People like the bright and colorful things, then our first choice is - tourmaline! The color of the tourmaline is colorful, and even a simple polishing can make a shining light, which is loved by many people!


Tourmaline is the name of the tourmaline craftsmanship. It is a kind of name on necklace grade in the tourmaline family. It is a borosilicate crystal containing chemical elements such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium and potassium. Present a wide range of colors.


Tourmaline is the fifth gem in fancy colored gemstones. The tourmaline is famous for its rich colors compared to the diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds in front.


Many people know that the Cixi of the Qing Dynasty is favorite of jade. In addition to jade, she also has a unique love for tourmalines. name braceletsLook at the funerary objects after the death of Cixi, gold and silver jewelry, jade, tourmaline... The most famous is the pair of watermelon tourmalines, but unfortunately the whereabouts are unknown. Why do natural tourmalines cheap personalized necklaces are loved by Cixi, probably because of the five effects of tourmaline!


  • 1. People who like rich colors, they can give people happy feelings, help to develop their minds and horizons, and have certain complementary therapeutic effects on mental illness such as cure and death. 

  • 2. The energy contained in the tourmaline has a calming effect and can concentrate people. And the changing colors can inspire ideas, so that people can act steadily and do their best to make their careers flourish.

  • 3. Tourmaline can bring wealth! Tourmaline monogram necklace is considered to be the top of the give husband luck stone. This kind of method comes from the Guangdong civilization. In Guangdong, a woman with a good face is considered to be give husband luck. As the saying goes, "The appearance is born with heart," the tourmaline will make people's mood better, so people who wear it will become sleek, very beautiful, and have a prosperous phase.

  • 4. The magnetic field effect of tourmaline! Tourmaline can emit a magnetic field with great affinity, which can eliminate the barrier between people and has a natural attraction for love and friendship. At the same time, people with a leader's temperament wearing a tourmaline can release more charm and attract more people to come together.

  • 5. In addition to the above effects, the red and green tourmaline also has the meaning of accumulating wealth, and at the same time has a health care effect. In the meantime, red color tourmaline is close to blood because of its color. Therefore, it is believed that red tourmaline also has a health-care effect of promoting blood circulation, and has a good effect on treating dizziness and anemia.


The color of the tourmaline is colorful, and the different colors of the tourmaline have different beautiful meanings.


  • Red tourmaline - joyous, love, popularity, beauty
The red tourmaline has a hot appearance, showing a passion and publicity.
Everyone knows that Chinese people like red because it symbolizes vitality and celebration. Red tourmaline has auspicious meaning in love, life and career.
If you give red tourmaline to your favorite heterosexual wear, it can attract wonderful love and add fuel to the fate; if it is used between husband and wife, red tourmaline can increase the love between husband and wife, but also to the role of adding luck for husband; if it is at work, wearing red tourmaline can make people full of vitality and passion, bring a good relationship and a harmonious working environment.
  • Purple tourmaline - noble, mysterious, inspiration
Mysterious, noble and elegant, the purple tourmaline represents extraordinary status, and at the same time, it is full of mystery. It symbolizes graceful elegance and gracefulness. It has a red personality and a blue character, which exudes the color of the western emperor's clothing color.
  • Blue tourmaline - freedom, balance, wisdom, masculine
The blue tourmaline symbolizes the clarity, purity, tranquility and freedom of the ocean and blue sky. It is easy to produce detachment and away from the secular customs. The blue tourmaline has a calm and rational character, which corresponds to the red tourmaline.
  • Green tourmaline - hope, life, lucky
Green tourmaline represents freshness, health, and hope. It is a symbol of life. It has a sense of safety, calmness, and comfort. For example, in the four seasons, you can see spring trees and green leaves, which makes people feel new.
Green tourmaline is also a kind of gem that attracts wealth. Therefore, many people make green tourmaline into personalized name bracelets, or put them together with wallets and cash boxes.
  • Yellow tourmaline - wealth, power
Yellow tourmaline is distinguished, splendid, brilliant, with the radiance of the sun, such as the light of wisdom that illuminates the darkness. Yellow tourmaline has a golden light, such as the representative color of ancient Chinese imperial power, symbolizing wealth and power, is the color of pride, so yellow tourmaline is called the wish stone of power and status.
  • Watermelon tourmaline - cool, harvest, fertility
Watermelon tourmaline custom necklace is a special type among the many varieties of tourmaline. It has this name because it has two colors of green and red and forms a watermelon-like appearance. The watermelon is multi-seed, and the meat is very red, which indicates that the watermelon tourmaline has many sons and blessings, and the meaning of life is lively. Your personalized jewelry online store.

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