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Born in April, do you know your birthstone – diamond?

What are the characteristics of diamonds?

The mineral name of a diamond is adamas, and the English name Diamond is derived from the Greek “adamant”, which means “difficult to conquer”. A diamond is a simple crystal composed of carbon elements formed under high pressure, high temperature, and anoxic conditions in the deep earth. The carbon element purity is 99.95%, hardness is 10, refractive index is 2.417, density is 3.52, and dispersion rate is 0.044. It is the only gemstone with the highest hardness personalized necklaces cheap, strong refractive index and high dispersion. It is recognized as the king of gems. In addition, diamonds are also characterized by high thermal conductivity and strong corrosion resistance.

What are the cultural legends of diamonds?

1. The ancient records of diamonds are full of mystery, legend, and romance. Some people say that diamonds are fragments of falling stars, and some people say they are the crystals of the tears of the gods on the ground.

2. It is precisely because of the extremely high hardness of diamonds that diamonds were first used in China as a tool for sharpening and drilling holes in jade solid gold name necklace or porcelain, which is often referred to as “No diamond, not take porcelain work”. There was a cloud saying in the Ming Dynasty’s Compendium of Materia Medica: “Adamas sand can drill jade and mend porcelain, so it is said to be a diamond.” This is the origin of the word “diamond”.

3. Some people believe that Cupid’s arrow tip is made of diamonds, so it has the magical power to conquer love.

4. According to Christian custom, the diamond ring should be worn on the ring finger. It is said that the priest touched the finger of the new couple’s left hand with a ring in sequence, and said “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”, and finally the ring lands on the ring finger. The Egyptians believe that the blood of the ring finger is the vein of love directly introduced into the atrium, symbolizing that love is eternal and romantic customizable best friend necklaces.

5. “A diamond lasts forever.” The scarcity, beauty, and durability of diamonds have been widely accepted by the world. They associate the unstoppable diamonds with the everlasting love in life, making diamonds the best gift to show the love. Diamond is the darling of the jewelry industry and a must-have for newlyweds. It is the eternal love of countless women!

The world’s four major diamond processing centers

It is said that it doesn’t matter where the diamond comes from. This is right, but the cutting site of the diamond should be taken a good look. In addition to the clarity and color of the diamond, the cut is the primary factor affecting the degree of diamond shine. Whether the diamond brilliance is good monogram silver necklace or bad, the cut is very important!

1. Antwerp, Belgium

Belgian-processed diamonds are known all over the world for their outstanding light and fire. Including round diamonds and various fancy cut diamonds, ranging in size from 1 point to 10 carats. A round diamond usually has 57 facets, with excellent ratios and finishes. Some of the bottom tips are slightly sanded into a frosted white spot to prevent collision and friction damage from mixed packing diamonds. The ratio of diamonds processed in strict accordance with Belgian diamond cutting standards is within a very good range. According to the traditional name, this cut is also called Belgian cut.

2. Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel has a long history of diamond processing. The diamond processing industry is highly developed, but the processing level is very uneven, and traditional tools are often used for polishing. Some diamonds have rough waists, poor symmetry, irregular shadows in the pavilion, and deep and shallow corners, which affect the diamond’s brilliance bracelet for your girlfriend to a certain extent. Round diamonds are mainly processed from 10 to 50 points.

3.Bombay, India

Bombay, India, is a new diamond processing center in recent years. At present, the Indian diamond processing industry accounts for about 50% of the world market share. Indian diamond processing is dominated by traditional family workshops, which employ nearly one million people. The diamond polished by semi-automatic machinery has a poor polishing effect, with a thick waist and poor symmetry, which affects the fire color custom friendship necklace. The processed diamonds are mainly small diamonds, generally within 20 points.

4. New York, USA

Diamonds processed in the United States include round diamonds and various fancy-cut diamonds, mainly large diamonds larger than 1 carat. The US cut round diamond has 58 facets, the sharp bottom is polished into a transparent octagon, and the waist is ground into a transparent facet. The symmetry of American cut diamonds is not as good as that of Soviet and Belgian cut diamonds.

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