A movie recently has become a topic of conversation for everyone. The bullet necklace worn by the actor in the movie has become an emotional clue throughout the film. In order to find a lover, the bullet "pendant" was hanging around his neck that he could see it when he looked down. So that he will not forget to find someone he loves. The bullet that was taken out by the hero's girlfriend is another spirit of firm belief and loyalty! Even if he lives in a foreign country, he dares to be bold and hard-working, and overcome the difficulties and risks. A sterling silver bullet necklace for men with a tough guy's mature, brave and fearless like a wolf is the man's mature!


There is an old story in every corner of the house - bullet necklace

"My father made this necklace when he was a border guard in Tibet. They usually practice shooting, he collected these bullet casings to do some manual. For my father, these things might have been nostalgia for military life, or they might be the witness to guarding the frontier.  My father is not well educated, and he will never express his feelings, but everyone has an emotional side, he concentrated his silent love in this handmade crafts. As for me, I just thought it was cool at the beginning, but my father's spirit as a soldier has been influencing me. Later, I gradually wanted to be a soldier myself. This bullet necklace also contains my ambition to serve the country in the army."


This bullet necklace not only symbolizes bravery, but also symbolizes the loyalty to love, which can be worn by couples as couple's bullet necklace. This article will tell you how to make a bullet neckalce pendant today.


Pure silver clay consists mainly of grinding silver into a very fine powder, mixed with organic matter. It is very easy to shape and non-toxic. After being fired in a fast sintering pot, the organic matter will completely burn to 99.9% pure silver. The quality of the finished product is almost the same as that of traditional silver products. It can also be combined with synthetic jewelry, clay, and copper to give the creation a broader creative space.


Mix nano-silver powder, water, special adhesive, etc., into a soft clay, and added moisture to adjust its softness. After the silver clay is dried, the water evaporates and its form is fixed and hardened, and the shrinkage rate is about 4%. When grilling, the water and the special adhesive are burned off and evaporated, and the pure silver powder is gradually combined with each other. When the finished product is finished, the pure silver powder is insolubilized and combined with each other, and the shrinkage rate is about 10%. The work can be bent without breaking.


DIY silverware is like a process of re-giving life to silverware. Silver jewelry is endowed with more than the rare value and exquisite skills by craftsmen and designers. They are also expressing your personal attitudes and values, positive elegance, intellectuality and wisdom.


From the design of the style lines to the craftsmanship of individual elements, DIY silverware has your own mark from the inside out. Under the guidance of this article, through communication ideas - basic shaping - low temperature baking - fine shaping - high temperature firing - polishing. A finished product is completed.

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