48 Quotes To Say To Someone Who Feels Disappointed

Disappointment is a horrible feeling. However, anyone with ambitions in life has faced disappointment at some point. It’s a part of life, just like succeeding is.

Still, when dealing with a disappointed person, it’s important to be delicate with the words you say. Disappointment can lead to depression and general hopelessness in life if you mishandle the person. Don’t sound judgemental, dismissive, or disappointed in them too.

If you can only come up with the stale “Don’t worry” or “It’s okay” quotes, this article will show you some sample quotes you can tell a person who feels disappointed.

Recognizing Their Feelings: Validating Emotions without Judgement

Validating a disappointed person requires you to handle your words carefully so that you don’t sound dismissive or judgemental. Here are some quotes that validate the feelings of the disappointed person.

  1. It’s okay to feel disappointed. It is a phase in life.
  1. Disappointments are made to be there as a part of growth and encouragement.
  1. Everyone’s paths have a rocky road. What matters is you getting up.
  1. Disappointments are a normal thing in life. How we deal with them is what matters.
  1. There is beauty in winning after several disappointments.
  1. It’s okay to feel sad but do not see yourself as a failure.
  1. Achievements have a history of disappointments.
  1. It’s okay that you’re feeling angry and sad. I’ll be available if you want to vent those feelings.

Offering Support: Communicating Your Presence and Empathy

After your validation, your presence to help the disappointed person get through this time is important. It doesn’t have to be physical presence, emotional presence through sharing encouraging words can work too.

  1. I’m always here to support you emotionally even though not always physically.
  1. Thorny paths won’t make me stay away from you. That’s when you need me most.
  1. Don’t let this disappointment make you feel alone because you aren’t.
  1. I’m not just here to celebrate with you in the good times. My real role is to be here for you in times like these.
  1. If helping you get through this means crying on the phone with you then I will.
  1. Despite your ups and downs, I will always be here to support you in any way I can.
  1. If you need anything, I’m only a call away.
  1. Real friendships are meant to be a support for the worst and best moments. There’s no in-between.

Encouraging Perspective: Helping Them See the Bigger Picture

After a big disappointment, it is common for someone to see failure only and forget the dream. The quotes in this section will help the disappointed person see the bigger picture beyond the setback.

  1. A stone left unturned is where the ore is.
  1. Be positive about your disappointment and the problem is already half resolved.
  1. The future is always shaped by your current state of mind. Don’t let one setback let you make your future terrible.
  1. Success and greatness are already in you. It’s upon you to keep your focus steady even in disappointment.
  1. We were created for a purpose and it was hidden to help us build character through the losses on the way.
  1. The graph of life will not always go straight up but you can make sure it doesn’t go down by losing hope.
  1. The bigger picture is not hidden. Just go back to your drawing board and remember how much you believed it existed.
  1. We don’t make visions without being aware of the possible disappointments.

Promoting Resilience: Inspiring Strength and Determination

The power to get out of the disappointed state lies in the hands of the disappointed person. If you share quotes with them but they aren’t inspired to be strong, then your efforts are futile. Here are some quotes to bring back determination in the disappointed person.

  1. Life is a race of disqualification based on determination. Don’t give up yet.
  1. Only the weak fall and stay down.
  1. Each time the sun comes up, it’s a chance for you to pick up where you left off.
  1. Even the strongest fell at some point. The difference between them and the weak is that they got up.
  1. The system is already tough. The only way to thrive is by being tough.
  1. Disappointments only become failures when you stop trying.
  1. Strong people are not perfect people, but those who pass through fire and learn something.
  1. You can imitate the sun because it always rises despite the other weather elements that may hinder it.

Providing Practical Advice: Suggesting Constructive Ways to Move Forward

Most people engage in self-destructive activities after facing a big disappointment. The quotes below contain advice on different constructive ways to move forward.

  1. Physical exercise can be a natural stimulant and rid of any negative emotions.
  1. A good laugh with friends will quickly wipe the gloominess away.
  1. Dust off your vision board and fix what was wrong. Sometimes you won’t even find anything wrong, you just need to try harder.
  1. Man’s biggest enemy is himself. Don’t make yourself believe that you’re a failure because you’ll believe it and become one.
  1. You can use this disappointment to take a break from planning and working to go back to listening to your mind and body’s needs.
  1. We can eat good food and have a few laughs to celebrate your spirit of trying.
  1. Only hide from people who’ll judge you when feeling disappointed, not people who sincerely care.
  1. Use this disappointment as a lesson for your next venture.

The Power of Hope: Instilling Optimism for the Future

Hope is usually the initial seed for working towards and achieving a goal. It gives faith, resilience, and determination. Here are some quotes that instill positivity for the future in the disappointed person, despite their current failure.

  1. This failure is just a battle. The war is yet to be won.
  1. Disappointments are not always designed to bring you down. It can be the fuel for your success.
  1. Hope is the key to faith, and faith is the key to setting and working towards your ambition. So make sure you don’t lose it.
  1. Great people have failed at some point. This disappointment simply means that you’re not ready for your success yet.
  1. The difference between a hopeless and a hopeful person is that one can do anything they want.
  1. Hope will water your dreams to the point of maximum success.
  1.  A negative person never gets to see the good of what could’ve been on the other side.
  1. Hope carries drive. After this disappointment, you have a lot of it to take you through.

When Words Aren’t Enough: Other Ways to Show You Care

  1. Recommend other opportunities. You can act as their lookout for new opportunities that may be fitting for them. Linking them with people who took the same journey in life and succeeded can also inspire them to keep going.
  1. Taking them out. Sometimes the best way to deal with disappointment is to dance, eat, or laugh away the feeling. You can pick a great place to have fun that you can visit so that the disappointed person is reminded about the fun side of life.
  1. Supporting new ventures. You can also support any new ventures they start after getting over their disappointment. If it’s marketing-related, you can buy their products, attend their events, advertise to other customers, or leave good reviews. If it’s anything else, you can simply cheer them on so that they believe in themselves.
  1. Listening to their rants and complaints about something. Patiently listen to them as they tell you about their icks and other things that annoy them about their journey. Letting them speak out provides an outlet for their bottled-up feelings. Don’t be dismissive of their concerns so that they don’t feel invalidated.
  1. Physical touch. This includes hugging, holding hands, and other appropriate forms of touch the person is okay with. Long hugs are best so that any pent-up emotions can be released while giving them a sense of security.
  1. Paying them visits to spend quality time with them. This will provide them comfort because of your physical presence. While at their place, you can make yourself useful by cleaning, cooking, or organizing items. Have a good sincere talk later then share some laughs with them. It will remind them that it’s never that serious.

Maintaining Boundaries: Respecting Their Need for Space and Time

Disappointed people need time to process the feeling. Even if they don’t ask for time, they need time to face the feeling and get through it rather than run away from it. Facing the disappointment prevents later unexpected outbursts that may be caused by their unhealing.

Even when giving them space, don’t completely disappear from their lives. Just keep your distance but still be available and reliable when they need you.

Conclusion: The Role of Compassion and Understanding in Addressing Disappointment

We hope that this article has helped you know how to approach the situation of encouraging a disappointed person. When you have this role, two key emotions you should have are compassion and understanding. Compassion will help you sympathize and empathize with the person while understanding will help you be patient with the person facing disappointment, especially during the time they’ll be keeping distance to heal.

Most people also make the mistake of being dismissive to a person facing disappointment by disregarding or making their feelings look exaggerated. Beware that you don’t unknowingly do this by following our tips and samples.

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