A lot of girls like studying horoscopes. Just like everyone has a corresponding constellation on their birthday, there are birthstones for each month. Let's start with January.


Birthstones for Each Month I

  • Birthstone of January

Implied meaning: loyalty, friendship

The original garnet stone is particularly interesting, just like its name, like a grain of attractive pomegranate seeds, hence the name garnet customizable best friend necklaces. The size of most garnets is similar to pomegranate seeds and the price is not particularly expensive. Large particles of garnet are more valuable.

Garnets are less likely to break or scratch, and have a high durability among gemstones. The most common colors of garnet are crimson and orange, but it comes in all colors. And the cutting method of garnet is also varies. Looking at the inside of the gemstone through the gemstone tabletop can be a brilliant effect or a clear effect. You'll never guess the green gems that are often used in fine jewelry - tsavorite, also belongs to garnet. The intense red-orange-toned garnet monogram silver necklace looks warm, like the sun on the fingertips. It is a gem that makes people feel happy and full of happiness.


  • Birthstone in February

Implied meaning: wealth, elegance, peace

Purple has always been synonymous with nobility, no matter in the East or the West, it is favored by the royal nobility. Amethyst with rich purple tones is often sculpted into a variety of jewelry. Amethyst is the embodiment of romance that often associated with love personalised necklace cheap, and is known as the "guardian stone of love."

In Greek mythology, there is a story about how amethyst originated: A beautiful young girl refused the courtship of Dionysus in order to keep her pure, and God turned her into a white stone. Dionysus was distraught and he poured the wine on the stone, and the stone turned into amethyst.

Jewelry, especially cocktail rings, often use large amethyst gemstones. This large area of gem facets can admire the unique inclusion of amethyst - natural ice cracking. At first glance, it looks like a layer of mysterious and noble veil for amethyst bracelet for your girlfriend. The lavender amethyst is less of a ladylike mystery and more of a girlish macaron. This refreshing and translucent color is very eye-catching to wear, bringing a hint of coolness to the hot summer.


  • March Birth Stone

Implied meaning: happiness, bravery, wisdom

When I watched the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" before, I noticed that whether they were captains or sailors, they were wearing blue accessories. Aquamarine custom friendship necklace is used by sailors as an amulet on the ocean. 

The name Aquamarine comes from the waters of Latin. The sea is calm and waveless to keep sailors safe on the sea. Aquamarine belongs to the beryl crystal. The rough stones are usually large columns, which are very suitable for making large pieces of best friend rings jewelry. In Greek mythology, aquamarine is also called "the gem of love". Aeolus fell in love with a human being which was not allowed. In order to be loyal to his love, he begged Venus to seal his soul in aquamarine and turned it into a birthstone of March, to bless people to find their own love.

Aquamarine is like a gentle sea breeze, not only refreshing in color, but also fashionable. Stacking with different rings may have unexpected effects.

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