31 New Christmas Movies That Are Worth Watching

31 New Christmas Movies That Are Worth Watching

As the Christmas festive season unfolds, there’s no better way to embrace the holiday cheer than by immersing yourself in the enchanting world of Christmas movies. 

Christmas is a holiday that has spawned no shortage of films amazingly showing the value of family, community, love, and selflessness during the darkest and coldest time of the year. 

However, in this cinematic landscape adorned with twinkling lights and heartwarming tales, the search for the perfect holiday film can be quite a challenging task. 

Fear not, though, as we embark on a ride through the latest offerings in the world of Christmas cinema that promise to redefine what it means to have a truly merry movie night.

1. Something from Tiffany’s

Experience the magic in the season by watching the Christmas movie Something from Tiffany’s, a heart-touching story about an unknown gift.

This is an emotional tale of love that revolves around the Christmas essence while one of the characters embarks on a quest to understand the identity of his mysterious benefactor.

The movie is bound to make a real festive treat, featuring a solid line-up of stars with its captivating Christmas New York scenes.

Check out Something from Tiffany’s trailer here and ensure you don’t miss this gem on Netflix.

2. Christmas With the Campbells

Enjoy an adventurous Christmas time with the hilarious yet loving Campbells in “Christmas with the Campbells.”

The Campbell’s Christmas is a heart-warming comedy that leads them through merry disasters and surprising events that create memories forever.

This movie is funny and festive as it combines a story about typical relations in family and Christmas holiday festivity.

Here is a trailer for the movie Christmas With the Campbells, and you can enjoy the Campbells’ Christmas festivities on Hulu.

3. Have You Heard of Christmas

A magical stranger comes to a small town and spreads the festive cheer throughout the place in this Christmas movie “Have you heard of Christmas?”

The true Christmas magic comes out when the town-dwellers join forces to solve the mystery surrounding Christmas and realize the real meaning of Christmas itself.

It’s a beautiful story that blends the thrill of love and festiveness all at once. 

You can view the trailer for this show, Have You Heard of Christmas, and check out the film available only on Paramount+.

4. Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Mystery

Prepare yourself for a jolly, nerve-wracking Christmas movie on a murder case entitled, “Who Killed Santa? A Murderville mystery.”

In this film, an unlikely detective is forced to solve a mystery following the murder of Santa Claus in the North Pole with the goal of saving the holiday season.

This film is filled with jittery humor and a little Christmas magical touch, which makes it a very unusual Christmas comedy.

Find out how this spooky Halloween mystery concludes by watching the trailer here, and then check out this exciting holiday outing on Amazon Prime Video.

5. A Storm for Christmas

Brace yourself to experience a mix of different emotions In the Christmas movie “A Storm for Christmas.”

The celebration of Christmas is threatened by one sudden blizzard that leaves a heterogeneous bunch of visitors trapped In a mountain cabin.

The storm provides fuel for conflicts between friends and creates an opportunity for some touching moments and unlikely encounters at the same time.

Experience the emotional rollercoaster watching this touching holiday drama on Disney, and get the trailer here.

6. Santa Camp

Buckle up for merry adventures with ” Santa Camp, “a fresh Christmas film full of Christmas spirit.

The motion picture depicts some vibrant children who discover a mysterious educational institution where the Elves train them on “how to spread love.”

This movie collects the perfect amount of laughs, friendship, and Christmas fun that will be best suited for a family in need of some amusement.

The film Is available on Netflix, and you can check out the trailer of Santa Camp here on YouTube.

7. Christmas With You

“Christmas With You” takes you through an adorable story about love and self-rediscovery during Christmas.

This film depicts the story of two individuals who get caught up in a Christmas magic trap and change some parts of their daily routine.

This is undoubtedly yet another hit for romcom fans during the Christmas holidays. It is a lighthearted movie that gives some lovely and tender moments.

Catch it on Hulu, and prepare to be swept away by the festive spirit. Here is the trailer for Christmas with you on YouTube.

8. Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol Is a modern adaptation of Dickens’s classic Christmas Carol. 

It is a story of compassion that is presented with a sincere rendition of the real meaning of Christmas.

The actors perform wonderfully and have scenes that are very stunning, becoming a ‘must watch’ on Paramount+.

Here is the trailer for Scrooge: A Christmas Carol on YouTube.

9. Violent Night

If you are a horror movie fan, then brace yourself for a thrilling Yuletide experience with “Violent Night.” 

The dark plot twist makes this untraditional Christmas movie eerie, juxtaposing the season’s atmosphere with suspense and eeriness.

It’s an ideal option for people who want a mysterious and exciting Christmas episode, available only on Amazon Prime.

Experience the fantastic blend of holiday magic amidst shocking turns culminating In an unforgettable Christmas story. Here is the trailer for Violent Night on YouTube.

10. Spirited

Take an exciting adventure with a vibrant girl in Spirited, where she explores the captivating realm of Christmas spirits.

This is a fun and light-hearted Disney+ animated adventure with a new modern twist on the traditional holiday spirit.

It has fantastic visuals and an engaging narrative, making It an ideal option for families interested in adding an element of enchantment to their Christmas festivities. 

Here is the trailer for Spirited on YouTube.

11. Falling for Christmas

Get ready to warm your hearts with a funny and touching holiday love story with “Falling for Christmas.” 

This charming movie tells the tale of Emily, the career lady who stumbles upon love in the middle of her work life, in the merriest holiday period of all.

While preparing for Christmas, Emily realizes that the most important thing about holidays is finding the unexpected linkages and the fun of welcoming the new beginning.

It is currently available on Netflix and seeks to serve up some yuletide cheer combined with a hearty helping of romance.

Here is the trailer to Falling for Christmas on YouTube.

12. Holiday in the Wild

Have an unforgettable Christmas adventure with this Christmas movie, “Holiday in the Wild.” 

In this beautiful Netflix original, Kate finds herself going for a solo African safari trip after her marriage experiences unforeseen upheavals.

In the midst of the spectacular scenery and savage encounters, Kate gets to find out what Christmas is all about – self-love and discovery.

The movie is magical in itself, for it incorporates the wonders of the African wilderness along with the traditional joyous feeling that one experiences during Christmas.

Do not get left behind in this fantastic undertaking only available via Netflix. Here is the trailer for Holiday in the Wild on YouTube.

13. The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch is a film worth double the holiday’s fun, as it brings a royal feel to Christmas.

It is a simple tale of a real-life baker exchanging herself for a look-alike duchess, played by Vanessa Hudgens.

The results of the twist? A festive story about mistaken identities, love, and Christmas magic.

The Princess Switch offers viewers the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking film with a fascinating plot. 

Get ready to be swept away by the enchantment, exclusively on Netflix. Here is the trailer for The Princess Switch on YouTube.

14. A Boy Called Christmas

“A Boy Called Christmas” is a family-inspired movie that tells the story of a boy as he embarks on a journey to locate his father from the north into a magical world.

It has all the elements you would look for in a whimsical adventure story featuring wondrous characters, mythological creatures, and the real meaning of Christmas.

A Boy Called Christmas is an exciting tale that brings out the magical feel of Christmas for people of all ages.

Immerse yourself in this fantastical world, exclusively on Netflix. Here is the trailer to A Boy Called Christmas on YouTube.

15. Operation Christmas Drop

Join the holiday mission of love and generosity in “Operation Christmas Drop,” a heartwarming romantic comedy available on Netflix. 

Erica is a congressional aide who goes to an Air Force base in search of evidence that is needed to stop its tradition – dropping gifts into the remote islands at Christmas times.

Nevertheless, the spirit of giving catches up with her, and she realizes that Christmas has more meaning than she thought as she experiences love in unexpected situations.

Operation Christmas Drop occurs in the beautiful settings of a small island nation and is full of romcom and jollification.

