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The precious metal – gold

In ancient times, gold was often owned by emperors or nobles. Even in countries of different faiths, gold has become a material for worship and decoration to protect the image of gods. In modern life, gold also plays this role.

Gold is a natural product that exists in a free state in nature and cannot be artificially synthesized. It was a metal that humans discovered and used earlier. The word “gold” originally originated from Sanskrit, meaning “illumination”. Because it is rare, special and precious promise rings for her, it has been regarded as the head of metals since ancient times and has the title of “king of metals”. China has abundant gold mines and has a long history of mining. During the Han Dynasty, China’s gold output once ranked first in the world. The reserves of gold yin yang necklace on the earth are small and their distribution is extremely uneven. In the crustal lithosphere, the gold content is about 5 parts per billion, or 5 mg of gold per ton. In the wide expanse ocean, the total reserves of gold are extremely rich, and the world’s identified gold resources are 89,000 tons.

What are the characteristics of gold?

Physical characteristics: Gold has good chemical stability, with a density of 19.32 grams per cubic centimeter and a melting point of 1063 degrees, which is 472 degrees lower than the melting point of iron. Therefore, the so-called “genuine gold is not afraid of fiery fire” is strictly unscientific. The properties of gold necklaces for girlfriend are stable, do not melt, do not change color, and do not oxidize at 1000 degrees Celsius. What’s more, gold has excellent ductility. 1 gram of pure gold (about the size of a green pea) can be drawn into a 25-kilometer-long gold thread. At present, the gold content of 99.99% is the purest gold. Pure gold is easy to forge, to extend and to wear. In the past, people often used the “touchstone” to identify the genuine and fake and fineness of gold. The so-called “touchstone” is a dense, hard, shiny black, siliceous rock containing carbon. Scratch gold or gold products on the stone to judge the condition of the gold from the color of the streaks left on the stone. Gold infinity bracelet is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Gold is a symbol of wealth and rights, and has played a role of wealth and power in history and culture.

Gold is the world’s reserve currency. The economic value of gold itself makes it play a special role in the fields of financial currency, society and culture and political life, such as circulation, value manifestation, collection, investment, appreciation, preservation of value, wearing decoration, etiquette communication and so on.

Are gold and K gold belong to gold?

How is gold classified?

Because pure gold is soft, people will add a small amount of silver, copper, zinc and other metals to pure gold to increase the strength and toughness, so gold is classified according to purity. However, with the improvement of gold jewelry processing technology in recent years and the application of new technology development, some more pure gold jewelry also reached a higher hardness.

According to the national standard GB 11887-2008 “Specification of Purity and Nomenclature of Precious Metal Jewelry”, the gold content must not be less than 990 ‰, which is expressed in pure gold. The unit for determining the gold content in gold jewelry is called “carat”, and the English name is “Karat “, can also be abbreviated as” K “according to the English prefix. For common 18K gold, 22K gold, and pure gold fingerprint jewelry products, the gold purity is 750 ‰, 916 ‰, and 990 ‰, respectively. Generally speaking, 24K is 99.99% pure gold.

What is the value of gold?

Inheritance value: Gold is the inheritor of thousands of years of culture. Many noble elders will collect gold ornaments of valuable culture as a family heritage, and give the product the title of “heirloom”.

Wearing value: Gold, as an indispensable dowry in Chinese folk marriage, is more noble and elegant name bracelet as a decoration in daily life, and it is a symbol of temperament and connotation!

Investment value: Gold has the reputation of being a hard currency, meaning “gold as the world’s best easy to mortgage cash varieties”. With less tax transactions, easier transfer of property rights, and strong anti-inflation ability, it cashed particularly fast, especially in special circumstances such as war and troubled times, it has the functions of value preservation and hedging.

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