The mineral name of a diamond is adamas. Because of its flawless transparency, diamond is the hardest ore in the world, so it is known as the birthstone for April, symbolizing chastity and purity. It is the seventy-fifth anniversary of the wedding stone, the seventy-fifth anniversary of the wedding hence the name diamond wedding.


Diamonds personalized necklaces were formed in the two periods of 3.3 billion years ago and 1.2-1.7 billion years. Some diamonds may have a longer history, exceeding 4.5 billion years. Diamonds formed deep in the earth shortly after its birth and have undergone many changes to form the shape we see today. In ancient times, the meaning of diamonds is invincible, unconquerable and immortal, which is why ancient people believe that diamonds will bring magical power. At the same time, diamond is also a favorite token of God of Love. Its hardness indicates the long-term love, and the colorful light symbolizes the richness and splendor of love.April Birthstone - Diamond


The quality of each diamond personalized name necklace determines its value. Until the mid-20th century, there were no universally applicable diamond quality grading standards. GIA pioneered today's industry-recognized diamond grading standards: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Today, the 4C Diamond Quality Standard has become a universal method for assessing diamond quality. So, how to choose a satisfactory diamond?


  • About Diamond Cut Options:

The high refractive index created the brilliant light of the diamond, making it world famous. Many people equate the diamond cut with the shape of the diamond (round, heart, oval, horse eye, and pear). The diamond cut actually depends on the interaction of the facet with the light. From rough stone to finished diamonds custom name necklace, complex procedures and superb cutting skills are required. The proportion, symmetry and polishing can perfectly show the unique brilliance of diamonds.


  • About Diamond Carat Weight:

When all other things being equal, the bigger a diamond is, the rarer it is and the more popular it is. As a result, the price of a diamond will increase as the carat weight of the diamond increases. However, even if the carat weight of two diamonds is the same, their value (and price) can vary significantly promise rings for her.


There are different grades of diamond cutting: Excellent, Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor


  • About Diamond Color:

For most gem-quality diamonds, the color identification standard depends on its colorlessness. A diamond with no chemical impurities and a perfect structure is like pure water droplets. It is colorless and of higher value. GIA created the D to Z diamond color grading system to identify the degree of colorlessness of diamonds cheap promise rings by comparing them with a diamond master set under precisely controlled lighting and observation conditions. Although the color difference between diamonds is so small that it is difficult for non-professionals to distinguish, it can cause great differences in diamond quality and price.


  • About Diamond Clarity:

Natural diamond is formed by carbon in a high temperature and high pressure environment. This process also results in each diamond having internal features called "inclusions", and the features on the surface of the diamond necklaces for girlfriend are called "surface features". Evaluation of diamond clarity includes identification of the number, size, visibility, type, location, and degree of impact on the overall appearance of the diamond. Although there are no absolutely flawless natural diamonds in the world, the higher the clarity, the higher the value and the more collectible value. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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