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Regard of customized jewelry

Now with the abundance of life, the material level alone can no longer satisfy us. When you are free, you will pursue some spiritual needs at a higher level. In the spiritual level,  to pursue personalize, highlight yourself, and improve your taste, there are already integrated into all aspects of our lives, such as custom-made clothing, cakes, an exclusive trip, even a marriage proposal and so on. Today, I am talking about the custom of jewelry.

Customized jewelry in the country is also a new thing, and it has only begun to spread slowly in the last decade. It is different from the previous gold shop, only fixed styles, which some stores are large, but selecting aspects still has a lot of limitations, while the shop for Private ordering completely breaks this pattern, and it can turn the style into infinity to meet the choice of the guests. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a custom?

First of all, we have to make a good budget. Before we order, no matter what type of jewelry we are going to order, we must set a budget amount for ourselves to choose the customized jewelry you like, need, and accept in the budget. We all know that there are many kinds of jewelry, so the prices are also very different. It can even be said that the price of high-end goods here is not capped, so we must first make a budget according to our own ability before choosing.

Second, choose the category. The jewelry category is many and extremely cumbersome. When customizing, we have to think about custom rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, and so on. After you think about what kind of class you need, you need to be sure to make pure gold jewelry, or which kind of gemstone you need to set. If you need to set up a gemstone, then you should choose according to each person’s preference and wearing. For example, in general, for red, ruby ​​is more expensive, tourmaline, spinal, garnet, etc, will be cheaper, for green , emerald is more expensive, saffron, tourmaline, will be cheaper, for blue, sapphire will be more expensive, Tanzanite, Aquamarine, Topaz will be much cheaper.

Again, choose the style. Style is a very important advantage of personalized jewelry. Most of times it is unique , but for different styles, the custom price difference is also very big. For example, a simple style and a more complicated style, the price may be several times different, and some luxury inlays cost more than ten times the price of the main stone is also a normal thing. Therefore, while communicating with the designer to determine the style, we should also inform her about the use of jewelry. For example, for business, wedding, dating, or daily gathering? If you think a piece of jewelry can fit in all the scenes, then it’s wrong. Jewelry worn on different occasions is not the same, otherwise it will be very uncoordinated, but instead of improving yourself, it will appear to be nondescript.

Finally, to customize jewelry for my girlfriend, no matter what, she will like it, because this is not for customizing, but full of care and deep love.

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