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Why do so many people wear lucky beads?

1. Gold lucky beads: It means wealth and good fortune. At the same time, the gold lucky beads and the skin are always in a friction mode, which promotes blood circulation in the body. Therefore, the benefits of wearing gold jewelry can also reduce the chance of skin infection.

2. Silver lucky beads: Silver can prevent the growth of bacteria, soothing the internal organs, calming the mind, stopping panic and removing evil spirits. Often wear pure silver lucky beads can help flush toxins out of the body cheap personalized necklaces.

3. Jadestone lucky beads: Refined and healthy jade can dredge veins, moisturize the heart, lungs, improve visual and auditory acuity. People often wear it to help coordinate and balance the functions of human organs.

4. Gold inlaid jade lucky beads: Gold inlaid jade means “a bond of gold and jade”, which is the perfect combination of distinguished auspiciousness and extraordinary elegance.

5. Crystal lucky beads: The crystal personalized necklaces cheap is cold and non-toxic. It can cure pavor, heart heat, calm your mind and improve eyesight, etc. Wearing natural crystal lucky beads has good physical and health effects for the human body. Many crystals have the function of purifying magnetic fields, and they can also protect themselves while being lucky.

6. Sandalwood lucky beads: Calming mind, restoring consciousness, relieving evil spirits, and enlightening idea. Wearing sandalwood lucky beads can protect against the evil spirits.

7. Nanjiang carnelian lucky beads: The red jade Nanjiang carnelian is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It is a red gem of bringing in happiness. It can nourish heart and blood. Wearing it is not only beautiful customizable best friend necklaces, but also full of energy!

8. Beeswax lucky beads: Beeswax lucky beads are generally as small as gold, but also look exquisite and elegant. Wearing it not only can get lucky, but also has the effects of health care, which can promote blood circulation and help detoxify the body.

What to pay attention when wearing lucky beads:

1. The lucky beads are given as gifts. Generally, they are donated to younger generation by the elders, entrusting the elders’ best wishes to the younger. It is common for her mother-in-law to give it to her daughter-in-law, hoping that the couple can live in harmony with each other, and her son’s career will be extremely successful. Or husband gave it to his wife to express deep love. The lucky beads rotate freely on the red rope, which means that love is unimpeded all the way.

2. Follow the “left in and right out” principle: the lucky beads are worn on the left hand, which is conducive to the patronage of the lucky goddess. If you want a successful official career, treasures fill the home, perfect love and family happiness, you should wear on the left hand monogram silver necklace. If you encounter some bad things during and want to get rid of the bad luck, it is  recommended that you put the lucky beads on the wrist of your right hand, which will help to drive away the turbid air and bad luck in the body.

3.Lucky beads should be worn in “high” places. This “high” refers to a relatively high place on the body, that is – don’t wear it on your feet. No matter what kind of material the lucky beads, it cannot be worn on the feet. Because the feet are down, the hands are up, wearing on the feet means stepping on luck under the feet, how can it be lucky.


1. Do not wash excessively: Do not wear when swimming or sweating. Not only is it easy to damage the lucky beads and red rope, but it may also affect the fortune bracelet for your girlfriend.

2. Do not place in high temperature environment: Because most of the lucky beads on the market are gold, they are easily deformed when they are exposed to high temperatures. Some lucky beads are jade, the high temperature will make the jade beads lose their original luster, which will destroy the original beauty.

3. Avoid collision with sharp objects: The lucky beads are generally round or oval beads, and the middle part is hollowed out. During the wearing process, it is best to avoid collision with sharp objects custom friendship necklace to avoid damage to the surface of the lucky beads.

4. Separate storage: When not wearing, it should be stored separately in a jewelry special box and stored in a velvet cloth before being put in a jewelry box to prevent conflict and damage.

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