What to Write in an Encouragement Card- Encouragement Messages, Quotes, and Sayings- A Complete Guide
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What to Write in an Encouragement Card- Encouragement Messages, Quotes, and Sayings- A Complete Guide

The road of life is full of pits and bumps. We fall and need some encouragement to rise again. We fail and wait for the motivation to try again. Isn’t it an honor to become a source of encouragement for someone? Your kind encouraging words can kickstart someone and uplift their spirits.

Writing the encouragement words is super easy for anyone reading this post. Here are some encouragement messages for people going through tough times. The best thing is that we have considered different scenarios to send encouraging messages.

Let’s begin!  

Simple thinking-of-you encouragement messages

It’s an adorable realization that someone is thinking about us, especially when facing hardships. Some encouragement messages will let them know how much you care for them.

  • I am thinking of you all the time. Be strong today and hope for the best for tomorrow.
  • Thinking of your beautiful smile and praying all the time, may God bring it back to you.  
  • The circumstances urged me to think of you all the time. The Sun rising every day gives us the light of hope. Please let a little bit of this sunshine enter your life every day.
  • May the sunshine brighten your life, and rainbows add color to it. Remember, you are in my thoughts every moment.
  • If you are making a list of people who think and care for you, don’t forget to count me.

Encouragement messages for physical recovery

Physical pain is difficult to endure and heal. It requires the willpower

to recover that comes from inside. Here are the words of encouragement for physical recovery!

  • I wish I could take away all your wounds and pain and throw it far away. Be strong and believe that time will heal all your damage.
  • I am hugging you in my thoughts. I hope the squeeze you felt after reading this encourages you to recover soon.
  • Chin up, my friend! It’s nothing as compared to what you have faced in the past.
  • I asked you many times to take a break from work, but you didn’t listen to me. Now take this injury as a break and enjoy it until you recover!
  • I am sure you will recover soon. Just be brave and take a rest. It will take some time, but you need to be hopeful.

Encouragement messages for addiction recovery

Recovering from addiction requires a lot of motivation. Make sure to send some encouraging words to the person going through the rehabilitation process.

  • Big change requires a big effort. Keep on putting in your efforts to enjoy fruitful results!
  • I am so happy to see you doing something for yourself. You are doing what is right for you. Stay determined!

Encouragement messages for the jobless or jobseekers

Being jobless is a depressive thought. It’s so harmful that people even commit suicide due to long-term unemployment. Make sure to send such people a word of encouragement.

  • It’s only a door that has closed for now. Wonderful opportunities are waiting for you to come and grab. Stay courageous and determined!
  • Believe in yourself and your beautiful dreams. I know the future is yours. Stay positive!
  • Keep on looking for opportunities. Remember, the moon has footprints. It means, for you, even the sky is not the limit.

Encouragement messages for Divorce or Breakup

What to write in an encouragement card for someone facing a traumatic

event of a divorce? Here you go with the messages that will help you encourage the one suffering this painful loss!

  • There are billions of people whose marriages didn’t work, but they lived happily and successfully. I know you are one of those people.
  • Divorce ends your marriage, not your life. Stay strong to overcome this loss!
  • Breakup is tough, but I know you are tougher!

Encouragement messages for someone facing mental health challenges

Here is how to encourage people who are facing mental health challenges!

  • It’s not necessary to be ok all the time. Keep on loving yourself!
  • May the word “depression” become unknown to you!
  • The cracks in you are just an indication that you passed a trial. Don’t consider these cracks the sign of a broken you!

Encouragement messages to brighten up the day

What to write in an encouragement card to brighten up someone’s day? Here you go!

  • Sending you a smile and laughter to make your day!
  • It makes sense to laugh when you are confused and smile when you have tears in your eyes. If you don’t believe it, try it!
  • You don’t need to do great things all the time. Do small things and smile to make them great!

Encouragement messages to offer help

You can offer help to show that you are with them in a tough time.

Following messages will help you do it.

  • Giving up is easy. But think about why you started all this before giving up. If you need any help, I am always here for you!
  • Let me know if there is something I can do for you!
  • You have done so much so far. It’s time to appreciate yourself. Also, I would love to help you in any possible way!

Encouragement messages for a Child

Thinking about what to write in an encouragement card for a child? Here is what you can write!

  • You are the reason I smile!
  • Seeing the better version of you every day excites me! Keep on progressing toward betterment!
  • The way you deal with hardships is very impressive. Life will keep on teaching lessons to you. Make sure you keep on learning too!


People suffering around you are in dire need of your kind encouragement messages. Don’t let the hardships of life take a toll on them. I hope these messages inspired you to craft a word of encouragement for someone. And what if you send a gift along with the greeting card? It will work well to uplift their morale. You can visit our store to find a suitable personalized gift for your near and dear.    

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