The cross is a universal symbol that has existed since ancient times and represents the sun. As the most important symbol of the sun god, it usually forms the sun wheel with the circumferential circle. In addition, the cross also symbolizes the tree of life. The cross monogram ring appears in Mexico, Peru, and most importantly in Central America, alluding to the four winds that are the source of rain. The North American Dakotas also use the simple cross to express the four seasons wind.

The cross was once used as an instrument of death penalty in ancient times. In Western literature, the cross is generally used to describe suffering. The cross was introduced to the Christian church in 431 AD and it was erected on the top of the church in 586 AD. Today, the cross is a sign of Christian faith and no longer a symbol of pain and shame. Catholics and Orthodox Christians draw crosses or wear crosses on their chests to strengthen their faith, to purify themselves, or to commemorate the death of Jesus to save all humanity. Christians believe that it has the meanings of "redemption", "salvation", "faith" and "gospel".

A Timeless Symbol in Jewelry Design - Simple Cross

You must think that cross my name necklace jewelry is not strange. Indeed, whether it's a celebrity or a friend, cross jewelry often appears in high profile, regardless of faith.


  • Endless modeling
The cross-designed jewelry is endless. It has always been active on the jewelry stage. Whether it is big-name jewelry or street fashion cheap custom name necklace jewelry, the shadow of the cross has been seen more or less. This ancient and mysterious totem has also become a timeless symbol of jewelry design.

  • Renaissance Europe

Religious power is higher than imperial power. Due to economic prosperity, European royal families and nobles sponsored the construction of many churches. Artists active in various European countries perfectly combined art and religion to create many outstanding works of art promise rings cheap.

Thanks to economic development, people have discovered more kinds of gems, and the cross of this period has become more luxurious and gorgeous. In a strong religious context, it is believed that the most precious and beautiful gem should be dedicated to the Lord to express his love for him.


  • Postmodernist period

The emergence of various artistic styles. After World War II, hippies against traditional religions appeared in some European and American countries, and punk rock with its rebellious spirit was once popular personalized birthstone rings. The cross at this time is often used by the fashion industry, and the production materials are no longer limited to precious metals. The cross gradually faded away the aura of religion, and even became a fashionable decoration. Because of its simple geometric lines and rich details, the cross-shaped products are the first choice for many beautiful women when trying to neutral style in the fashion circles of today.

Wearing cross name and birthstone necklace jewelry today is not only of religious significance, but also of beauty, fashion and happiness, luck, and guardianship of angels. The horizontal bar represents love, the vertical bar symbolizes the wrath of God, and represents punishment. If the man gives it to the woman, it implies that the man can sacrifice everything for the woman he loves, and only love her all his life. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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