What Is The Difference Between a Chain And a Necklace

What Is The Difference Between a Chain And a Necklace

Do you know the difference between a necklace and a chain? Well, you use both these accessories to make your neckline attractive. Sometimes, these terms are used interchangeably. But wait! There is a big difference between a necklace and a chain. Read until the end to discover this difference and clear all your confusion.

Be it a necklace or a chain, each is designed to add beauty to your neckline. Since both are worn around the neck, technically, you can call them “Necklaces .”But some features make a chain different from a necklace. And it’s great to know the difference and be more to the point when communicating these terms.

Also, when deciding what to wear with a specific outfit, this difference can help you decide. So let’s proceed and differentiate these two terms!

What is a necklace?

A necklace is a jewelry item you wear around your neck to beautify it. We often consider chains and chokers the different types of necklaces. It would not be wrong to say that all these terms are the categories of a necklace.

Necklaces are made of different metals. You can also find several embellishments on these metals in chains. The string of a necklace is usually crafted from precious metal. Sometimes the beads, pearls, and gems are used to add more to the beauty of the necklace.

There are pendant necklaces in which a single pendant hangs on a precious string. All these different categories result in attractive pieces for the neckline.

What is a chain?

A chain is quite a uniform string of metal. A series of links interconnect to get a wonderful piece of jewelry. It features clasps and loops around your neckline. In technical terms, you can call a chain a type of necklace.

You can also find layered chain necklaces. Such necklaces do the layering of chains to highlight your collarbone and neckline. Several chains combine to form a necklace. Isn’t it just wow? The layered structure is more attractive than the necklace’s color or material.

Mostly the chains come in a wide range from golden to silver. You will always find women keen on golden or silver chains. They look elegant, adorable, and eye catchy.

Chain vs. Necklace- Features, and styles

Do you want to find the exact difference between necklace and chain? Here is a quick comparison for you. 

Pendants or other hangings

Chains never come with any hangings. You can hang a pendant on a chain to create a unique necklace. But the chain itself never incorporates a pendant in its design. A chain is simply an interconnection of small rings or loops. Chains are also used to wear good luck charms.

Necklaces have some sort of hangings or embellishments in their designs.


Chains are somewhat thicker than necklace strings. However, thickness varies depending upon the type of chain you have. It may be a box chain, rope chain, and snake chain.

Wear the difference

It’s the occasion that decides what to dedicate to your neck. Statement necklaces are often used with heavy dresses during festive occasions. They are usually worn as complementary pieces for the outfit.

Chains are likely to give you modern touch. You can wear a chain casually in your everyday routine or at a formal dinner. Chains add decency to your overall look and thus, look great. 


The detailing is what makes a necklace different from the chain. Necklaces usually come with heavy embellishments and detailing. 

For the chains, the design may vary, but it will never give you a heavy look. It is something sleek in design and dainty to carry. Necklaces are more rigid as compared to chains.

Wearing difference

You can wear a necklace only on the neck. But when it comes to wearing chains, they can also be worn on the wrist and ankles.

Chains and necklaces add final touches to your appearance. Since you have read a lot about chains and necklaces, you must be thinking of buying them. Looking for some recommendations? Here you go! We have mentioned here some classic pieces that you can shop for. These will make a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.

One for the V neckline

Our custom name V-shaped necklace is great to adorn the v-neckline. We have used graceful letters to customize the names on the bars. A white gemstone in the center is set to seek the attention of everyone. This elegant yet striking necklace is a must0have for every woman to make a style statement.

Custom Name V-Shaped Bar Necklace

It’s time to combine beauty with fashion

Blend beauty and fashion with our custom sideways initial necklace. This dainty chain necklace is designed beautifully in sterling silver to let you make a style statement. Choose the icon, letters, and numbers to make it one of a kind. And the best thing is that you will get it in a beautiful box.

Custom Sideways Initial Necklace

Shine like a star

Your jewelry can let you shine bright like a star. Wear our north star gemstone pendant necklace to give a snowflake illusion. The design is unique and delicate. The clustered diamonds make it perfect for every woman. This necklace is a dreamy jewelry piece that gives you a positive and refreshing vibe.

North Star Gemstone Pendant Sterling Silver 18" Chain

One for the love of photography

Do you love to capture moments with your camera? Wear something you can relate to. What about wearing a personalized camera projection necklace? The souvenir necklace is super-cute for photographer girls. Seems modern and exquisite. This necklace will remind you of your love and passion for photography.

Personalized Camera Projection Necklace

We have used the unique micro-engraving methods on it. The combinations of display and expressions make it a refreshing piece of jewelry.


Hope this article helped you get the difference between a chain and a necklace. Now you will more diligently decide what will go best with your outfit. Visit our store to find some amazing chains and necklaces. You will love to wear dainty chains and elegant necklaces from our collection.

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