Necklace Chain Length Guide

When we buy clothes and shoes, we will choose the right size, and find a comfortable size. But apart from clothes and shoes, everyone should have the best necklace length for themselves.

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· Female Necklace Length Guide

14 inches (35cm): fits closely around the neck

16 inches (40cm): the length is equivalent to the collar

18 inches (45cm): dropping to the position close to the collarbone

20 inches (50cm): dropping to the bottom of the collarbone

22 inches (55cm): close to the neckline

24 inches (60cm): dropping to the neckline

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· Male Necklace Length Guide

Male necklaces generally only have three specifications:

18 inches (45cm): close to the base of the neck, it is a small necklacer

20 inches (50cm): close to the clavicle, it is the most common size

24 inches (60cm): dropping to the chest positio

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