What Is Rose Gold And Why Is It So Special?

What Is Rose Gold And Why Is It So Special?

Rose Gold, which was formulated in 19 century, has had unsettling popularity till now; a rather steady increase in its demand is observed over time. From the early days rose gold was regarded as a precious and luxurious material and was associated with femininity because of its color.

 Rose is a symbol of love and romance. When the word rose is associated with the material gold then the first thing you will think of is something idealistic and symbolize it with love.

 Gifting your partner a rose gold ring sounds romantic but what is Rose Gold. Fortunately, our blog is just the thing you need to guide you about this material, what it is made up of? In which forms it is being used and other details associated with it.

 What is rose gold?

Let’s begin with the origins and what Rose Gold is? Rose Gold is an alloy that is made up of yellow gold and other copper metals. Sometimes silver metals can also be used in the combination of these rose metals. The reddish and pinkish color of the gold is due to its chemical reaction when mixed with silver and copper.

 Is rose gold real gold?

According to field experts and jewelers, Rose gold is not 100% real gold but its value depends upon its composition and percentage of other metals constituents. To check how pure the gold is, check the karat amount of the piece of jewelry such as rose gold which has 75% of real yellow gold if the gold used is 18 karat. Karat represents the percentage of yellow gold being used in the jewelry.

 To make it clearer 24 karat gold is 100% real gold but 18% karat gold has 75% gold and 25% alloys which can be copper, silver, etc. We need to understand that the only purpose for mixing the metals was not just to reduce the price and make it affordable but rather it has another special reason for it. 

 The original yellow gold is very soft and can’t be mended, shaped, dented, etc. So jewelers mix the copper and silver metals to strengthen the gold which makes it easy for them to bend and shape it accordingly.

What is the difference between rose gold and gold?

The difference between rose gold and gold is based on the percentage and ratio in which the alloy metals are mixed with the yellow gold. Similarly, the color’s depth is also dependent on the same phenomena. Gold is also referred to as yellow gold in 24 karat gold which is said to be the purest out of all. When this gold is mixed with copper and silver metal alloys in different ratios different karat gold is formed.

 To make you understand it in an easier way, a bar of 24-karat gold is 100% real gold. Whereas, a 14 karat rose gold has 58% yellow gold, 33% copper, and 8% silver metal in it. Likewise, 18 karat gold has 75% gold, 22% copper, and 2% silver in it. The higher the ratio of the copper and lesser of gold the more it will have a reddish and rose pink color.

 Why rose gold is so popular to date 

  • Unblemished over years: the only difference you can spot is its color which can turn darker over time because of the constituent alloys
  • Very unique: This material is loved by both the classic yellow gold lovers and the modern white gold wearers.
  • Luxurious appeal: Rose gold adds novelty to your look
  • Inexpensive: Unlike yellow gold which costs you a lot of fortune, rose gold is comparatively affordable
  • Universal appearance: As it is mixed with alloys, it is available in different colors. It is more easily molded and shaped so jewelers can make use of it to design versatile and eye-catching jewelry.

Various types of rose gold products

Rose gold’s popularity has had a phenomenal spike over the years. It is worn and bought everywhere. The female carries it as their subtle because of its affordability and the value attached to it. If you aim to update your jewelry collection then choosing rose gold for your collection is the right option. To ease your decision-making process we have shortlisted the most demanded jewelry pieces,

 Casual wear bracelets

Wearing bracelets is easy because they are simple and lightweight. It adds style to your wrist. You can feel others loved by giving them this birthstone bracelet and make it meaningful by customizing its four-sided bar, its simplicity exudes elegance as you raved it with special words, initials, or names.

4 Sided Personalised Birthstone Bar Name Bracelet In Rose Gold

Interlocked necklace

They are popular among couples and best friends. Two-Circle Interlocked Necklace is a sentimental piece where two circles are interlocked akin to an infinity-shaped pendant describing that the bond between the two will last ever after. You can get the pendant tailored by getting your partner’s name engraved on it.

Engraved Interlocking Two Circle Name Necklace Rose Gold

 Promise/ Engagement ring

Promised rings are the most popular wearable of rose gold. As it signifies love, respect, and bond between the two soul mates. This Two Heart Birthstone Ring has upper and lowers shanks with birthstones embedded in the center making it look as if the gems are under the protection of the shanks. Add a personal touch to it by embedding it with birthstones and making it the monarch of your love. 

Engraved Two Heart Birthstones Promise Ring In Rose Gold

Lattice heart necklace

This filigree necklace is very popular among families because of its aesthetic design. The heart cage tree signifies a family that has all the family members. You can get up to nine birthstones displayed on it representing your family members or a group of friends. It is very meaningful and aesthetically appealing, boosting your confidence by reminding you of the continuous support your family members are providing.

Heart Cage Family Tree Necklace With Birthstones In Rose Gold

 Add subtle to your jewelry collection

Rose gold is subtle in every jewelry box. The rose gold jewelry not only associates a romantic touch to it but also makes the owner feel special and loved. Adorn yourself with this luxurious and elegant piece of jewelry and be the life of every party and occasion.

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