The birthstones from January to June have been introduced earlier, and we will start from July!


  • Birthstone of July

Implied meaning: passion, strength, love

Ruby is probably the most famous gem besides diamond infinity bracelet! As early as the ancient Indian era, rubies were considered the "king of gems." In the movie The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy wears a pair of magical ruby shoes that give her strength and protect her from the magic of a witch. Ruby is also the most precious gem in the Bible, the embodiment of the bird that never dies. However, ruby's best known pronoun is "the stone of love". The hot and intense red always makes everyone associate it with love.

Natural rubies are rare, and rubies over 2 carats are rarer. The most expensive and rarest category in rubies is called pigeon blood red. Not all rubies can be called pigeon blood red. Only rubies from Myanmar and Mozambique that have reached a certain rating can be called pigeon blood red fingerprint jewelry. The pigeon's blood red color is very intense, especially when viewed under the light, the inside of the gem looks like a burning flame, bright and moving.Birthstones for Each Month III

Regarding the recently launched special ruby series-Treasure of Rubies, every piece of ruby is stunning. One of them, a ruby main stone weighing 25.76 carats, was made into removable jewelry that could be turned into a brooch or even a cocktail ring.


  • Birthstone of August

Implied meaning: success, wealth, peace

Peridot means peace and happiness, so it is also called "the stone of happiness". Peridot is not only the birth stone of August, but also the national stone of Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed that the pale green olivine had the energy of the sun, so olivine name bracelet was often used as an amulet.

Olivine is named because it is very similar in color to olives. Most olivines are olive green or yellow-green in color. The olivine that reaches the gem level is also called chrysolite, and its translucent texture is very beautiful. The color of olivine is also very bright and moving. The faint tender green is full of vitality, just like the fresh fruits of summer.

Many colored stones custom birthstone rings have inclusions inside, which look like a childhood kaleidoscope. The inclusions inside the olivine are like the leaves of a water lily, so they are also called water lily leaf inclusions. The color of olivine is very picky for complexion. Such a special yellow-green color must be white enough to match.


  • September Birthstone

Implied meaning: peace, honesty, beautiful mind

Many people may think that sapphire is the blue gem. In fact, colored corundum stones other than rubies are collectively called sapphires birthstone necklaces. Colored sapphires just need to add the corresponding color name in front of the sapphire. For example, pink is called pink sapphire, and green is called green sapphire. But when it comes to sapphire, everyone still loves blue, which is blue sapphire. Because of its noble and elegant dark blue monogrammed necklace, sapphire is often called "the monarch's stone" and is favored by the royal family.

There are many origins of sapphire. Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Kashmir and so on are often heard. The most famous is Kashmir sapphire. However, Kashmir sapphire ore resources have been depleted. As a result, the price of Kashmir sapphire has been soaring, making it very expensive. Large carats of sapphire are often used to make fine jewelry, elegant and noble. And the jewelry made of small carat sapphire is more delicate and gorgeous. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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