How to Figure Out Your Ring Size at Home

How to Figure Out Your Ring Size at Home

Getting a ring that doesn’t fit your finger is the worst feeling. So be aware of the steps to measure the exact ring size and precautions to be kept in mind while measuring. This guide is here to help you. Read till the end to learn how to tell your ring size at home.

How To Measure Your Ring Size Accurately?

No rocket science is involved in measuring the accurate ring size for your finger. Trust me, it’s super simple and you can easily do this at home. Following are the steps you need to follow to come up with the exact ring size.      

  1. Decide on which finger you are going to wear the ring on. Then take a strip of paper or a string for the measurement.
  2.  Wrap the strap around the finger. Make sure that you wrap it around the base since you will be wearing the ring right in the base.
  3. Note the point where the paper or string meets the initial end. Mark this point and take the string or paper off the finger.
  4. Now take a ruler and measure the marked distance in millimeters.
  5. Use the following chart to find the reading that lies closest to your measurements. Congratulations, you are done now!

Some Precautionary Measures to Take While Measuring The Ring Size

Don’t think that your both hands are equal. One will be slightly bigger than the other. This may lead to changes in the size and therefore, we recommend you measure the size of each finger separately. To get the accurate size, it is better to repeat the procedure 3 to 4 times. By doing so, you will minimize the margin of error and get the perfect results.

Since you are using a piece of paper or string for measurements, make sure that it fits in place. Neither it should be too tight nor too loose. There is an interesting fact that you need to keep in mind while reading this guide about how to tell your ring size at home. It is that the size of your finger changes all day. If you are warm, your ring size will be bigger. On the other hand, if you are cold, your finger will contract a little bit, squeezing your ring size. We, therefore, recommend you measure the size when you are warm to keep it on the safe side.

Since your ring will have to pass the Kunkle to reach the base of your finger, make sure to measure the size of the Kunkle. If it is larger than the base, then take the value from the size chart that lies in between both the measurements.

After following the steps by taking precautionary measures, you will definitely come up with the most accurate ring size. You have measured the ring size; it seems like you are in the mood to shop for some amazing rings. Here are some top picks from the getnamenecklace rings collection to help you buy the best rings aligning with your requirements.

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Hope this guide helped you measure your perfect ring size easily. Measure the size, explore the getnamenecklace ring collection and place your order to have a wonderful shopping experience.

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