gold cost, and matching stones cost. First, calculate the weight of the gold in the diamond ring (the weight of the ring minus the weight of the diamond is the weight of the gold). According to the real-time gold price in the market, the deductible value of the old ring support is obtained, and then the gold material wastage in the process of the modification is calculated customizable best friend necklaces. The gold consumption fee is the gold fee for diamond ring modification.

The stone matching fee is determined by the price of auxiliary stones other than the main stone. If there are no auxiliary stones on the old diamond ring, and the diamond ring after the remodeling wants to add auxiliary stones, the cost will be extra, from hundreds to thousands. The more auxiliary stones are matched, the higher the cost. If the old diamond ring is equipped with auxiliary stones, when the new model does not use these stones, it will usually be returned to the consumer (if the merchant does not return, you can ask for it).

As for the processing fee, it depends on the difficulty of changing the model. If you only change the ring, the style will not change, and it will only cost a little labor (even free of charge). If the overall shape needs to be greatly changed monogram silver necklace, even the ring is changed into necklace, that labor cost is not a small expense.

4.About modifying the ring size

Some people choose to change the ring because their fingers are fat or thin, and the rings size of the rings do not match. Not all styles are easy to change the ring size. Some can be modified but only one or two can be changed, otherwise the firmness of the diamond will be affected. In addition, changing the circle will also be affected by many factors personalised necklace cheap, such as the craftsmanship and attitude of the processing master. You must not only care about the size of the ring circle but ignore other details. In short, after the modification, three points must be confirmed: there are no fine lines on the surface of the diamond due to changes in pressure; the position of the metal claws is not exposed to diamond defects that may have been blocked before; the diamond is strong enough without signs of looseness.

5. Don’t change in case of these situations

The diamond has a break, indicating that the gem has been damaged. If it is easily changed, it will easily cause the gem to have secondary damage. Maybe it is possible to break. In this case, don’t change it easily, so as not to destroy it.

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