Olivine is bright and pleasing in color, and is widely loved by people. It gives people a feeling of relaxation and happiness, so it is also known as the "stone of happiness". It is designated as the birthstone of August, symbolizing gentleness, smartness, and family harmony, sweet love. It is said that olivine can bring energy to attract the opposite sex. If a person who loves alone wears olivine name and birthstone necklace, he can let the other person feel you and your heart through the call of olivine.

Olivine is named for its olive-like color. Gem-quality olivine is also called emerald olivine or noble peridot. This name derives directly from French peridot, which means: a gem with an olive color.

Olivine monogrammed necklace is a silicate of magnesium and iron. It is one of the most common minerals on the earth's surface, but it will quickly weather on the surface. Most notably, it also appears on some meteorites, the moon, Mars, and some comets (such as the dust on the comet of Comet Wert 2 and the nucleus of Comet Temple 1).


The name of olivine infinity necklace with names has the meaning of "golden stone" in Greek. The first island that was discovered in the Red Sea is called Zabargad. In ancient Egypt, the island was regarded as a holy place and no outsiders could enter; legend said if you are on this island at night, you will see the beautiful radiance emitted by olivine. In fact, when wearing olivine at night, the mysterious color of olivine can be more revealed through the illumination of the light. Therefore, olivine also has the title of "night emerald".

The ancient Egyptians believed that olivine was a gem with magical power. They called olivine "the gem of the sun", and they believed that olivine name necklace cheap could drive out evil and surrender evil spirits. It is also believed to be used to treat diseases of the liver and muscle injuries, so it became the favorite gem of Pharaohs.

Olivine was a gem that was taken very seriously in ancient Europe, especially if its color is green. Especially in the dead of night, peridot will show a shiny appearance, so it is often used as the eye of a Buddha statue, which can guide the traveler at night, and has the energy to bring light and hope.

It is said that the olivine with gold in the green has the magic effect of "making the hot water instantly cool". This trait can calm down quarrels and angry family members and reduce family conflicts.

Therefore, olivine name bracelet not only symbolizes the harmony of happy couples in the family, but also serves as a commemorative gemstone for the 16th anniversary of the marriage, which witnesses the mutual relationship between couples.

In 2005, scientists magically discovered olivine in the comet dust brought back to Earth by the stardust space probe.

After being born billions of years ago, this olivine may have been quietly buried in the dark. After the planet was destroyed, it became a stardust drifting alone in silent space.

But fortunately, in the infinite universe, it just floats in the direction of the earth. It happens to meet Earth in infinite time. Since then it is no longer alone. This is a kind of romance that spans space and time.

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