Women Necklace Guide: How to Pick the Suitable Necklace Length

Women Necklace Guide: How to Pick the Suitable Necklace Length

Ancient civilizations believed that they wore the ideal piece of jewelry. Simply by being present, they change your ensembles and convert your attire from daytime to nighttime. Any outfit in your closet will undoubtedly look better with them. Here are some necklace length guidelines: short, long, dainty, statement, and everything in between.

Let’s start with some background and then go into the realm of neckpieces, discussing Where and How to wear them according to length and type.

A brief narrative of necklaces

At different points in history, different cultures chose different necklace lengths and types. During successful hunting trips, shells, bones, stones, and teeth were used to make the first necklace known to man. Eventually, fashioned beads replaced them, and prehistoric gravestones attest to their popularity. A variety of necklaces were made from glass beads and glazed ceramic beads created by the ancient Egyptians.

The chain was quickly pursued by the pendant, which acquired popularity in ancient Egypt, as well as among the Greeks and Romans of that era. Pendants were frequently figurative decorations that were modeled as defensive amulets against evil.

Necklaces were appreciated in another golden age during the Renaissance when their popularity overreached. They became a symbol of social prestige among riches. Necklaces disappeared from dominance soon after the Renaissance. The reason behind this is the rise of high-necked clothing with lace collars and ruffles that were popular in the 17th century.

Women common necklace lengths 

14″ NecklaceFits like a choker & wrapped closely around the neck
16″ NecklaceCan easily be covered closely around the neck 
18″ NecklaceDrops around the base of the neck, seems like a collar. In the case of a petite female, it sags loosely and is seen as falling on the collarbone. For plus-size women, the scene is the same as a choker
20″ NecklaceFits elegantly on the collarbone
22″ NecklaceDrop below the collarbone
24″ Necklace Reaches just above the sternum.

Factors to consider when selecting the necklaces 

Features such as the neck, height, body type, and looks are vital to select the proper necklace length for the female body. Choosing the right measurement can drag a normal outfit to a focal point. 

  1. Neck size

If you want to buy a choker necklace, you need to know your neck size (choker size). An inch of soft tape can be wrapped around the choker. Be sure to add two inches more than the measured length. If it’s below 16 inches or near, keep this number in mind when you buy a necklace so that it can be worn around your choker or slightly below. Pedantic items with personalized designs or names fall under 18″ and 20″. People with short necks should avoid chokers, while people with long necks can acquire them. 

  1. Face shape

Necklaces are helpful not just as an accessory but also as a way of framing your face. It changes the way people perceive your face and makes your facial features more prominent.

With round faces, women should avoid wearing short necklaces or chokers since they would accentuate the roundness of their faces.

If you have an oval-shaped face, you can wear nearly any type of necklace fad, regardless of its shape, length, or material.

A shorter necklace should be worn by those with long faces who wish to expand and soften their features. Round, short necklaces do not add length. Princess necklaces and chokers should be 16″ to 18″ long.

A choker or any short necklace works well with a heart-shaped face because they give the impression of fullness and balance out a narrow chin.

  1. Height

Keeping your height in mind will help you choose the best necklace chain for your body shape. Women under 5’4″ should wear necklaces 16 to 20 inches long. Necklaces longer than that can be overwhelming for a petite frame. Women who are 5’4″ to 5’7″ tall can wear any length of the necklace. If you are 5’7″ or taller, you can wear any length necklace. The longer chain-style necklaces look best on taller women as they emphasize their tall frame.


  1. Body shape

As with finding the right pair of jeans, finding the perfect jewelry is important. It is important to buy something that flatters your body shape rather than something purely for the sake of being trendy.

When it comes to necklaces, keep in mind that people’s eyes will naturally stop when your necklace ends, so avoid wearing necklaces that end there if you don’t want their eyes to stop. If you have a smaller bust, a long thin or layered chain would look fantastic on you. If you are full-figured, you should avoid wearing necklaces below your breast line since they will not hang properly. Instead, pick a necklace that rests higher on the body, like one that is 18 to 20 inches long

How To Measure Necklace Length By Yourself

1. Measure the Chain’s Length

Remove the clasp and spread it out straight. The most accurate way to measure the chain is by laying it out straight. Put it on a table or flat surface so that you can measure it easily.

Measure the length using a ruler or tape measure extending it from one end of the chain to the other. Pendants and charms should not be measured along with the chain length.

2. Write Down the Length

The next step is to write down the necklace length after you have measured it. You can either measure the chain in centimeters or inches, depending on what you suppose is most convenient.

3. Measure Your Neck Circumference

Measure your neck with a flexible measuring tape. Ensure your finger is between your skin and the measuring tape so it doesn’t feel too snug but is still secure enough to give you an accurate reading. In order to measure the length of your shoulder bone, you need to measure from one end to the other, right behind where your clavicle ends.

Add The Chain’s Length And Your Neck Circumference Together

By adding the length of your necklace (measured from one end of the clasp) and the circumference of your neck, calculate the length of the necklace. With a 16-inch necklace and a 15-inch circumference, you will have a total of 31 inches. Therefore, a chain that rests comfortably on the base of your neck without being too short or too long should be 31 inches in length.

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