The color of colored gems is rich and colorful, different colored gem also represents each month, as each month's birthstone. Today we're going to talk about some birthstone colors.




Birthstone Colors  

December Birthstone: Tanzanite

Little Boy Blue has a lively name, but it is a color with a hint of maturity. It should have been buried in the clear blue sky like a haze, and it seems fragrant and hazy. Tanzanite also has such a rich and light blue color, and its pleochroism makes this sky more charming initial rings and varied. The color of good quality tanzanite is more intense, and the beautiful dark blue can be mistaken for sapphire. Compared to the 9 Mohs hardness of sapphire, the tanzanite with a hardness of only 6 to 7 looks slightly delicate, but the superior color let it also have its own place in the heart of numerous jewelry lovers.



April Birthstone: Diamond

Pink Lavender is a light pink with a hint of purple. A touch of pink like a rose petal wet by the rain, soft and sweet, very romantic. This quiet soft pink and delicate shiny pink diamonds are the best match. The delicate and unconventional pink of the pink diamond plus the sparkle of diamonds name necklace cheap are enough to make every girl with a fairy and princess dream in their hearts crazy.


February Birthstone: Amethyst

Ultra Violet is a relatively purple color with no obvious color cast. It is a very representative and classic purple. A gemstone with such a pure purple color is definitely the amethyst. As a member of the crystal, amethyst has a good hardness and clarity, and its mysterious and rich purple color makes it stand out from many crystals. It is also a kind of semi-precious stone cheap name necklace that makes brand name jewelry and designers fondle admiringly, and the color tension is not inferior to other precious colored stones.


September Birthstone: Sapphire

Spring Crocus is a purplish pink color. Like its name, this playful pink seems to carry countless fascinating stories. It makes people can't help but think of flowers, girls, spring and other beautiful things cheap name necklaces. Among the pink gems, pink sapphires have to be mentioned. It is one of the most prominent pink gems of all gems monogram ring; and as the most famous precious sapphire, it has the noble status that other gemstones with the same color are incomparable. If you like pink gems, you must not miss the pink sapphires.


Blooming Dahlia is a blend of pink and orange pink. As a kind of orange with strong sense of existence, it should be conspicuous, but because of the lower saturation and lightness, it becomes a very soft color, which gives the impression of being gentle as the name necklace with picture. As the "relative" of emeralds and aquamarine, the Morgan stone in the beryl family can also be said to be such a "partysu" existence, the color contains pink, light orange red to purple red and rose pink. It's a very girlish colored gem. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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