39 Long Distance Relationships Quotes To Keep Your Love Strong
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39 Long Distance Relationships Quotes To Keep Your Love Strong

If you’ve ever been living in a different town, city, or country from your partner, you know how mentally draining and damaging it can be. This often results from the need for a genuine connection and interaction, which leads to loneliness and doubt that something could go wrong anytime. 

While others can find inspiration (to be creative or innovative) amidst the trials and tribulations, others cannot cope with the expectations whenever their feelings come to play. If this is you, here are long-distance relationship quotes that can make a difference.

Finding Strength and Resilience in Separation

In a long-distance relationship, you need something to help you remain resilient so things improve. You also need something that will strengthen you to cope with the doubt. Luckily these quotes are just what you need:

  1. “Even with distance, there is still a strong connection that cannot be destroyed. This bond will last forever.”
  1. “True love cannot die because of distance, it actually becomes stronger as there is something worth fighting for.”
  1. “Absence makes love more meaningful and more exciting. Even though you fear missing out, in the end, you will have all you should have had.”
  1. “Looking at a distance is the chance to be resilient and strong to conquer other life challenges that might present themselves.”
  1. “Always go through life knowing that anything worth your time is worth waiting, and soon you will have it all to yourself.”
  1. “Take distance as a sign from the universe to be mentally strong and be victorious through life challenges by building a stoic frame.”
  1. “Space is for the brave; it’s not for the timid. It’s for those who would rather spend a lot of time alone than spend just a little time with the person they care about.”
  1. “I feel fortunate to have someone worth missing because of the anguish of missing you.”
  1. “While you might be sad and uncertain what tomorrow might bring, in the end, you will need resilience and strength to take you to the next step.”
  1. “Love, according to one definition, is “missing someone whenever you’re apart but feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.”

Celebrating the Moments and Memories Shared

While being in a long-distance relationship can be sad, you can still find meaning by celebrating the best moment shared between you and your partner. This will;l help you build yourself up and not tear you down:

  1. “The memories we shared together are worth more than the distance. For that reason, I am willing to wait.”
  1. “Distance is a temporary feeling that will one day be nonexistent. I cannot wait to be by your side again.”
  1. “Life requires patience for you to get the beautiful things like the moments we shared.”
  1. “Every time the clock ticks, I remember how happy you made me feel with the little joke and the kind gestures worth waiting for again.”
  1. “We started this beautiful story of trust, now I trust you that you will wait for me, and soon we will be reunited.”
  1. “Love positively impacts our soul, and I hope the beautiful and gracious moments we shared can give us patience until we meet again.”
  1. “Until we meet again, I will cherish all the memories we created together so we can relive them together in the future.”
  1. “The appealing aspect of having a distant connection lies in cherishing each second we have and excitedly awaiting the ones to come.”
  1. “The distance between us cannot erase the laughter, the excitement, and the memories we share from the first day we met.”
  1. “We will create more memories when we finally see each other again, we just have to be patient and hopeful that everything will be alright.”

Recognizing the Challenges and Struggles of Long Distance

The first step toward dealing with a long-distance relationship’s pain, dissatisfaction, and uncertainty is recognizing the struggles and challenges. Here are quotes that best fits this scenario and will go a long way to manage your expectation:

  1. “The most devastating thing about being in a long-distance relationship is not knowing when you will see your other half again.”
  1. “Use distance as a test to know how far love can travel despite all the challenges and dissatisfaction that might be visible.”
  1. “Every day, I’m in pain of not knowing when or if I’ll ever see you again. However, I keep the hope alive that times will improve.”
  1. “I have realized that distance means so little when someone means the world to you.”
  1. “Distance is a reminder that we need to cherish and appreciate every second we spend together because we don’t know what the future holds.”
  1. “I will go over the struggle of being in a long distance with you as many times as possible because in you I have the right person I need.”
  1. “Distance tests our communication, love, and commitment towards each other. It tests to see if we will survive and deserve to be together.”
  1. “Even though distance is a physical pain, love is a spiritual joy that will never be eradicated from our hearts.”
  1. “Although they might be difficult, long-distance relationships also make us value the intimate times we do have even more.”
  1. “The inability to hold one other when we need it most is the worst aspect of a long-distance relationship.”

Holding Onto Hope and Believing in the Future Together

Sometimes all we need to help us through a long-distance relationship is the belief and hope that we will reunite with our special half one day.  Have a look at these quotes that can be instrumental in making you or your friends manage a long-distance relationship: 

  1. “I’ll be the rainbow after the tears are gone; wrap you in my colors and keep you warm.”
  1. “I’ll be your shelter, I’ll be your storm, I’ll make you shiver, I’ll keep you warm. Have faith through this difficult moment.”
  1. “Even though we have made preparation for when we meet again, we still need a few leaps of faith to make it a reality.”
  1. “The thought of life without you for this long is scary, but the belief and hope I have keeps me going.”
  1. “Distance is a dark experience that lasts for a long. However, in the end, the sun will rise, and it will be bright as we reconnect.”
  1. “It’s time to believe in miracles and possibilities because we will be together forever.”
  1. “Your love fills me with hope that tomorrow will be better for you and me. Keep dreaming, we are almost there.”
  1. “The beauty about waiting on you for this long is that I have hope even though I don’t know what’s stored for us in the future.”
  1. “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.”

Conclusion: Inspiring Words for Long-Distance Relationships

No matter how far away you are from your loved one, having hope in a long-distance relationship can keep the fire burning. A little confirmation from your partner that you are meant to be together can bring much joy, which is an essential part of maintaining the bond.

Remembering the words of Emily Dickinson, “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without words and never stops at all,” can give you the reassurance and motivation needed in long-distance relationships. So, trust your relationship, keep the faith alive, and stay honest.

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