In previous articles we have covered birthstones from January to March, and we will continue with birthstones from April to June.


  • April Birthstone

Implied meaning: pure, eternal love

Diamond is one of the four precious gems (diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald) and is composed of carbon. Diamond personalized name necklace is the second hardest substance known to exist and is known as adamas in chemistry and industry.

"A diamond lasts forever." This famous diamond advertisement must be familiar to all of you. Diamonds are often regarded as a symbol of love and are made into jewelry. The most popular is definitely the diamond ring. Nowadays, when young people get married, they will buy a diamond ring as a proof of love. The most important point of buying a diamond ring is that the diamond must be large.

If choose the diamond brand with exquisite cutting, you can appropriately reduce the color and clarity of the diamond custom name necklace and choose a larger carat diamond. If your budget is relatively limited, you can make a diamond look bigger and shinier by densely setting a circle of tiny diamonds.

Diamonds are also a commemorative gemstone for the 60th anniversary of marriage. The 60th anniversary of marriage is called "diamond wedding". Using diamonds to symbolize eternity is indeed a romantic and exact choice.

 Birthstones for Each Month II

  • May Birthstone

Implied meaning: loyalty, kindness, luck

The color of emeralds is fascinating. It is known as the king of beryl and a symbol of happiness. Emerald promise rings for her is a member of beryl family, its original stone is a large columnar crystal. The main producing areas are Colombia, Brazil, Zambia and so on, among which the Colombian producing areas of the best quality.

Emeralds with large carats are common in jewelry, which is a kind of atmospheric beauty. Looking through the large gem cut surface, the emerald's inclusions are like a piece of seaweed in the deep sea, giving the emerald a unique beauty. The emerald jewelry with a small carat inlaid together appear more verdant, it is a delicate beauty. The small carat emerald jewelry is particularly elegant yin yang necklace and suitable for daily wear. Like a touch of bright green on the skin, it is eye-catching.

  • June Birthstone

Implied meaning: peace, nobility, and beauty

In ancient Roman legend, the god of love Venus was born from a shell, and the water droplets on her body became pearls. In Northern European legend, the little mermaid's tears turned into pearls because she missed the prince so much.

Pearls have been very popular cheap promise rings since ancient times, and these legends add to the romance of pearls. In China, there has been a history of wearing pearl jewelry since ancient times. Pearls are popular not only in the East but also in the West.

Pearl necklaces for girlfriend jewelry is very feminine and will give the wearer a gentle temperament. However, the string of pearls inevitably makes people feel too formal and dignified, and they are not favored by young people. Fortunately, pearl jewelry now has many fashionable designs. Pearls are very malleable, and they not only have fashionable attributes, but also can be very cool. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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