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Don’t wear these kinds of jewelry after forty years old

A woman of forty is the most attractive, gentle and reserved, with the overall situation in mind. Every move gives off a smell of maturity, which is a fatal attraction for mature men. For mature women custom name necklace cheap, although the inner value is more important, the outer wear is also a required course. As long as you care about what other people think of you, you will never relax about your physical appearance. S Some accessories may come across as “old-fashioned and degrade yourself”, but you don’t know. So we’ve chosen seven of the most debased accessories to give you an idea of what it means to be a mature woman.

1. Unnatural red agate

Red is the best color for agate, not kitsch but fashionable, and it is a good match for mature women. However, in recent years, many unscrupulous businessmen have dyed the stone and pretended to be natural, and many people have been fooled into buying.

Unnatural red agate is bright and uniform in color and has many flaws on the surface, which can be distinguished by ordinary people. But there are some people because of the lack of basic knowledge, wearing fake red agate and do not know. Others will not tell you if they see it, but they will subtracted points of your image in their hearts. So don’t wear this kind of bracelet for your girlfriend jewelry.

2. Dyeing crystal

We all hate dyeing, especially some dyeing that are too careless! These crystals are usually “brilliant”, so you should pay great attention when buying. If you buy it and wear it out, it will be awkward.

In addition to “too gorgeous”, which is an easy way to judge, you can also observe whether there are signs of dye accumulation in the crystal cracks. If there is, the probability of dyeing is very high. Dyeing crystal sometimes looks more beautiful, but it can’t hide its inferior foundation, so don’t wear this type of crystal.

3. Quartzite jade

This type of stone is often sold by merchants as Hetian jade, even pass off high-end jade and sell at high prices. Quartzite jade is essentially the same as the stone in the sand, but it has been hyped by businessmen. Many people take the jade to get the certificate, and the result is quartzite jade monogram silver necklace, which shows its flooding.

Quartzite jade is now considered to be a kind of jade, a low-grade jade because it has been hyped. Although it has the beauty of jade, it is still a stone of little value in the eyes of many people. Quartzite jade is not “oily” and the particles are very uniform. You can make a simple discrimination by these two points. This kind of jade is of little value and it is best not to wear it.

4. Griotte

Like quartzite jade, griotte is often called “old” and “ancestral”, which is tempting for most people. The identification of this type of stone requires light to see the structure, and there is no simple and intuitive identification method. Therefore, everyone who encounters similar jade best friend rings, especially those known as “ancestral”, must pay attention. Although it can look like genuine, but don’t wear this kind of jade, which affects temperament.

5. Artificial cat’s eye

Cat’s eye is a precious jewelry variety. High-quality cat’s eye over 10 carats can be worth millions of dollars. Therefore, many fraudulent businessmen have been racking their brains for fraud. Common are quartz stone cat’s eye, tourmaline cat’s eye, diopside cat’s eye and so on. The texture of these high imitation cat’s eye looks rough, the reflection light is not clear, the color quality is not as pure as the real cat’s eye, and the difference in value is hundreds or thousands of times.

Artificial cat’s eye has 2-3 bright bands at the top of the arc, while there is only one in natural cat’s eye; observe the sides of the artificial cat’s eye with a magnifying glass, and you can see the hexagonal honeycomb structure. Meanwhile, the hardness of artificial cat’s eye is lower than that of natural cat’s eye personalized necklaces.

6. Ice jade

The ice jade is what we call “bottom of a beer bottle”. Now if you wear a “ice jade”, it is really a big embarrassment.

7. Nugget sand

Nugget sand stone appears on the road of tourism the most. Many shops claim that it is natural, and even vowed to say that it is a natural stone produced on the saddle. Is that true? In fact, nugget sand is a kind of artificially synthesized stone yin yang necklace, which is made by smelting crystal sand with metal components. It is also possible to wear and play while traveling, but in ordinary times, such imitations are definitely not able to show your taste.

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