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Pearl jewelry and clothing

The beauty of the pearl’s roundness and elegance to women is a sublimation. With the shining of pearl brilliance, the woman’s temperament is wonderfully noble. Pearl is one of the popular accessory elements this summer, whether it is earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, brooches, etc., as long as they have pearl elements, it is summer’s fashion item.

The warm and moist luster of pearls can also set off the feminine image of gentleness and good communication. Whether it is in the beauty of old times or the new women of modern times, we can all see the figure of pearl accessories. Pearl is a very feminine item custom friendship necklace. As one of the most popular elements of jewelry this summer, what do you know about outfits matching? Wearing pearl jewelry is a lot to learn. In addition to considering skin color, face shape, hairstyle, clothing and other factors, you must also choose according to the occasion and season.

For professional wear, pearl jewelry should not be too complicated. Professional wear is suitable for matching with simple pendants or earrings with simple styles and lines, and slender shapes. For pearl necklaces, you can choose classic single-row full pearl necklaces. Professional wear is not appropriate for pearls that are too complicated or expensive, and it is not suitable to choose cheap pearl infinity bracelet jewelry with bright colors and fancy shapes, which is easy to give people a flighty feeling.

Casual outfits are paired with uniquely designed and exaggerated pearl rings. The style should be generous and concise, not too complicated to decorate, otherwise it is not suitable for outdoor sports. If you wear jeans and accessories, you can go a little wild. For young girls, it is more suitable to choose delicate and partysu bracelet for your girlfriend jewelry.

The cute and sweet style of clothing is relatively light in color, and you can wear a pearl bracelet or necklace with a shiny visual sense to add some highlights to yourself.

Pearl jewelry embedded with colored gems is suitable for young girls to wear. The moist white pearls and colored gemstones match each other, which reflects the rich color and texture. It looks young and energetic when worn.

When attending an event that requires formal and ornate attire, the pearl jewelry you wear should be delicate. You can choose luxurious black pearls or South Sea pearl pendants, earrings, or strings of necklaces. The pearl necklace of this kind of design can appear the overall collocation more atmospheric.

Pearl jewelry is one of the must-have items for every woman, especially as a popular jewelry element this summer. Mastering the principles of matching pearl best friend rings jewelry will make you more fashionable and moving. However, recently, the streets have a new aesthetic of pearls wearing. These people no longer wear pearls as the most traditional jewelry, they decorate it at hair, ears, or even inlaid pearls on their jackets. Each combination can show a sense of luxury. However, although pearls are beautiful and versatile, many women are not so “daring” to buy pearls. Why is this?

1. Pearl’s “life” is short, dare not buy?

Compared with many jewelry, pearls seem to be much “delicate”. The reason why many people dare not buy pearls is that they will become “ugly” after a long time. Such pearls not only show no temperament, but also appear to “lose value”. The common “disfigured” of pearls are mainly the following two:

After some pearls have been worn for a while, the surface gloss is cracked like peeling. There are two possibilities for this phenomenon. The first is you bought a fake, and the second is the pearl problem.

Fake goods: In most cases, pearls appear to be cracked because they have bought coated fake pearls – some unscrupulous merchants hold beads ground from shells, or simply use plastic beads to pretend to pass for pearls personalized necklaces. In order to pass for fake, they will coat the beads with a thin film very similar to the luster of a pearl, making the fake beads look like pearls. However, this coating is not reliable, it will peel off over time, and it looks like pearl peeling.

Pearl problem: For nucleated pearls necklaces for girlfriend (seawater pearls, Edison pearls, etc.), even if it is not fake, there is also the possibility of skin cracking. This happens mostly because of the rush to harvest. As a result, the incubation time of pearls is too short and the pearl layer is too thin, which leads to cracking.

It is for this reason that many people are reluctant to buy pearls, fearing that the pearls will turn yellow after being worn for 2 years. This kind of problem is caused by improper maintenance. If you want to keep your pearls from turning yellow, know some pearl jewelry maintenance methods.

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