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Don’t maintain your jewelry like this!

1.Put together with cosmetics

When the ring is stained with cosmetics, the brightness will be weakened; especially diamonds, it is very easy to stick to oily cosmetics, and they must be separated strictly.

2.Wear accessories when washing and bathing

Pearls can not touch with acids and should not come into contact with detergents.

3. Chemical gases and polluted environment

All jewelry should be free of sulfur, emerald and insecticides and other sprays.

4. Store multiple pieces of jewelry together

Hard diamonds can easily scratch other gemstones customizable best friend necklaces; therefore, use separate compartments for storage.

5.Gold and mercury

Gold can be mixed with mercury to produce amalgam, a vapor alloy of mercury.

6. Drugs

Some medicines can have chemical reactions on jewelry, which can change the color and quality of monogram silver necklace jewelry.

7. Water scrubbing

Black pearl, turquoise, opal, coral, amber, etc. are absorbent. Use of detergent or water may cause cracking.

8. High temperature

Some gems are not resistant to high temperatures, or dehydrated and crack, or become discolored. Above 55 °C, jade bracelet for your girlfriend will dissolve the wax layer on the surface and lose its protective effect, reducing the gloss of the wax.

9. Severe vibration

Although many inlaid accessories are designed with a solid base, the severe vibration will cause the stones to fall off.

Maintain jewelry in these ways will ruin it:

1. Cleaning jewelry with toothpaste

Toothpaste contains fine, high-hardness abrasive particles. These particles are very small but have a hardness of up to six or seven(almost the same as crystal). Therefore, cleaning jewelry with toothpaste will damage the surface of gems that are softer than crystal, especially pearls, gold and K gold best friend rings. The most correct washing solution should be diluted neutral surfactant.

2. Often touch diamonds, tourmalines, etc.

From time to time, the human body excretes sweat and oil on the surface of the skin. The oil on the skin often contaminates the hands. When you touch such gems with your hands, the oil on the hands is easy to stay on the surface, which affects the gloss and brightness of the gemstone. In particular, diamonds are lipophilic gemstones, and the surface is easily contaminated with oil. While jadebelongs to the aggregate structure, often touching it can make the jade more moist.

3. Wash pearls with tap water

Tap water has a fixed content of chlorine (C1), which can damage the luster of the pearl surface. Mineral water is the most ideal for cleaning pearls. In addition, when not wearing, it should be stored in a cool and ventilated place after washing.

4. Wear jewelry at any time

It is best to remove it when washing your hands, because some soaps contain alkaline substances of varying degrees, which can cause damage to the more fragile gemstones, and the soap is also easily caught in the fine seams of the ring, which greatly affects the gloss and brightness of the gem personalized name necklace. Furthermore, bathing, doing housework, swimming, etc., can easily cause gems to collide and be injured.

5. Commonly used ultrasound for cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for all gems, such as emeralds, pearls and other gems. It will destroy its structure during ultrasonic cleaning. Although the ultrasonic cleaning machine has a good cleaning effect, it should not be used often. If it is used too frequently, the small diamond will not be able to withstand multiple shocks and will loosen or even fall.

6. Change clothes after wearing jewelry

Generally, jewelry is worn in the order after the clothes are worn. Imagine wearing a claw set single diamond ring on your hands, and then dressing and wearing stockings, it may hook the clothes.

7. Take off jewelry and put them everywhere

Take off the promise rings for her jewelry and put it on the sink table will happen to accidentally fall to the ground, damage, slip into the drain pipe or forget on the sink table. When you buy jewelry, the jewelry store will give you a small jewelry box, put the jewelry in it, which is convenient to carry and can greatly reduce the rate of jewelry loss.

8. Not check after wearing

Taking a little more time to take care of your jewelry can greatly reduce the loss rate. For example, is the small diamond in the jewelry stable without loosening? Is the pearl necklace tied tightly? Is the elasticity of the middle clip of clip earrings reduced? Or whether the screws are poor contact .

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