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Colored Gemstones

Aquamarine – Stone of Courage. Legend has it that a group of little mermaid live on the bottom of the deep blue sea. They dress themselves with aquamarine. At critical moments, they can obtain mysterious power as long as the gem is exposed to sunlight. Therefore, there is another name for aquamarine called “Little Mermaid Stone”. Aquamarine cheap custom name necklace is the birthstone of March, which symbolizes calmness and courage, happiness and longevity.

When Alexander fought in India in 350 BC, he obtained diamonds in the Diamond Valley guarded by pythons. He cleverly ordered the soldier to reflect the snake’s gaze with a mirror and kill it. Then he threw the piece of mutton at the diamond in the valley, and then killed the vulture that grabbed the meat to get the diamond. Diamonds symbolize integrity and purity, and are also a commemorative gemstone for the 75th wedding anniversary.

A long time ago, someone found a pool of very verdurous water in the Andes mountains. The patient will recover after drinking it, and the blind can see again after drinking it! So someone jumped into the deep pond to find out, and picked up a crystal clear beryl cheap personalized necklaces at the bottom of the pond. This is emerald, and it is this emerald that makes people there live a happy life. Emerald, as the birthstone of May, symbolizes a happy wife.

The moonlight stone is like a quiet moonlight, emitting a smooth light. Sometimes the shimmer changes slightly, giving rise to mysterious hue. It is said that this is because Diana, the goddess of the moon, lives in the moonlight stone, sometimes Diana’s mood fluctuates, the moonstone hue will change accordingly. It is believed that wearing moonstone can bring good luck customized name necklace cheap. Indians regard it as a “sacred stone”, which indicates a long and healthy life and prosperity.

According to legend, there is a beautiful princess named Nadya in Myanmar, she wants someone who can kill the man-eating dragon in the mountains to marry her. In the end, a poor youth removed the demon dragon and turned it into a prince of the sun. Then two people disappeared in a flash, leaving only a few eggs, and one of them gave birth to a ruby. In foreign countries, rubies represent noble and fiery love.

According to legend, on a small island in the Mediterranean, the pirates often clashed. Once the pirates found a lot of precious stones while digging a bunker, so they embraced and reconciled. Pirate leaders refer to this olive-like gemstone as olivine based on the story of the olive branch in the Bible. Since then, the olivine was regarded by pirates as a symbol of peace. The olivine personalized necklaces cheap lives up to its name as the stone of happiness. It heralds happiness and harmony.

A long time ago, there was a young man named Banda who fought bravely for the tranquility of the people. The fierce devil struggled before he died, so that he broke the corner of the sky and caused many stars in the sky to fall, some of the stars turned into starlight sapphires.

According to legend, Prometheus disregarded Zeus’s objection to bring the kindling to humans. After the fire spread to millions of families, the tinder finally extinguished on the hanging rocks of the Caucasus Mountains where Prometheus was bound, leaving a gemstone solid gold name necklace that can bloom in colorful colors. This gemstone has the seven colors of the sun’s rays, and this is the tourmaline.

In ancient Roman times, opal symbolized the rainbow and was an amulet that brought good luck. Earlier Greeks believed opal had the power to foresight and predict the future. In Europe, opal is considered a lucky representative, and the ancient Romans called it the “Cupid Boy”, a symbol of hope and purity.

According to legend, in order to marry a talented wife, Srongtsen Gampo let the beauties have turquoise strings to form a necklace. The beautiful and intelligent Princess Wencheng took off one of her hair and tied it around the ant’s waist through a small hole, and finally strung the turquoise into a necklace.

Generally speaking, on the one hand, people born in different months have different birthstones custom name necklace cheap, collectively called “December birthstones”; on the other hand, people with different constellations also have different lucky stones. Each constellation has a lucky stone.

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