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The Valentine’s Day gift

Are your ready for your Valentine’s Day gift? If the Spring Festival is the most important holiday with the family every year, then Valentine’s Day is your most important holiday with your girlfriend. Spring Festival with my family, Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend, this year can be said to be very suitable, and did not have the same Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day as in previous years, then this year’s Valentine’s Day, what gift are you going to send to your girlfriend? A Silver Heart Photo Locket Necklace or jewelry, today we will come and talk together:

1,In fact, the most important thing for Valentine’s Day our heart, so many people will choose to confess or propose marriage on Valentine’s Day, then you must give a gift on that day, whether it is diamond ring or jewelry, each has its own meaning. Chocolate and roses are necessary, but today’s chocolates can only represent your own basic mind. If you want your girlfriend or your wife to be happy, you need to do more work.

2, If giving a gift to a girlfriend to propose or confess, it is recommended to send a diamond name ring. After all, for women, the diamond ring is the best gift which has a unique meaning that represents a single-minded. It is very suitable to send a diamond ring at this time. Even if you don’t understand the proposal, if you accept it, then he will understand what you mean, and the diamond ring is worn on the hand which means that he has a sweetheart.

3, If send to his wife, it is recommended to send custom jewelry. After all, if he had been married for more than ten years, he may already have several diamond rings. Also the jewelry can be very expensive, and it is also suitable to wear daily. You also can send a necklace, or earrings. It is not recommended to send a ring. After all, the ring is better with a diamond ring, but the gold ring is a bit cheesy.

In fact, it is normal to send a wife or a girlfriend a gift on Valentine’s Day. It is not also a diamond ring or a gold jewelry, but other things. Many jewelries can be collected for a long time, and it is commemorative, so it is better way to select. You can see jewelry as follow:

1,Diamond ring

On White Valentine’s Day ,proposing to the girl to marry, you can prepare a diamond ring for marriage, which the weight is not too big, 30 points, 50 points can be satisfied; and if you are married, then you can consider 1 carat wedding ring which female ring can consider 1 carat and the weight of the men’s ring can be cheaper, or you can also consider the ring without any decoration.


On the 3.14 White Valentine’s Day ,giving your wife a diamond necklace, even if it is more expensive, she will be touched by your intimate gift, and giving a sapphire necklace, is actually a good choice with clothes and bags which will be more fashionable.

3. Stud Earrings / Earrings

Usually boys give girls earrings or earrings, then the relationship between these two lovers is very good and very good to send such jewelry, and if it is a simple relationship between male and female friends, it is generally to send flowers to express their wishes.

4. Bracelet

The significance of boys giving girls bracelets on 3.14 Valentine’s Day is that they want to go hand in hand. As a girl, after you receive a diamond bracelet, are you willing to go hand in hand with the girls?

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