best friend jewelry

The story in Jewelry

Last week, I met with everyone, but no friend come. I only knew when she asked that she went to Japan to enjoy. I was very surprised at the time: ” she was not just coming back from Japan, how to go to play so fast?”

“Her necklace was lost, she couldn’t find it. She thought it might be in a hotel in Japan, so she had to go back and found it.”

Someone joked: “The necklace must be very expensive. It’s a waste of time.”

“That necklace was her best girlfriend to give her an adult gift.”

” Was she worried that her girlfriend was angry??”

“No, her girlfriend had passed away.”

After a while, I heard that she came back from Japan, then we met again, and I found she wore that Personalized Double Heart Necklace. She said that fortunately, the hotel’s service staff found it under the pillow and also helped her collect it. She said:  ” If I got rid of such precious gift, I would never forgive my own life..”

In fact, this is a very ordinary necklace, not expensive at all. The teenage girl has saved money from a few months of breakfast, just to give a good friend an adult gift. Although her fate is impermanent, her friend can miss her forever through this necklace. This one pinned the original necklace into an invaluable treasure.

I have always felt that jewelry is the real facade of a woman compared to clothing. But not because it is expensive, but it can be passed down for a long time, bear the feelings, and keep the story. Looking at the value of a piece of jewelry, not how expensive gems are used, but depending on its exquisite craftsmanship, interesting design, and moving history, these are the inner qualities of a piece of jewelry, such as best-friend jewelry. A rough stone is rare and rare, but there is no attractive soul. Only are there precipitates and jewels with stories to touch people.

Today, jewelry has a close relationship with social development and personal feelings. The narrative nature of jewelry is accompanied by people’s needs in the spiritual field, from the initial expression of class status and power wealth to the expression of personal style and personal image in today’s society.

At the same time, with the development of the times, people began to explore the relationship between jewelry and the human body and the performance of integrated materials in jewelry, using jewelry to express their emotions and discussion of things.

Jewelry without a sense of story is empty and lacks “aura.” Breaking the state of design without connotation, giving the custom jewelry “story” is the core concept of contemporary jewelry, and is one of the ways to effectively acquire and embody the “soul of jewelry design”.

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