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K gold jewelry and platinum jewelry

Reasons for K gold jewelry discoloration

K gold discoloration generally occurs in three ways: tarnishing, chemical & physical discoloration, and black silver film on the surface.

1. Exposure to human sweat

The discoloration or fading of K gold jewelry is closely related to the body’s sweat. 99% of human sweat is water, and about 1% is waste and harmful substances in the human body, such as chloride, lactic acid, urea, urea ammonia, etc. After these substances come into contact with silver and copper in K gold personalised necklace cheap jewelry, they will produce chemical reactions, produce silver chloride and copper sulfide, and present dark black chemical salts. These chemical salts are the main cause of K gold discoloration.

2. Exposure to chemicals

K gold is originally an alloy made of 75% gold plus other metals, so the metals in it are likely to react to the chemicals in life. If you often come into contact with some chemicals that are stimulated by strong acids and strong alkalis, it will easily change color, such as detergents, cosmetics, soaps with other additives, and so on. Otherwise, you might find your K gold color changed on the first day you bought it.

3.Friction or bump

K gold is also called colored gold, because it has very rich colors, such as K yellow, K white, rose gold and even black gold. But among these, except K gold is the natural color, most other colors are based on K gold, and then electroplated with other colors. The most typical example is black K gold bracelet for your girlfriend , the black on the surface is actually a plating. If rubbed or bumped, the original color of K gold will be exposed, so it looks like it has faded. The same is true for K white gold. When it rubs against other hard objects, it will show different degrees of wear and tear. After the coating is worn, the original color of the metal will be exposed, and a pale yellow-white color will appear.

Causes of discoloration of platinum jewelry

In theory, platinum is very stable in nature and will not deteriorate or fade due to daily wear. Its gloss is always the same. However, there are still many people who say that the platinum jewelry they bought has become black or yellow. What are the reasons for this?

The following conditions can cause discoloration of platinum:

1.Platinum and water

Many people mistakenly believe that platinum can not contact with water. In fact, platinum is not afraid of water. If platinum encounters water or other substances and changes quickly, this platinum is not genuine platinum yin yang necklace, or the platinum is not pure enough.

2. Be stained

Platinum itself does not change color and turn black, but after wearing it for a long time, some stains will inevitably be attached, which will cause the platinum ring surface or partial darkening and discoloration.

3. Wear to do housework and cleaning and so on

When you wear platinum jewelry for housework or cleaning, oil stains, bleaching powder, and various cleaning chemicals can affect the gloss of platinum, and even make the platinum best friend rings appear pale yellow and spotted.

4. When put together with gold jewelry

Because gold is softer and platinum is harder, if they are put together or worn together, it is easy for friction to cause damage to the surface of gold, and gold also easily makes platinum yellow, which affects the gloss of platinum.

Can the discolored K gold and platinum jewelry return to its original appearance?

1.K gold jewelry has changed color


It is the most common “discoloration” of K gold. In this case, everyone can handle it well at home-put the K gold jewelry in a diluted neutral detergent, wash it with a soft brush and dry it with a soft cloth. This will wash away the stains deposited on the surface and restore the gloss and color of the K gold custom name necklace. Tips: Pay attention to the use of a soft brush when cleaning. The hardness of K gold is not particularly high. If you use a hard brush, it is easy to scratch the K gold. Be sure to use a mild, neutral detergent.

Chemical & Physical Discoloration

It can be sent to a dedicated jewelry repair site for jewelry renovation and electroplating to restore the original color.

Black silver film on gold surface

If there is a black silver film on the surface of the gold jewelry, then you need to buy a professional jewelry cleaning agent to clean it. According to the instructions of the cleaning agent, following the steps, it is easy to refresh the promise rings for her jewelry.

2.Platinum is discolored

You can clean it by yourself. You can squeeze toothpaste on a towel and rub it back and forth on a platinum diamond ring to remove the fine lines and dirt on the surface. You can also go to the jewelry store you bought at the time to clean it. Generally, it will provide free cleaning.

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