Prepare yourself for a great fairytale movie exclusively on Netflix. Access a preview of the film “Operation Christmas Drop” here.

16. The Noel Diary

“The Noel Diary” is a touching Christmas movie full of holiday miracles meant to unveil the charm behind the season’s magic.

This is a story about a lady who comes across a diary whose wishes and desires show what people are dreaming of from the area where she resides.

In her attempts to fulfill the requests written in the diary, she learns that it takes love and care to effect real change.

This warm and cheerful festive story makes a perfect addition to any of your holiday viewing lists meant to give you a memorable experience. 

Here is the trailer for The Noel Diary on YouTube.

17. Klaus

Relish the thrill and charm of “Klaus,” a fantastic animated story that takes you through the origin of Saint Nicholas.

The movie features beautiful scenery whereby a lonely postman finds a toymaker named Klaus living in an isolated place on Earth.

Together, they inject life into the desolate town that, rejuvenates the meaning of Christmas once again.

The movie Klaus boasts of an exciting storyline coupled with beautiful animation, making it one of the contemporary Christmas stories for people of all ages. 

Available on Netflix, here is the trailer for Klaus on YouTube.

18. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Embark on a whimsical journey with “Jingle Jangle,” a festive musical that combines enchanting visuals with a heartwarming story. 

It is a Netflix original that shows off the ventures of an odd toymaker and his small daughter looking for magical inventiveness and kinship during a festive time frame.

This movie features plenty of brightly colored songs and acts that light up the screen for the pleasure of imagination and the holiday season. 

Here is the trailer to Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey on YouTube.

19. Alien Xmas

Make your Christmas holiday celebration even more remarkable by watching this creative film called Aliens’ Christmas!

A little alien called X, who tries to kidnap the earth’s gravity to know its secret, is the topic of this animated film ending up to discover the true meaning of Christmas instead.

However, unlike most conventional holiday movies, this is a different kind of holiday film with a dash of alien charm and set in funny circumstances, which will surely entertain the viewers.

Here is the trailer for Alien Xmas on YouTube.

20. Let It Snow

Celebrate the holiday season with the delightful ensemble cast of Let It Snow, a charming Netflix original film. 

Set In a small town on Christmas Eve, the movie weaves together multiple love stories and friendships, creating a heartwarming tapestry of festive joy. 

With its relatable characters, snowy setting, and feel-good vibe, “Let It Snow” is the perfect movie to get you into the holiday spirit. 

Here is the trailer for Let It Snow on YouTube.

21. The App That Stole Christmas

Unwrap the magic of modern technology in “The App That Stole Christmas.” 

This delightful Christmas film introduces us to a tech-savvy businesswoman, played by Vanessa Hudgens, whose app accidentally ruins the town’s Christmas festivities.

While she tries to repair the holiday spirits of the city, an unforeseen love buds up, turning the holiday into a rather interesting one.

This is an excellent Christmas movie with a great combination of jokes and romance that everyone should watch. 

Here is the trailer to The App That Stole Christmas on YouTube, and you can watch it on Hulu.

22. Holidate

Make your end-of-the-year celebration fun with “Holidate”, a romantic comedy starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey.

Weary of singleness over the Christmas seasons, two strangers become platonic holiday dates and buddies.

Nevertheless, through their experiences at this period, they realize that, perhaps, love is never very far away.

“Holidate” is filled with hilarious moments, romantic elements, and festive holiday spirit that will make you grin your way through. 

Here is the trailer for Holidate on YouTube, and you can watch it on Netflix.

23. Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square

Add a hint of the countryside to your Christmas celebrations with “Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square.”

Here, we see a grand musical extravaganza starring Dolly Parton, a wealthy woman who wants to sell the land and return to her homeland.

However, the visit of an angel and several emotionally touching encounters reconfigured his viewpoint on life.

This funny extravaganza is full of pop songs and Dolly’s charisma, making it a perfect addition to the Christmas movie viewing list.

Here is the trailer to Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square on YouTube, and the movie is available on Netflix.

24. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

“A Cinderella Story: The movie “Christmas Wish” takes us into the heart of an incredible winter town filled with hopes and fairy tales, in which Kat Emerson desperately wishes she could sing.

Her situation becomes worse when her stepmother and stepsisters threaten her dreams of the future. However, a handsome stranger arrives, giving her hope and cheer during the holidays.

The movie features lovely teenage romance and Christmas-style magic for a happy fairy tale that’s ideal for the holiday season.

Here is the trailer to A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish on YouTube, and you can laugh it off on Netflix.

26. Angela’s Christmas

“Angela’s Christmas” is an animated film revolving around the escapades of a young Irish girl, Angela, bent on ensuring everybody in her neighborhood enjoys a happy Christmas season.

All this takes place during the beginning of the twentieth century, depicting real Christmas values with a focus on love, family, and selflessness.

This is an exciting film with impressive animation and a heartfelt story suitable for all ages. Here is the trailer to Angela’s Christmas on YouTube, and experience the spell on Netflix.

27. A Christmas Prince

This is a romantic Christmas holiday film that features a young journalist who has been assigned to report a royal family’s festive gathering.

However, love unexpectedly grows between her and the charming prince. “A Christmas Prince” mixes the fairytale’s romantic feel with Christmas’s cheerful spirit.

This is an exciting movie with incredible scenery that will make a perfect part of the Christmas movie spree.

Catch the royal romance on Netflix and watch the trailer to A Christmas Prince on YouTube.

28. Christmas Wedding Planner

Prepare yourself for a funny and romantic Christmas with “Christmas Wedding Planner.”

Kelsey is an ordinary busy-girl-wedding planner whose life turns upside down when she becomes involved in love affairs while in the middle of planning her cousin’s Christmas wedding.

This movie has unexpected twists and hilarious moments that warm the heart. Go to YouTube for a preview and be part of the wedding celebrations on Netflix.

29. Christmas Full of Grace

“Christmas Full of Grace” tells a story of love, redemption, and what is really important in this holiday.

When the city officials ask an artist called Grace to make decorations for the city, she is unable to afford this task and, therefore, gets depressed.

She discovers that love and a sense of community can change one’s outlook toward life as she immerses herself in the holiday spirit.

This moving movie brings out clearly that miracles do happen and are not always where we expect them to be.

Here is the trailer for Christmas Full of Grace on YouTube.

30. Christmas with a View

Feel the spirit of Christmas through “Christmas with a View,” an intriguing story set in snow-capped mountains.

During the holiday period, there is fire between a celebrity chef and an endearing innkeeper, sparking the Christmas spirit in them.

Stuffed with Christmas magic, delicious sweets, and an unexpected love story – this movie will make an excellent compliment to your Christmas-viewing list.

Just navigate towards Netflix to visit a place where love and Christmas enchantments happen concurrently. Here is the trailer to Christmas with a View on YouTube.

31. A Very Murray Christmas

In “A Very Murray Christmas,” Bill Murray comes in with his usual charisma and funny side.

Murray, in the star-studded musical comedy directed by Sofia Coppola, tries to host a live Christmas show and avoid a snowstorm that might ruin everyone’s holiday fun.

Being a quizzy side film with several guest stars, including George Clooney and Miley Cyrus, the film will keep you entertained and make your holiday viewing list much more enjoyable.

Here is the trailer to A Very Murray Christmas on YouTube.


As we wrap ourselves in the cozy embrace of holiday traditions, new Christmas movies stand out as sparkling additions to the cinematic tapestry of the season. 

These cinematic treasures tend to beckon, inviting you to pause, indulge, and immerse yourself in the warmth of storytelling.

From the heartwarming antics of Santa’s apprentices to the poignant journeys of love, each Christmas film brings something unique to the cinematic fireplace.

Whether shared with family and friends or enjoyed in peaceful solitude, allow these movies to help you encapsulate the spirit of giving and the timeless allure of Christmas.

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