Many art works are about butterflies, and this aesthetic element is also widely used in jewelry design. The dynamic butterfly sometimes turns into a brooch to embellish the chest, sometimes flying to the ears, and turning into delicate jewelry between the necks. Have you ever paid attention to the gorgeous colors on butterfly wings, and have you ever wondered how to preserve this stunning?


In the 1920s, Thomas L. Mott of the United Kingdom tried to use the wings of the butterfly to make jewelry and exhibited it at the British Empire Expo. It was this exhibition that brought the butterfly wing jewelry into the public's sight, and people were captured by this gorgeous jewelry. Until the 1950s, butterfly wings made jewelry were loved by the aristocracy of the time. They were crazy about collecting this kind of butterfly wings.

Butterfly Jewelry



The main material of butterfly wing products is morpho butterfly. As a gorgeous family of butterflies, morpho butterfly is also known as the "blue temptation" because of its gorgeous metallic blue luster and its large size. This fascinating blue will also show blue, purple and green gloss changes at different angles, and the pattern and level of the butterfly wings are clearly visible.



The specimens were snapped up at high prices by collectors everywhere, resulting in most of the morpho butterflies are now endangered. At that time, there were craftsmen in the United Kingdom who thought of using the wings of this butterfly to make necklaces, rings, brooches and other accessories. The gorgeous metallic luster of the morpho butterfly wings also gives these accessories a sapphire-like luster.



In addition to the blue glitter morpho butterfly, there is also a crystal butterfly (also known as crystal white morpho butterfly), which is a sister of the blue morpho butterfly, named after its unique pearl crystal white. These large butterflies have large individual differences between species, and their variants are widespread. This kind of butterfly is also a great choice for making jewelry. There are also different varieties of butterflies, because of the different colorful colors and patterns on the wings, which are loved by buyers.



What is the butterfly meaning?

1. Take the connotation of its homophony:

  • A. The "butterfly" is a homonym of "blessing". Butterfly jewelry means blessing are coming to you.
  • B. The pronunciation of "butterfly" is similar to that of "many blessings". Butterfly ornaments imply happiness, and happiness comes on schedule.


2. The moral of the beautiful butterfly incarnation:

  • A. Butterfly's tenacious vitality tells people to self-respect and self-improvement, and cherish life.
  • B. The freedom of butterflies implies the freedom of love and life.
  • C. The butterfly gives people vitality, hope, and way of survival.
  • D. The butterfly likes to appear in pairs, and the wings of the butterfly are symmetrical. The symmetrical and flexible wings imply sweet love and happy marriage.
  • E. In ancient mythology, butterflies often turned into beautiful fairies, helping people affected by disasters to relieve disasters, so butterfly ornaments can dispel disasters and turn away evil.
  • F. The shape of the butterfly is like blooming flowers. It is delicate and rippling, and it is very evocative. The butterfly jewelry means the brilliant naive young people. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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