What is considered fashion jewelry?
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What is considered fashion jewelry?

People tend to get confused about different types of jewelry. Some of them are ignorant about what type of jewelry they are wearing, what suits them, and what it is made up of. Well if you are like one of these fellows then don’t worry cause our blog is there to guide you as to what Fashion jewelry is and what makes it different.

 In general, there is no complicated science behind the type of jewelry; it is simply the matter of material that is being used in its formation. Depending upon the type of materials and gemstone we classify jewelry as fashion jewelry, Kundan jewelry, beaded jewelry, fine jewelry, etc.

What is fashion jewelry?

Any jewelry made up of base metals like brass, zinc, aluminum, copper, etc or metal alloys, and simulated gemstones like plastic stone, zircon, crystals, etc. are referred to as fashion jewelry also known as cosmetic jewelry. The life of fashion jewelry is limited and it is tarnished and damaged easily. 

What is considered fashion jewelry?

There is another category where the base metals are plated with precious metals like gold and silver or when precious gems like ruby, emerald, morganite, and others are incorporated in the making of any jewelry then the piece of jewelry falls under the category of semi-fine jewelry. The gemologist and other field experts consider fine jewelry as the branch of fashion jewelry. 

The difference between fashion jewelry and ordinary jewelry

People use jewelry as an ornament to make them look presentable and unique. Though people are interested in buying and wearing them but are completely unaware of the type of jewelry they are wearing. There are mainly two types of jewelry.

  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Ordinary jewelry

Here are the four major differences that you can easily spot between them,

Materials being used

The basic difference between both types is the material that is being used in their formation, that’s it! isn’t it simple? “Fine jewelry” is made up of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum along with special gemstones like diamonds, Sapphire, rubies, emeralds, etc. In contrast “fashion jewelry” is made from common metals like brass, aluminum, copper, etc, and simulated gemstones like plastic, glass, and crystals. Materials like leather, plastic, and textile can also be incorporated into its formation.


As fine jewelry is made up of strong metals and real gems it is more sustainable and long life. Due to their durable nature, they can be passed down to various generations and can be polished, mended, and repaired easily over time.

Whereas fashion jewelry is made of ordinary metals and gems which shorten their life and can be easily broken and shattered by heat and rough climatic conditions. They can neither be mended or repaired. They are bought for one-time use only.

Display of creativity

Though you can play with all sorts of materials in comparison, fashion jewelry is more versatile. It can be designed according to your outfit, occasion, etc. You can experiment more with the materials of fashion jewelry and design voguish and stylish ornaments.


Most people who love ornaments choose fashionable jewelry because they are economical. They are budget-friendly. Fine jewelry is expensive so you can only buy them occasionally but as fashion jewelry are inexpensive you can buy them frequently and update them now and then.

How to figure things out?

Are you concerned as to how to discover whether the piece of jewelry falls under which category? Well! luckily we are there to direct you. There are many methods to identify if the piece of jewelry is fake or real such as,

  • Structure

If you focus on the structure of any gen and observe it closely you can identify if the jewel is fake or real. Usually, shopkeepers are well educated about it and have an eye for it so experts just need to skim through the jewelry piece and pass the verdict.

  • Magnet

If your jewelry is attracted by magnetic force then it means it is not fine jewelry as precious metals are not affected by magnetic force. Whereas, fashion jewelry will be stuck to magnets and ordinary metals are affected by magnetic forces.

  • Iodine

You can apply iodine on a small surface of the jewelry and see if it is turning dark or pale then it is fake and if it keeps its original color then it proves it is authentic.

Types of fashion jewelry

People use fashion jewelry as an adornment to beautify themselves and beautify their looks over the years. Fashion jewelry comes in different shapes, colors, styles, and sizes. You can find jewelry as per your liking for different occasions. There are many different types of fashion jewelry available across the globe some of them are,

  1. Necklace

From heavy to delicate necklaces, from using gems to pearls. From name tags to the interlocking two-heart necklace. Each necklace is unique and can enhance your everyday look. 

Interlocking Two-Heart Necklace with Names & Birthstones
  1. Pendants

pendants are a minimal accessory that every girl adores. They can carry them easily and add a stylish look to their everyday dressing. Some may love names, monograms, personalized birthstone pendants, etc.

Personalized Birthstone Pendant Always My Sister Forever My Friend Necklace
  1. Earings

Earnings are regarded as the staples for every lady. Because they can solely boost your entire look and make you look amazing. From studs, ear cuffs, or hoops choose the style that suits you the best.

Personalized Birthstone Stud Earrings Sterling Silver
  1. Bracelets

They are worn in pairs with any jewelry. They grab the attention of your beautiful hands and make them more appealing. Wear beaded bracelets, infinity bracelets, leather charm bracelets, etc. Follow the fashion trend to be in the game.

Personalized Infinity Bracelet with Birthstone

Other than these experts classify bangles, Gold-plated jewelry, Pearl jewelry, Crystal jewelry, Enamel jewelry, and Stone jewelry as the types of fashion jewelry as well.

Final Take

Every female regards fashion jewelry as the staples in their jewelry box. It is a source of happiness and joy that makes them feel different and gives them inner confidence. If you are still confused as to where to buy fashion jewelry, visit GetNameNecklace. They have high-quality jewelry that is beautifully crafted by hand and designed as per the customer’s request at a very reasonable rate.

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