Finally, let's take a look at the birthstones from October to December.


  • October Birthstone

Implied meaning: purity, hope, health


Shakespeare in "Twelfth Night" described Opal as a miracle, "the queen of gems." Opal is very iconic because it has very colorful colors, but it is actually a chatoyance effect. Like the overturned palette, dreamy and eye-catching engraved necklace.

Opal is actually a type of argenon. But everyone must distinguish that opal must be opal, but argenon may not be opal. Opal is divided into two types: have chatoyance effect and no chatoyance effect. Only opal with chatoyance effect can be called opal. With such a special color, opal looks like neon.


Ancient Roman natural scientist Pliny once said: "On an opal stone, you can see the flame of ruby cute necklaces, amethyst-like stains and emerald-like green sea. In short, opal is a stunning stone that combines the beauty of various gems. Opal is very rare, so it is often used to make fine jewelry. Each opal has a unique pattern, just like a painting of Monet. It can be said that no two opal stones in the world have the same pattern.


  • November Birth Stone

Implied meaning: wisdom, sincerity, courage


In Victoria's secret show over the years, the most impressive must be the concept of "Fantasy Bra". One piece of Fantasy Bra was made into champagne gold leaves, which looked very beautiful. The most eye-catching custom cufflinks and even more noble is the few drops of blue pear-shaped gems, which are actually called topaz.Birthstones for Each Month IV


Maybe you have heard that the topaz is generally blue, but the topaz stone is basically colorless or light blue. Natural blue topaz is very rare, and the beautiful color on the market is actually the effect of deep processing. Naturally colorless topaz must be irradiated to give a brown tone, and then further heat-treated before showing a blue tone. And different blue colors also have their own names. The clearer and lighter blue is called sky blue, the blue like the sky is called Swiss blue, and the London blue is a deep blue like the sea.


In addition to the usual blue, topaz is available in other colors. For example, the famous "Emperor Stone" has a bright orange tone sister rings, warm and brilliant like the sun. Topaz is particularly popular because it is not overly expensive and can be cut into a variety of fancy cutting effects.


  • December Birthstone

Implied meaning: luck, wealth, love


There are many ancient myths and legends about turquoise. For example, many people say that one of the "colorful stones" used by the Nuwa to fill the sky is turquoise initial rings. You may not know that turquoise is one of the four famous jadestone (Hetian jade, Dushan jade, hsiuyen jade and turquoise).


Turquoise has always been a symbol of auspiciousness. In the Tibetan area, turquoise decorations such as bracelets and headwear can be seen everywhere. The stones used in fine jewelry seem to be more diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emeralds, and relatively few turquoises name necklace cheap, but every time they appear, they are very eye-catching.


The color of turquoise is very fresh and bright, and it is particularly contagious. Like a glass of mint smoothie in the hot summer, cool and refreshing. Turquoise belongs to the color of spring, like the blue-green before the revival, full of vitality and energy, and like the flowers that will bloom at the fingertips after the winter. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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