If you feel that you are bad luck in life, and things are not going well, you might wear your ring on another finger, which may bring special effects infinity name necklace. Do you know what finger to wear ring is the best?



Change Your Luck by Wearing the Ring on another Finger



Wearing a ring on the thumb symbolizes the longevity and health, and is suitable for the elderly, especially men. But the thumb ring is best worn on the left hand. Wearing it on the right hand is easy to reduce the blessing, and it is easy to damage the ring because the right hand often works. When choosing thumb ring, you should pay attention to the style engraved photo necklace. The lady can wear a delicate and thin ring to express an independent. Many female stars are the fan of the thumb ring. Men wearing jade stone thumb ring is the most atmospheric. According to ancient Roman literature, wearing a ring on the thumb can help achieve a wish and move towards success. If you have a strong desire in your heart and can't reach it, try changing the ring to your thumb. Maybe it can bring a little change.


Wearing a ring on the index finger can enhance interpersonal relationships and win rights and social status. Professional workers who need to deal with people are best suited to wear index finger rings. The index finger ring should choose a stereo style cheap name necklace, and the distinctive and well-crafted ring can reflect your taste and unique vision. The index finger is the finger to indicate the direction. Wearing the ring on the index finger, the personality will become cheerful cheap name necklaces and independent, it is most suitable for self-employed people.


Wear a ring on the middle finger can bring in wealth. The ring on the middle finger symbolizes marriage and responsibility, and wearing the middle finger ring represents the accumulation of wealth. The choice of the middle finger ring should adhere to the principle of generous and noble photo necklace, giving a solid and long-lasting sense of weight and positive energy. The middle finger is the second best wedding ring finger after the ring finger. The jade ring is worn on it can build free and frank atmosphere. It can inspire you to become more attractive and romantic picture necklace.

The ring worn on ring finger represents indifferent to fame and wealth, regardless of the gains and losses. It is also the finger to wear wedding ring. The ring finger ring is suitable for classical and orthodox styles, and inlay stone rings are also suitable.


Never wear a ring like this:

A small ring can decorate your fingertips and bring you luck, but wearing a ring is also very particular custom name bracelets. These taboos must be remembered, otherwise it will not only destroy the Feng Shui, but also affect your health!

Many people like to wear rings on different fingers at the same time, but be sure to remember that the little finger and the ring finger should not wear a ring at the same time. This kind of wearing method will damage the wealth and make you lose money!When bathing, soap or shower gel can easily react with the ring setting or inlaid gemstones, affecting their gloss. Soap and things like that lubricate can easily cause your ring to fall off and get lost in the shower.

It is easy for a woman to gain weight after pregnancy. At this time, you must remember to remove the ring from the hand, so as to avoid the danger caused by the finger stuck in the ring.

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