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Will gold “rust”?

Many collectors are chasing after gold for its dazzling gloss. However, it is technically impossible to achieve 100% purification of gold. Even pure gold with a maximum purity of 999.0‰ will have “impurities”. This also makes a small part of pure gold appear “rust spots”, which brings wearer trouble. In fact, as long as more attention is paid to some maintenance details, the occurrence of “rust spots” can be largely avoided.

To avoid “rust spots”, we must know the cause of “rust spots”. The impurities in pure gold personalized necklaces cheap are mainly water-insoluble inorganics, organics, and water-soluble inorganic salts. These impurities cause pure gold to “rust” due to factors such as the environment, climate, and improper human operation. Collectors can try to choose some large precious metal manufacturers with endorsements of brands and technical capabilities. Even if they produce “rust spots”, they can get more friendly solution.

Understanding the cause of “rust spots”, we can take care of this and maintain gold from a scientific perspective. This can be roughly divided into two categories of protection and conservation, which can be summarized as “avoid and necessary”:

“Avoid” is mainly about good collecting habits and protecting your “gold” (gold coins, medals, gold bars, etc.):

1. Avoid direct contacting with “gold”, especially gold and silver commemorative coins. Once the transparent plastic bag that comes with the factory is opened, the coin surface will be in contact with the air. At the same time, the sweat in your hand contains moisture, which may cause oxidation of solid gold name necklace gold products. When touching, wear thin gloves as much as possible, and use your thumb and index finger to pinch the edges of the product to prevent sweat stains from contaminating the surface of the collection.

2. Avoid gold products come into contact with saliva. Especially when appreciating the collection, don’t talk to the collection to avoid splashing droplets that cause chemical changes on the surface of gold and silver bars and medals.

33. Avoid placing gold products in a special climate and environment, but keep them in a ventilated, dry, and moisture-proof place, and the ambient temperature should not be too high.

In addition to the three avoidances in preservation, as collectors, you can also create a relatively healthy collection environment for gold products customizable best friend necklaces through simple “necessary”:

One is that it is necessary to put a natural camphor block in the place where gold is placed: to prevent mold from breeding on the box of gold and silver coins and prevent the box from getting worms. Because mold plaques and insect bodies are acidic, metabolite such as liquid or gas is acidic or alkaline, it is easy to cause oxidation reaction on the surface of gold products best friend rings.

The second is that it is necessary to place the color-changing silica gel at the four corners of the gold and silver coin storage place: the water absorption rate of the silica gel is about 25%, and the color-changing silica gel has extremely strong moisture absorption. When dry, the color-changing silica gel is blue and turns red after absorbing moisture. The weight is about 3 kilograms per cubic meter in the northern region and 5 kilograms of color-changing silica gel in the southern region, which can ensure a month of dryness. When all the color-changing silica gel becomes red, it will lose the function of absorbing water and moisture. At this time, it can be placed in an oven and dried at 80 ° C for 3 hours, wait until the water vapor has risen to disappear and the silica gel has all turned blue. Then put it back into the gold and silver coin storage place to keep the gold bracelet for your girlfriend and silver coin surface dry.

Whether it is “avoid” or “necessary”, it is a reference experience formed by many collectors in the course of many years of conservation. From a scientific point of view, it is to try to prevent impurities in gold products from chemical reactions such as oxidation with other substances, so as to protect the quality of investment collections. Similarly, it is also because of the consideration of preventing chemical reactions. At present, the requirements of temperature and humidity in the safes of most banks cannot meet the conditions of gold product collection. Especially for consumers who are new to the gold custom friendship necklace collection, try to avoid putting gold directly in the bank for preservation.

The value of gold lies in its own natural attributes on the one hand, and on the other hand from human recognition. Perhaps from a certain perspective, this recognition should also include the conservation of gold products. There is no doubt that “avoid and necessary” mentioned below can help your gold investment collection achieve greater value.

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