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The benefit of colored gems

Colored gems can not only be made into jewelry to play a decorative role, but also to promote people’s health, let’s see what effect does each gem have.


The blue heteropolar ore has powerful energy, but it is not a strong force to send, but a quiet, stable, and peaceful delivery. After wearing, it has a deep and stable effect, which can calm the mood.


In the traditional sense, ruby ​​represents passion and love. It is also called “love stone”. Red is an auspicious color. If you wear a ruby ring on your left hand, you will have the magic power to turn an enemy into a friend, and the power to help you master leadership and spiritual advancement.


Emerald is also known as beryl bracelet for your girlfriend, the king of green. It is powerful and can enhance self-confidence, relieve stress and help promote longevity. In addition, it also has a good protective effect on the liver, which can relieve eye fatigue.


It is the oldest and most interesting gemstone in the world. It is a rare medicinal material in medicine. It is a rare medicinal material in medicine, which has the function of stabilizing mind and helping sleep. It is also a treasure for practitioners to protect the body and help qi.

White crystal

The white crystal produces a continuous and stable shock, which makes people clear their minds and enhances their memory and understanding. Wearing white crystals custom friendship necklace often can strengthen personal inspiration and quicken people’s mind.

Occidental topaz

Commonly known as “The Stone of Wealth”, it is the best choice for investors and businessmen to increase wealth. The Maripura can also be developed to regulate the gastrointestinal system.


The guardian stone of love represents high-level love. It can give deep love to couples and couples, and can increase human and heterosexual fate. Corresponding to the brow wheel, it helps you develop wisdom and enhance memory.


The stable magnetic field of citrine best friend rings helps to clarify thoughts, balance emotions, and stabilize the spirit. It can let a person no longer fantasize, clearly implement ideas and strengthen the power of action.

Gold Rutilated Quartz / Titanium Crystal

The gold rutilated quartz and titanium crystal are the symbol of wealth and power. They can strengthen people’s self-confidence and leadership ability. They can be used as amulets to prevent evil spirits.

Copper Rutilated Quartz

Copper rutilated quartz is a very good spar to ward off evil spirits and absorb sickness. Copper rutilated quartz has powerful energy, which can strengthen the momentum, bring people a vigorous and vigorous ambition, drive, courage, and strengthen confidence and decisiveness.


Ametrine combines the functions of amethyst and citrine personalized name necklace, symbolizing wisdom and wealth, which can not only recruit wealth and enhance luck, but also improve interpersonal relationships and develop wisdom.

Black Rutilated Quartz

Black rutilated quartz can ward off evil spirits and protect the body from negative energy. It can be used as an amulet, corresponding to the Muladhara, which can help discharge sickness and turbid gas. Black rutilated quartz also known as leader stone, which can make people have leadership charm.

Garden Crystal

The garden crystal is also called phantom crystal. It recruits wealth, aids business, gathers money and improves luck. It represents the wealth of the cause. Garden crystal corresponds to the anahata, which helps to eliminate the depression and trouble in the heart, making people broad-minded.


Tourmaline’s rich colors can be called “colored diamonds”. It can enhance the magnetic field of affinity, promote popularity and show nobility promise rings for her. In addition, it can help to smooth the channels and collaterals of human body, promote the circulation of qi and blood, and delay aging.


Garnet’s color is deep red, which symbolizes vigorous vitality. It helps to improve blood circulation and strengthen regeneration ability. It can also strengthen the Muladhara and improve the function of the reproductive system, which is preferred by women.

Lapis lazuli

As one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, it can help people keep safe, free from diseases and disasters. Not only can it help with deep meditation, increase insight, and improve spirituality, but also arouse people’s gentle and elegant temperament, stabilize emotions and eliminate irritability.


Moonstone helps sleep, and placing it under a pillow can help you fall asleep and sleep well. It can soften a person’s character and make a grumpy person calm and elegant.


Wearing agate yin yang necklace can lubricate the skin, brighten the mood, improve blood circulation, and brighten the eyes. It is helpful to eliminate negative sexual energy such as pressure, fatigue and stale air.


It is the “stone of courage”, can raise people’s mood, make people enthusiastic.


It develops the heart chakra, relieves the melancholy of the heart, keeps the wearer happy, and is good for heart and lung function. What’s more, it can awaken people’s need for love, make people enthusiastic, willing to give, and increase the chance of attracting love.

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