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The Gentle Jade

China is a nation that appreciates jade, wears jade, and loves jade. Jade with a gentle and steadfast temperament, combined with a subtle and talented virtue, symbolizing that the Chinese have jade-like connotation and virtue. The Chinese like the emerald green. China is the most peace-loving nation. Green represents peace and vitality. Emerald green with its delicate and transparent texture like water, let a person very intoxicated custom name necklace cheap. So how was the jade discovered and formed?

The discovery of jadeite

When Myanmar’s jadeite was discovered, no firm conclusions have been made so far. According to the Survey of the Northern Boundary of Yunnan, the origin of Myanmar’s jadeite is the old factory in the jade-producing area along the Wulu River. Mining began during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, the jade industry in Tengchong, Yunnan had a considerable scale. In the Qing Dynasty, the commercial scale of jadeite further expanded.

Another legend of the jade discovery comes from Yunnan. According to a book written by the British Brown, the emerald was actually discovered by a horseman in Yunnan. It is said that traders in Yunnan trade along with the merchants from Myanmar and India along the Southwest Silk Road, which has a history of more than 2,000 years. Once a horseman from Yunnan, in order to balance the weight of the two sides of the stable customizable best friend necklaces, on the way back to Tengchong (or Baoshan), Yunnan, lifted a stone on the roadside and placed it on the horse carry. When he took off the horse carry and took a look. The stones that were picked up on the way turned out to be emerald green, which looked very good. It seemed to be a jade. After preliminary polishing, it turned out to be green and pleasant. After that, the groom repeatedly went to the place where the stones were produced to retrieve the stones to Tengchong for processing. This matter spread widely, attracting more Yunnan people to find this kind of stone, and then processed into finished products for sale, this kind of stone was later known as jadeite.

In the book History of Science and Technology in China, British historian Joseph Lee believed that jadeite was introduced into China from Myanmar through Yunnan after the 18th century. Research on ancient jade articles in China also shows that there are few jade products monogram silver necklace in ancient jade articles of various dynasties. Although some literature records and a small amount of archeological discoveries, it is inconclusive whether Myanmar jade is indeed.

According to the History of Burma, Shanlongpa, who was recently named a toast in 1215 AD, accidentally found a blue drum-shaped blue jade on the riverbank when he crossed the river upstream of the Mogaung River, then he built a nearby city and named it Mogaung, which means drum city. Mogaung was once an important jade market, located 50 kilometers away from the east of the jade production area.

Formation of jadeite

Many people like jadeite, but how did jadeite come into being? There are many magical legends in the folk; geologists have always regarded it as a mystery. Some people once thought that jades personalised necklace cheap, like diamonds, were crystallized under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure in the deep crust. Many geophysicists in the United States have done a lot of simulation experiments in the laboratory, and combined with the actual situation of the jadeite deposits found around the world, they believe that jadeite is not formed under high temperature conditions, but under medium-low temperature conditions- caused by metamorphism under extremely high pressure. In the book Talking Gems (published in 1983), Professor Ichiro Sagawa of Tohoku University, Japan, specifically pointed out that jadeite was formed at 10,000 atmospheres and relatively low temperatures (200-300 degrees Celsius).

      The formation of jadeite requires a rather rare and even contradictory environment. It requires extremely high pressure but extremely low temperature. Globally, there are still some geological environments that can meet the requirements for diamond formation bracelet for your girlfriend. At least ten countries have higher diamond production, but the geological environment that can meet the requirements for jade formation is only a small area in northern Myanmar.

In daily life, we are all contacted with crystal clear and moisturizing jadeite ornaments. Few people have contacted the jadeite stone. What has gone through from the slightly ugly jadeite rough to the crystal clear jadeite finished product? Generally, a piece of jade stone need to go through 9 processes more than 60 procedures to become a jade work.

      Jadeite not only inherits the characteristics of white jade custom friendship necklace, but also attracts Chinese people with its green color which represents vitality attention. Today, jadeite is one of the most beloved jewelry varieties in the context of Chinese culture. People are constantly looking for jadeite in various ways and enjoying the joy brought by jadeite.

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