What are the benefits of silver jewelry to the human body?

Necklace is worn on the neck. The front of the neck is the throat and the back is the cervical vertebrae, both of which are very important structures. Its importance can be seen from the position of the neck. Modern medicine has defined the back neck, neck, shoulders and front chest as the "V" area of the human body, which coincides with the traditional Chinese medicine's understanding of the neck. It is not appropriate to wear silver jewelry at night, but it is recommended that you wear more silver jewelry during the day! Because wearing silver jewelry has many advantages! Silver's chemical properties are more active, so it will interact with sulfur dioxide in the air to form black silver sulfide. When the surface of silver jewelry is oxidized and discolored cheap promise rings, the following maintenance methods can be used to restore the beautiful luster of silver.


Cleaning Method of Silver Jewelry



  • 1.Toothpaste cleaning method
  • This should be the most widely used method, simple and convenient, and suitable for less serious "blackening" silver jewelry. In the choice of toothpaste, I recommend that you buy that kind of transparent jelly-like gel toothpaste. Do not use toothpaste containing particles, which may damage the surface of silver jewelry. You can directly rub the silver necklaces for girlfriend jewelry with toothpaste (do not add water), or you can use a cotton swab or cotton cloth instead.


  • 2.Use jewelry cleaner
  • First use a sponge/soft cloth/soft bristle brush to dip in the diluted detergent and clean the jewelry repeatedly until the "black" on the surface disappears. Then wipe clean with a dry soft cloth.


  • 3. Teach you a little trick, don't throw the small sealed plastic bag. If the jewelry is not often worn, you can wrap it with a paper towel, then put it in a small plastic bag, and seal the opening. This can effectively prevent the silver infinity bracelet jewelry from oxidizing and turning black.

The hot weather in summer and a large amount of sweat will make the silver jewelry become "black face". Below are tips for you cleaning silver jewelry in summer.


  • 1. Keep the silver jewelry dry, don't wear it to swimming, and keep away from hot springs and sea water. When wearing silver jewelry daily fingerprint jewelry, try to avoid getting wet with water and touching cosmetics, and do not touch irritating items such as sulfur soap, hair dye, perm, etc., which can easily damage the surface gloss of silver jewelry.

  • 2. It is recommended that do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.

  • 3. Silver name bracelet jewelry should be washed more diligently in summer. First, squeeze the jewelry cleaner on a soft cloth or sponge and gently wipe it continuously in a straight line and longitudinally. Then wash with soap and water, make sure to clean all jewelry cleaners, and finally rinse with warm water and carefully dry with a soft cloth.

  • 4. Take off the silver custom birthstone rings jewelry at night and put it in the jewelry box. Make sure the space is completely dry. If it is in a humid environment, add a small bag of crystalline desiccant to the storage space.
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