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What should I pack in my wedding welcome bag?

What can be better to cherish the guests at your wedding than a wedding welcome bag?

Wedding welcome bags are essential at weddings, particularly when planning a destination wedding. They are no less than a treat for the guests who travel a long distance to attend your wedding and be a part of your big day.

Now the question is, what to pack in a wedding welcome bag?  Here is a quick checklist to help pack the best welcome bags for your guests. 

A personalized bag to make your guests feel extra special

What if you get the name of the guests imprinted on the bag? Well, it is a great way to make them feel super special and tell them you actually mean their attendance.

You can get the custom name flax bag for putting all the items together. This bag is made of linen material whose durability is assured. This canvas bag has a good capacity to hold daily essentials. It means your guests can use it for years and thank you later for this useful and thoughtful gift.

Important Nana Bag

The interior of this bag is spacious, which means you can easily organize all the items in your wedding welcome bag. The best thing is the custom name which tells to whom this bag belongs. This bag is perfect for being part of your wedding. 

Keep the guests hydrated

The guests coming to your wedding after traveling miles will surely be thirsty. Don’t forget to include customized water bottles in your wedding welcome bags.

Customized Water Bottle Horsey Gift

Leave the plastic bottles behind and go for sustainable options. Use bottles that are reusable. These horsey water bottles are designed in chic style for horse lovers.

Customize the color of the bottle depending on your wedding theme. The name on the bottle can also be customized, giving it a very personalized touch that your guests will definitely love.

The best thing about these water bottles is they possess vacuum-sealed thermal insulation. It will keep your drinks cool or hot for hours. This makes it a great choice for weddings of all seasons. Regardless of the atmospheric temperature, your guests will be served the drinks at the most suitable temperatures. The capacity of this water bottle is 500mL. 

Show your gratitude with a handwritten note

Your loved ones have come to celebrate your commitment and love with you. Thanking them is a must. Therefore, make sure to add a personalized handwritten note to your wedding welcome bags.

Custom Handwritten Recipe/Letter Transferred to Wood Sign for Memento

This note is framed, and the frame is available in two colors. One is boxwood, while the other is dark walnut. You can choose the one that goes well with your wedding theme. Also, for the background, you have two color options, black and white. 

This note is available in four sizes. You can choose the vertical or horizontal orientation. Choose the size and orientation depending on the size of your wedding welcome bag. Make sure it fits easily in your bag.

This note will make them feel appreciated. It will be a thoughtful addition to your wedding welcome bag.

Make it travel friendly

Keep in mind those who are traveling from a distant location to attend your wedding. Add something useful for such people in your wedding welcome bag.

The personalized luggage tag and passport cover is a great item to be added to your wedding welcome bag for travelers. It will prevent them from the fuss of missing their luggage.

Personalized Birthflower Luggage Tag

We have crafted this set from high-quality leather. It means your guests will use it for years after your wedding and won’t stop praising you for this useful gift. It makes travel super easy.

There is a secure buckle closure on the luggage tag, which ensures that this tag is attached to your suitcase throughout your travel.

The customized name on the tag makes your luggage distinguishable. There will be very few chances that the luggage of your wedding guests will get misplaced if they have this tag.

A pocket mirror for touch up

All the guests at your wedding direly need a pocket mirror to check whether their makeover is in place or not. Therefore, a custom makeup mirror with a name will be a wonderful addition to your wedding welcome bag.

Custom Makeup Mirror with Name

This mirror is designed uniquely with an intricate design on the front. You can get this pocket mirror in gold or silver, depending on your wedding theme.

The best thing is that this mirror is compact and lightweight. The diameter is 2.75 inches which can easily be carried in your wedding welcome bag. The two mirrors with different magnifying powers work great for makeup.

We have made this mirror from premium stainless steel, which is sturdy. Your guests will use it after your wedding as well, and remember what a wonderful wedding welcome bag you packed for them. 

Don’t forget to add essentials

Your guests can encounter any emergency. Don’t forget to add a first aid box to your wedding welcome bag that includes all the essentials. Lip balm, aspirin, eye drops, bandages, and other essential items should be part of your personalized medical box.

Personalized Medical Medicine Tin

This cute personalized first aid box is designed to hold all your first aid essentials. This box comes in three different sizes. You can choose the one that fits in your wedding welcome bag. Customize the name on the box to add a personal touch to it and make it belong to your loved ones. It will help your guests to deal with last-minute emergencies.

Pin the location of your wedding venue

It’s not an ordinary bag. It’s gonna be your wedding welcome and bag. Add a location-specific item in this bag to pin your wedding location and make this bag a personalized one. What about packing a GPS Map coordinate necklace in your wedding welcome bag?

GPS Map Nautical Coordinates Necklace 18K Gold Plated

This necklace will remind your guests where they attended your wedding. Personalize the latitude and longitude on the necklace bar depending on your wedding venue. It is a great way to add something meaningful to your wedding welcome bag.

The material is 18k gold plated silver, and the necklace chain has double hooks. Get this necklace customized for your wedding welcome bags and make a unique gift for your wedding guests.

Pamper your guests with a pampering item

Don’t forget to pamper your guests from out of the station. Make them feel like a home with a cute little pampering item like a personalized heart photo 3D night light. Such little gestures will make the stay of your guests relaxing and soothing.

Personalized Heart Photo 3D Night Light with Remote

This light is to add the warmth of love to your nights. You can use the button or remote to adjust the color and brightness of the light. The light looks soft in the dark and creates a soothing romantic vibe in the room.

This, too, comes with so many customizing options. You can customize a sweet message on the light, like “have a relaxing stay.” And the heart signs say it all about the wedding scenario that the two love birds will commit for a lifetime.

Your guests will not only enjoy your wedding festivities in day time but also cherish the night stay during the events. It’s a great idea to pamper your guests and let them feel how much you care about them.

Something that goes with the destination-themed wedding

If you are having a destination wedding, pack something in your wedding welcome bag that directly connects with the theme. For instance, if you are having a destination wedding at the beach, you can include a custom leather hat clip with initials. It will be something useful and designed according to your wedding theme.

Custom Leather Hat Clip with Initial

This clip comes in two shapes. One is hexagonal, and the other is a teardrop. You can add your favorite initials to the clip to make it unique. The clip has a powerful magnet that secures a strong connection with your bag or hat.

Useful things are the best

Your guests have packed all their stuff and are coming to your town to attend your wedding. Help them get ready for your wedding festivities easily by giving them a custom jewelry hanger. It is a much-needed and lustful accessory for those who have a lot of jewelry items in their luggage. 

Custom Jewelry Hanger

The design is simple yet minimal. It has 16 hooks which means you can hang a lot of accessories on a single hanger and save space. It will also prevent your accessories from tangling. 

Also, if you don’t want to keep your things private, you can hang a shirt or sweater on it.


Hope this post helped you in packing your wedding welcome bag. Make sure to include all the essential items in the bag so that your guests can enjoy your wedding to the fullest. If you are looking for some more items to pack in your wedding welcome bag, visit our store. You can find a lot of personalized products there.

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